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El toro political targeting meyer 122413


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IP Targeting for Political Kentucky Campaigns.

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El toro political targeting meyer 122413

  1. 1. Your Exact Online Target Lives Right Here
  2. 2. We provide a direct one-to-one online connection to a selected household by geographically locating its web entry point. Your message finds every intended target every time they go online to deliver 100% reach and zero wasted budget. Direct household online targeting enables extraordinarily relevant online display ads that lead to higher conversion and ROI.
  3. 3. A NEW CONVENTION MORE THAN A DECADE IN THE MAKING 12-Year Market Advantage EL TORO TARGETING Patent-pending, Direct IP-to-Household Matching Engine creates the one-to-one identification that has become El Toro Targeting. • Provides non-invasive access to every computer on the web. • Founded on the internet’s most common user identification standard: The IP address. • Built by the industry’s foremost experts in geospatial databases and IP monitoring. • Backed by the some of the largest companies in online fraud detection and geospatial data.
  4. 4. EVERY TARGET. EVERY TIME. Now you can reach 100% of your online target 100% of the time. EL TORO TARGETING Reaches Few Targeted Voters Reaches Only Target Huge Budget Waste Zero Budget Waste & unlimited variations of the message you deliver
  5. 5. DIRECT MAIL DELIVERED DIGITALLY Imagine directly reaching voters online— just like you do offline with direct mail. EL TORO TARGETING It’s the only way to target selected prospects online. An IP address is like your house address for the Internet. • Deliver banner ads directly to selected households. • Ensure 99.8% accuracy with our IP address to home address match. • Leverage 800 million IP addresses matched to over 90% of the registered voters in the United States
  6. 6. HOW DOES IT WORK? STEP 1. Match our IP address data to your home address data. EL TORO TARGETING
  7. 7. HOW DOES IT WORK? STEP 2. Locate your exact target households online, and set up a privacy shield to anonymize personal information. EL TORO TARGETING 2 Locate Target Household Set Personal Privacy Shield
  8. 8. HOW DOES IT WORK? STEP 3. Serve display ads to your targets wherever, whenever they go online. EL TORO TARGETING 2 Locate Target Household 3 Serve Display Ads Set Personal Privacy Shield Target Enters Web
  9. 9. IMPACT NOT IMPRESSIONS It only counts if you reach the right eyeballs. Everything else is just a waste. Deliver extraordinarily relevant ads directly to selected targets. • The more relevant the ad, the more likely the conversion. • Use your VoterID, GOTV, Donor List or the Voter File to precisely target voters by household • Reach 100% of intended targets 100% of the time. • 1 : 1 reach enables higher relevance and conversion. • Only pay when ads are viewed by intended targets. • Protect privacy way beyond any other method.
  10. 10. RELIABLE PRECISION EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF Let’s talk about how El Toro Targeting can impact your next campaign. Marty Meyer – 502.345.7909