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Digitizing Audio on the Cheap


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Martin T. Olliff presentation to Society of Florida Archivists, May 10, 2018. Experiments in digitizing audiocassettes using left over and new equipment. Includes Sony Microcassette recorder M570V, Panasonic RQ-2102 recorder, Sony TC-WE 475 tape deck and copier, Yamaha MG 12/4 mixing console, Olympus WS 311-M, and Tascam DR-40 digital recorders.

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Digitizing Audio on the Cheap

  1. 1. Digitizing Audio on the Cheap $crounging Equipment and Time Marty Olliff The Wiregrass Archives Troy University Dothan (AL) Campus
  2. 2. Sony M570V Microcassette-corder 3.5 mm – to – 3.5 mm cable Olympus WS 311-M Digital Sony M570V Microcassette-corder 3.5 mm – to – 3.5 mm cable 3.5 mm – to – ¼” converter Tascam DR-40 Digital Microcassettes
  3. 3. Full Sized Audiocassettes Panasonic Slim Line RQ-2102 3.5mm – 3.5mm cable 3.5mm – ¼” connector Tascam DR-40
  4. 4. Results • Ease of setup and use; earphone monitoring available • Tascam • defaults to WAV files (industry standard) • allows pre-recording moderation of gain • Olympus • defaults to WMA files • Gain adjustment monitoring only during recording • Problem: Ambient noise • Cassettes contain “roar” • Cassette player heads pick up more “roar” • 3.5mm jacks connect poorly and add clicks
  5. 5. Sony TC-WE 475 Copy Deck Yamaha MG 12/4 Mixing Console Tascam DR-40 Recorder