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  1. 1. The Best Email Marketing PracticesEmail marketing is one of the strategies used by bloggers, website marketers and bothsmall and large businesses to sell their products or to promote them. This methodof marketing is very effective in that it is direct and you can reach many clients orpotential customers very fast. Unlike other communication channels like the television,the newspapers and the radio, you can be sure of reaching your clients directly viaemail. Succinct, well written and interesting newsletters can help you maintain vitalcommunication with your customers. If you want an effective email marketing strategy,then there are things you should keep in mind.The first thing you should do is to practice email etiquette. Always seek the approvalof people you want to receive your emails before sending them. Some people do notwant to receive unsolicited emails and, instead of being an effective marketer, you maybecome a nuisance if you do not show some professionalism in your approach. Usingan opt-in service will allow your email recipients to choose whether to receive youremails or not. You should also add an opt-out service to the software you are using sothat anyone can have the freedom to stop his or her subscriptions at any time.You should also set up an email list that targets potential clients. You will be wastingtime sending emails to people who are not interested in your service or your products.You can also get your top fans to pass a subscription link to your email service viaemail or other social marketing platforms. After building a good list, make sure you keepyour contacts interested by providing polished, interesting and engaging topics in yournewsletters. An example of an interesting read can be a story that is told in differentinstallments. You will be able to create a sense of suspense which makes readers lookforward to the next issue in your newsletter. People are interested in special offers andcoupons which you can use to hook them to you newsletters. With good software andgood email practices, you can actually revolutionize your business.