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A profile of Solo Containment\'s versatile SoloSUITE system

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Solo Suite Linked In

  1. 1. FAST TRACK FACILITY & PROCESS ISOLATION Containment Suites / Soft-wall Cleanrooms PPE Decontamination Facilities Security Air Locks
  2. 2. Fast Track Facility Isolation:When new products or compounds arrive that go beyond your facilities containment ability you need afast reliable containment solution….At Solo we’ve developed the solo SUITE to be a versatile and cost effective room or process isolationsystem.Using our proven flexible film isolation technology and airtight floor rail system we can provide a rapidcontainment around process operations.Solo SUITE is manufactured to suit each specific application – no compromise. We take your processand product/personnel flow patterns and develop the optimum layout for material entry /exit,personnel routing and critically PPE decontamination – where needed.With a solo SUITE system you have peace of mind that you are dealing with designers engineers andwhere required Occupational Hygiene specialists to provide the containment security upgradedneeded. Negative Pressure Containment Suite
  3. 3. Solo Suite’s versatility is not just limited to containing hazardous compounds and API isolation. We alsomanufacture solo SUITE as a soft-wall Cleanroom system that brings a contamination free work area forcritical pharmacy, inspection or device assembly areas.Typical classifications range from ISO 8 to ISO 3 – with the option of adding RAB’s and critical clean zoneswithin the main facility. Using ceiling mounted FFU, cleanroom luminaires and a super clean epoxy coatedgrid system solo SUITE is not only cost effective its energy efficient. Localised Clean Environment Suite:
  4. 4. The features available in the solo SUITE system are selected to suit the specific needs of each application:For negative pressure containment applications the solo SUITE envelope is a fully welded PU enclosureattaching to the support frame using out tab and press stud system. Floor attachment is guaranteed airtight by ourwell proven floor rail system which bonds to the facility floor before back sealing on both sides.The film attachment to the floor rail is made with our high security U grip. Negative Pressure Containment solo Suite Features:  Air tight stainless steel base rail  Robust stainless steel support framework  Fully welded anti-static 250 micron PU envelope  Gas tight personnel entry/exit doors  PPE Decontamination stations / fogging showers  Gas tight pallet / truck entry exit doors  Inlet air HEPA filter face mounted  Exhaust air HEPA filters safe change type where required  Full instrumentation with alarm options  Service pipeline entry through gas tight sleeve system  Over pressure “burst disc” system
  5. 5. For Clean environment applications : the solo SUITE is manufactured from optically clear Seiden Crystal PVC - and can be provided in a number of static dissipative film options. The soft-wall cleanroom solo SUITE is generally supplied without an airtight base rail permitting the clean air to vent into the surrounding facility.Cleanroom solo SUITE Features:• Seiden Crystal anti-static PVC wall panels – with stainless weighting chain base• Chrome plated support frame system (stainless optional)• Epoxy coated carbon steel ceiling grid to mount FFU’s and luminaires• Gowning facilities with step over bench• Localised RAB’s for critical area isolation• Full instrumentation with alarm options
  6. 6. Solo SUITE Case Study:TecniLab - BMI in the Netherlands approached Solo Containment requiring a 3.4 x2.4M footprint containment suite for a confidential client in Northern Europe. Theexisting facility had a 500M³/Hr. exhaust system – and the existing HVAC setup was tobe harnessed to create both a high air change rate within the facility and at least40pa negative pressure gradient.The solo SUITE would need to accommodate pipeline penetrations ranging from50mm Dia. to 12mm Dia. in several locations – requiring up to 12 individual gastightpipe sleeves. An added complication was the need for occasional access to a reactorvessel discharge valve mounted overhead 300mm above the solo SUITE top panels.This required a special gas tight zipper panel to permit access when required.At the end of each processing run the client would require to decontaminate andthen roll out a 500Kg Buchi mobile reactor vessel. This meant the critical air tightfloor rail developed by Solo would have to hinge open at the entry exit door.This was a complicated application that demanded the highest standards of APIcontainment to protect the surrounding facility.
  7. 7. Kilo Lab Solo SUITE installation:
  8. 8. Kilo Lab Solo SUITE installation: Solo floor rail detail Exhaust FilterBuchi vessel roll in/out facility
  9. 9. Kilo Lab Solo SUITE installation: PPE Suit airline interface
  10. 10. Learn more …Contact Solo Containment (0)1625 344014