The drawbridge Exercise


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Nice activity to promote debate in class. The students must decide on which peson is the most guilty in this story and justify their answer. Very useful to promote critical thinking and communicative skills.

  • well i have to rank #6;the madman. #5; the boatman, #4; Friend, #3; Baron, #2;Lover, #1; Baroness....The reason for ranking them this way starting with the baroness. She is the main one responsible for her own death because she just didnt listen and do as she was told. The lover is part to blame for her death because he was the reason she wanted to leave anyway, the baren is the other to blame because he ordered her to stay in the castle. the friend for not helping her to pay the boatman, the boatman is not that guilty because he was doing his job, and the madman killed her because he was mentally crazy so he didnt know any better.
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  • Ranking  Baron …2………  Baroness ……5……  Madman ……6……  Lover ……3…  Boatman ……1……  Friend 4 The Madman is the most responsible for the death of the Baroness, he is the one who committed the crime of killing the Baroness. The Baroness is the next least responsible for her death, she put herself in a situation that see could not recover from. Her lover and friends who should have supported her was not there in her time of need. The Friends are the next least responsible for the death of the Baroness, her friends should have been what their title implies, a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. A true friend should and always will be there no matter what, right or wrong or in different. The Lover is the next least responsible for the death of the Baroness, his /her is exactly what their name implies. Definition of a lover is a person who has a sexual or romantic relationship with another. Which is totally different of the definition of the word friend. The Baron is the least responsible for the Baroness death, he is her husband a male in a martial relationship. He made that statement due to the fact of Baroness beauty and that he might have been in secure of their relationship. The Boatman is the next least responsible for her death, he is their only to provide a service and expects to be compensated for it. As an entrepreneur, he should have applied a little more customer service in this particular situation, he might have been rewarded seven times the amount that he original ask for.
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The drawbridge Exercise

  2. 2. The characters  The Baroness  The Baron  The Lover
  3. 3.  The boatman  The friend  The madman
  4. 4. The story  As he left for a visit to some of the distant areas of his small kingdom, a jealous Baron warned his pretty wife: ’Do not leave the castle while I am gone, or I will punish you severely when I return!’ But as the hours passed, the young Baroness grew lonely; despite her husbands warning she decided to visit her Lover, who lived in the country side nearby.  The castle was situated on an island in a wide, fast flowing river. A drawbridge linked the island to the mainland at the narrowest point of the river. ‘Surely my husband will not return before dawn’ she thought, and ordered her servants to lower the bridge and leave it down until her return.  After spending several pleasant hours with her lover, the baroness returned to the drawbridge, only to find it blocked by a Madman wildly waving a long, cruel knife. ‘Do not attempt to cross this bridge Baroness, or I will kill you’ the Madman cried.
  5. 5. The story  Fearing for her life the Baroness returned to her Lover and asked for help. ‘Our relationship is only a romantic one,’ the lover said. ‘I will not help.’  The Baroness then went to a Boatman on the river, explaining her problem to him, and asked him to take her across the river in his boat. ‘I will do it, but only if you can pay my fees of five marks,’ he responded. ‘But I have no money with me,’ the Baroness protested. ‘That’s too bad. No money, no ride,’ the Boatman said flatly.  Her fear growing, the Baroness ran crying to a Friend’s home and after explaining her desperate situation, she begged for enough money to pay the boatman his fee. ‘If you had not disobeyed your husband, this would not have happened.’ the friend said. ‘I will give you no money.’  With dawn approaching and her last resource exhausted, the Baroness returned to the drawbridge in desperation, attempted to cross to the castle, and was killed by the Madman.
  6. 6. At your Table…  In order of Priority, who is most responsible for the death of the baroness? Why so?  Individually: Rank the characters in the order of the responsibility for the death of the Baroness. From 6 for the most responsible to 1 for the least responsible.
  7. 7. Ranking  Baron …………  Baroness …………  Madman …………  Lover …………  Boatman …………  Friend …………
  8. 8. As a Group Agree upon the ranking in the order of the responsibility for the death of the Baroness.  Baron …………  Baroness …………  Madnan …………  Lover …………  Boatman …………  Friend …………