A Retrospect of 2013 Digital Marketing Updates


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A flashback of digital marketing updates of 2013.

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A Retrospect of 2013 Digital Marketing Updates

  1. 1. Around the time it completed 15 years, Google sprang a nice little surprise on the world of search with its Hummingbird update. Google Hummingbird
  2. 2. This update affected 90% of the searches done through Google’s search engine. Google Hummingbird
  3. 3. Hummingbird impacted keyword mix, analytics, content generation and website health. Google Hummingbird
  4. 4. Google launched a ‘Paid and Organic’ report in August 2013 to help brands to gain insight into query performance across Google offerings Paid and Organic Search
  5. 5. To use this report, users need to link their AdWords account to Google Webmaster Tools accounts. Paid and Organic Search AdWords account Google Webmaster Tools accounts Paid and Organic Search
  6. 6. Conversion Import • Lets businesses measure and optimize the entire end-to-end purchase process • Facilitates measurements of both offline and online conversions
  7. 7. Addition of Conversion Estimates to Bid Simulator Google AdWords added the ‘Conversion Estimates’ to the Bid Simulator to help users to gauge the impact of planned bid changes before they were made in the actual campaigns.
  8. 8. Pay by Viewable Impressions Google introduced CPM bidding based on viewable impressions It is a effective way of measuring ads and also helps gain viewer’s attention more easily
  9. 9. Search Network with Display Select Early November saw Google AdWords handing advertisers a new campaign type, Search Network with Display Select. This campaign type extended an advertiser’s campaign to the Google Display Network (GDN).
  10. 10. Search Network with Display Select Google also gave advertisers the option to upgrade existing campaigns to Search Network with Display Select.
  11. 11. Content Experiments Google Analytics (GA) stretched its expertise to assisting businesses in taking action on crucial insights. The features offered by this update empowered GA’s A/B testing capability more
  12. 12. Content Experiments Synced with AdSense, GA’s multi-armed bandit optimization algorithms shift traffic among the experimental variations to obtain maximum revenue in the shortest span of time
  13. 13. Google Software A Google patent for software is aiming to automate social media management
  14. 14. Google Software With access to the user’s online platforms, the tool analyzes the tone of voice used in all accounts and automatically suggests comments and replies that can be made
  15. 15. Performance Comparison Graphs In a major upgrade to its ads interface, Bing added the Performance Comparison Graphs feature.
  16. 16. Performance Comparison Graphs This feature helps in comparing campaign performance data from different time periods easily.
  17. 17. Page Zero The Page Zero update engaged users better by immediately connecting them with information they were looking for.
  18. 18. Broad Match Keyword Targeting Aiming to garner more click volume, Bing launched the Broad Match Keyword Targeting feature.
  19. 19. Broad Match Keyword Targeting Post this update, the Bing ads platform is delivering Broad Match Conversion metrics that are 85% of the percentage of Exact Match.
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