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Superstitions all around the world.

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  1. 1. Presented to:M’am Namra Khalid.Presented by:Tahzeeb Khan.Iqra Ameer.Sania Tariq.Jarar Ahmad.BS (Hons.) Computer SciencesBS-CS-2nd ‘B’SUPERSITITIONS(Assignment)UNIVERSITY OF WAHQUAID AVENUE, WAHCANTT.
  2. 2. Superstitions:Superstitions can be defined as,“Irrational beliefs, especiallywith regard to the unknown”
  3. 3. • Lucky Horseshoes• Knocking on Wood mean
  4. 4. • Lucky Rabbit’s Foot•Finding a Penny
  5. 5. •Lucky Little Ladybugs
  6. 6. • White rabbitsCatch falling leaves in autumn
  7. 7. • Breaking a Mirror• Walking Under a Ladder
  8. 8. • The number 13th• If You Sleep With Your FeetTowards A Door Someone WillSteal Your Soul
  9. 9. • Opening UmbrellasIndoors• Black Cats bringBad Luck
  10. 10. • Birds and Bad Luck• Spilling Salt
  11. 11. • Boiled egg• Bread
  12. 12. • Table knife• Plate• White tablecloth
  13. 13. • Bears• Ravens
  14. 14. • Bats• Sparrow
  15. 15. • White rabbits• Peacock’s feather
  16. 16. • Bride and groom must not meet onthe day of the wedding except at thealtar.
  17. 17. • The bride should never wear hercomplete wedding clothes beforethe day.
  18. 18. • For good luck bride should wear“something borrowed, somethingblue, something old and somethingnew.”
  19. 19. The husband should carry hisnew wife over the threshold oftheir home.
  20. 20. • When the left eye is blinking indicatessomething bad is going to happen.• If you broke the glass its a sign of bad luck...
  21. 21. • If we are walking and see ablack cat cross in front of you,It’s bad luck.• When the owl sings its a sign ofbad luck
  22. 22. • Kids shouldnt let anyone walk over themotherwise theyll stop growing.• If you hiccup, it means you stole something.
  23. 23. • Opening the scissors and closing itwithout a reason causes familyproblems at home. Similar is the casewith umbrella (like opening it insidethe house.)
  24. 24. • When a crow crows at some oneswindow, it announces the arrival ofguests.• If a cat is heard crying, its a badomen.
  25. 25. • Never call one back when theperson is leaving the house.• Never wash the front courtyardimmediately after someone leavesthe house.
  26. 26. • When a dog howls, someone is going to diein the neighborhood.• When a bell rings when youwish for something, your wishwill be fulfilled.
  27. 27. • Friday the 13th.• Walk under a ladder.• Black cat crosses your path.• To break a mirror.• Open an umbrella inside.
  28. 28. • Sing at the table or sleep on the table.• A bird comes in window.• When a dog howls, death is near.• You must get out of bed on the same sideyou got in.• Goldfish in the house bring bad luck.
  29. 29. • In Greece, people use to carry in their wallet alittle bone of a bat, since its believed to protectfrom the evil eye. Every typical Greek househas a cactus growing near its door - it savesfrom troubles. Any Greek knows that if hesneezes, somebody thinks about him.
  30. 30. .• In UK it is believed that you would belucky if you meet a black cat. Unluckyare those who break a mirror, see acrow. Not one Englishman will open hisumbrella near the door or will put hisnew shoes on the table
  31. 31. •Any Irish knows that a werewolf is afraid ofwater. The Irish place metals on high levels.Blacksmithers are respected, since they areconsidered to dispose of bad spirits anddiseases.
  32. 32. • Italians think youre lucky to hear acat sneezing. Its not good if a birdenters through your window. If anItalian sees a nun, he will seek to toucha metal, so that the luck doesnt leavehim.
  33. 33. • In China broom is given a specialattention. They believe each broom hasinside a spirit, thats why you have to useit carefully. Hitting someone with a broommeans a curse. Number 8 is the luckynumber for the Chinese. Number 1 meansloneliness.
  34. 34. • Japanese are afraid to be potted in three. The onefrom the middle is expected to die. For avoidingmisfortune, Japanese will not talk to man who talkswhile sleeping.• In Moldova if you accidentally hit with your headyour friends head you have to hit it the second timeor someone will die in the family.
  35. 35. • In Russia, if you are sitting against the corner ofthe dinner table you wont marry for 7 years (onlyfor girls).• In Spain, it is said that putting on a jumper insideout, youll have bad luck.• In Venezuela, women will be lucky all year aroundif they wear yellow dress on New Year.
  36. 36. • In Eastern Europe, it is said that If you drop a fork during themeal, somebody is expected to come.• In Italy, if a person sees a nun, he will seek to touch a metal, sothat the luck doesnt leave him.• In Thailand, those people who offering flowers to the monkcannot smell the flowers! If you did, then something very bad willhappen to your nose soon...
  37. 37. • In India, never ask the question "where are yougoing?” while they are leaving house, itspurpose will not be fulfilled.And• Taking a teaspoon of curd with little sugarbefore exam will bring good luck.
  38. 38. Sun Sign Positive NegativeAriesSelf-confident, Leaders,EnthusiasticIrritable, Opinionated,ImpatientTaurus artistic, loving, trustworthyPossessive, Jealous,ControllingGemini charming, outgoing, brave vain, boastful, self-centeredCancer Loyal, Generous, warm Moody, Insecure, DeviousLeoPassionate, Enthusiastic,Warm-heartedPossessive, Bossy, VolatileVirgo Practical, Intelligent, Cultured Cold, Picky, PerfectionistLibraFair-minded, Romantic,SociableManipulative, Indecisive,GullibleScorpio Passionate, Loyal, Ambitious Secretive, Broody, WithdrawnSagittarius Witty, Positive, AdventurousBad temper, Impatient,ImpetuousCapricorn Dependable, Loyal, PerseveresConservative, Reserved,ResentfulAquarius Visionary, Friendly, TolerantStubborn, Cold,TemperamentalPisces Easy-going, Fun, Romantic Lazy, Sarcastic, Fantasist
  39. 39. I would like to conclude this article with a couple finalthoughts aboutSuperstitions.“The world moves and civilization progresses, but theold superstitions remain thesame. The rusty horse-shoe found on the road is stillprized as a lucky token, andwill doubtless continue to be so prized; for human naturedoes not change, andsuperstition is a part of human nature."