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Published in: Design, Business
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  1. 1. Knockin´ on hell´s door By Martin Argüello Based in a desingboom review of a book about Dieter Ram´s work in Braun.
  2. 2. A day like any other at the gates of heaven ...
  3. 3. Good Morning! HI!! Good Morning! Wazzup!
  4. 4. What can I help you? Yeap! We want to enter in the design´s Heaven!! heaven!
  5. 5. mmm… You´ve to talk with design´s heaven manager.Take the 2nd cloud to the right. Thanks Mr.! Thank you St. Peter OK Mr P!
  6. 6. A few clouds later…
  7. 7. Oh meinGott…* HI!! Good Morning Mr. Braun! Wazzup! * Oh por Dios!
  8. 8. Let me know… You want toenter in the design´s heaven.. Right? Pleeease! Yes, my lord. Fuck yeah!
  9. 9. Mmm let me see… Please! Please! Wow! Check Please! that babe! Broh!! …
  10. 10. Any problem with Ms. Braun? She´s so elegant and soberly You rulz Mr. B! Oh no my highness!
  11. 11. Stop it! If you want to enter in te design´s heaven. You must comply with the 10 principles Ahhh!!for good design of Dieter Rams! Cool!! Oh!
  12. 12. 1: Good design is innovative
  13. 13. 2: Makes a product useful Y..yes..
  14. 14. 2: Is aesthetic Aha…
  15. 15. …a few principles later…
  16. 16. And finally…10: Is environmentally friendly
  17. 17. …a few minutes later…
  18. 18. Yes! Next to that HP Where did printer the cloudsHoly Shi...!! go? Is there vacancy?