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Brand Storytelling by Marvin Abrinica


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Every company & their brand has a unique story to tell, but we've all been doing it wrong. We should be telling the story of our consumers if we want to get their attention. That's because building a brand requires consumer empathy, authenticity, and relatable moments that only a story can provide. Find out the secret to amazing brand storytelling from a former P&G brand storyteller who's been teaching brands & startups how to pitch.

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Brand Storytelling by Marvin Abrinica

  1. 1. Marvin  Abrinica   Founder,  Thrivera  Advisory  Group   @marvinador Every Brand Has a Story to Tell
  2. 2. “Authen;city  is  the  new  currency  of  brand  building,  
 and  stories  are  how  we  reach  our  consumers.”   @marvinador
  3. 3. “Thank You Mom”, Dir.Alejandro González Iñárritu. Procter & Gamble, 2012. Commercial
  4. 4. At  the  heart  of  every  story   is  a  Resona;ng  Truth @marvinador
  5. 5. It  Starts  with  a  Founder You  are  the  brand’s  first  consumer  
  6. 6. Purpose     The  “Why?”   Mo;va;on   Passion “A  brand  is  not  so  much  about   ra;onal  arguments,  but  the  way  that   the  company  resonates  with  people   emo;onally.”   -­‐  Steve  Jobs
  7. 7. “If  something  is  important  enough,  you  should  try,  
    even  if  the  probably  outcome  is  failure.”   -­‐  Elon  Musk Vision Beyond  limits   Imagina;on   Inspires
  8. 8. Occupy  Mars Photo: Bloomberg Business 2015
  9. 9. The  Hero’s      Journey Consumer’s ^
  10. 10. The  Consumer’s  Journey   Consumer Problem Goal @marvinador
  11. 11. Titanic, Dir. James Cameron Perf. Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Leonardo DiCaprio, & Gloria Stuart. 20th Century Fox, Paramount, & Lightstorm. 1997 Film.
  12. 12. Everyone  has  Story Great brands become part of her story - John Koenig
  13. 13. Get  Out  of  the  Building   Your  consumer  has  a  story  to  tell.   Listen,  understand  the  problem,  &   serve  her  needs. @marvinador
  14. 14. Your  Brand  is  the  Mentor Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Dir. Irvin Kershner. George Lucas Perf. Mark Hamill & Frank Oz. Lucasfilm. 1980 Film.
  15. 15. Your  Brand  Helps  Her  Overcome  the  Obstacle Obstacle TreasureConsumer  &  Brand @marvinador
  16. 16. The  Role  of  Conflict Conflict  creates  empathy   Draws  emo?onal  interest   Demands  a  response
  17. 17. If  the  Obstacle  is  Small,  the  Treasure  is  Small Conflict TreasureConsumer  &  Brand @marvinador
  18. 18. The  Bigger  the  Obstacle,  the  Bigger  the  Treasure Conflict TreasureConsumer  &  Brand @marvinador
  19. 19. Treasure  is  both  Functional  &  Emotional   Conflict TreasureConsumer  &  Brand The  benefits  the   Consumer  Experiences
  20. 20. “Always, Like a Girl”, Dir. Lauren Greenfield. Procter & Gamble, 2014. Commercial
  21. 21. #likeagirl
  22. 22. When  the  Consumer  Wins  Everyone  Shares  in  the  Victory   Obstacle   Treasure  &  ElixirHero  &  Mentor @marvinador
  23. 23. Elixir:  Payoff  Moment The Hunger Games, Dir. Gary Ross. Perf. Jennifer Lawrence. Lionsgate & Colorforce. 2012 Film.
  24. 24. Great  Brands  Telling  Authen?c  Stories
  25. 25. For  Brands  with  a  story  to  tell Marvin  Abrinica Thank  You!