How Brands Can Make a Killing in Digital


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The name is Brand, James Brand. Martini Media is going undercover to help brands identify the opportunities in the digital ad space. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, learn how Martini Media can help your brand make a killing

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  • Spotlight on Adam as he enters dressed as Bond. Runs up center of room. Turns.Music fades.NEXT SLIDE
  • My colleagues 008 and 009 are also in the room.We’ve assumed the secret identities you see here.[Review names and titles]NEXT SLIDE
  • For the past months we’ve been embedded in a leading organization to accomplish our mission.We’ve been placed inside Martini Media, the world’s only higher income lifestyle audience platform.Focused exclusively on delivering the affluent buyers of any brands target audience.A network specializing in the sites, data, technology, and creative options tailored specifically to the need’s of the world’s best brands.It’s the perfect cover, because our mission…NEXT SLIDEIt looks like an ordinary ad network. But in reality, it’s anything but.Bullets
  • So why have we been embedded at Martini Media? It comes down to this. We all know that brand dollars have been shifting from traditional to digital media. But that trend is accelerating. A Digiday/Vizu study showed that 60% of total online dollars are expected to be focused on branding this year.In fact, 2012 will be the first year in which branding dollars are higher than DR spend in digital.But most DR leaders are also reporting that while their ad objective may be direct sales, they are also expected to deliver far richer brand experiences. “Brand response.”Who is the room is more focused on brand versus DR objectives?Of the DR people, are you expected to provide better brand experiences?So, the majority of the room seems to be experiencing this trend in very vivid ways.Further, a Magna Global study found that 66% of brands expect to significantly increase their brand spend online. 44% expect to increase their spend more than 10%. And 22% expect to increase brand spend more than 20%.A little question for the room. Who in the room is expecting their brand spending increase online this year? That’s branding spend versus direct response?It doesn’t surprise me. You’re the leaders of digital, it makes sense that the trend would be even stronger for the people in this room.But all that spending increase – and the dramatic increases we’ve seen in the past several years, have made people ask a key question.NEXT SLIDE
  • A question that no solution provider seems to have answered. We’re on a mission to answer that question today.That question is…[Click]How to make digital work hardest for brands.Every day we hear disappointment because digital’s a medium that has always focused more on direct response than on solving brand problems.We’ve been conducting a full investigation, and have some important insights to provide.So today, we’re going to focus on the four keys to making digital work hardest for brands and brand objectives. And those are…Identifying “brand people” – not clickers, not price shoppers. The people who really make a difference to your bottom line.Focusing on the web venues where your brand message is most powerful – and safe.The best way to find your BEST prospects through digital.And how to deliver brand worthy experiences with the power to persuade and drive loyalty.But before we get started on the research…NEXT SLIDE
  • Most of us recognize that our lives often differ markedly from those of the general public. SO if we examine the population at large, you get a very different picture about the meaning of affluence.The Average US Household Income was $49.7K in 2010Which means that $50K+ is above average nationallyOf course, on the coasts the figures tend to be higher, but the figures begin to put into perspective the relative lifestyles of our target audiences.In many regions $75K+ is “affluent”In almost all regions, “$100K+” is affluent by the standards of most people, even if it may not seem at all “rich” to us. But when we talk about affluent, we mean it by national standards.So what does all this mean for brands?
  • Well, it relates directly to how we make digital work hardest for brands.First, we need to focus our efforts on the most important buyers. We need to separate the…err…gin from the ice. Because the reality is that while everyone buys things, the best customers for brands are those that buy a lot, and influence more people to do the same.Hmm…perhaps better way of saying that is that as with any spy work, we first need to find our man – our woman.Fortunately, that’s easy to do. Because more and more data are coming to light that show that the most affluent people are the key drivers of most product sales. In fact, Comscore tells us that 25% of the web audience – the percent that makes more than $100,000 in HHI per year, purchases more than 75% of total…stuff. When you add in people who make $75K+, the percentage goes even higher.25% of the people | 75% of purchases. Think of them as the “Martini Crowd.” People who live affluent lifestyles. Who buy for reasons beyond the lowest price.NEXT SLIDE
  • And this affluent online audience is a disproportionate driver of BOTH online sales and offline sales.The Martini Crowd buys XXX% more online……And XXX% more offline.And again, we are focusing on national definitions of affluence. Not a small sliver of people by any means.Now, if you lead a luxury brand, targeting the affluent is your first order of business.How many people in the room work on what you’d call a luxury brand?Not many hands. But that’s actually perfect for the next point.But let me show you why even if your brand isn’t a luxury item, the Martini Crowd is still the best audience online.NEXT SLIDE
  • Yes, they are a disproportionate number of Porsche buyers.But they are also a disproportionate user of credit cards.And they buy almost twice as many Cheerios as well.Now, there are so many categories represented in this room that I cannot show each of you the appropriate data here, but suffice it to say that in almost every brand case, the affluent buyer – the Martini Crowd -- is the key sales driver, even in categories you might not suspect.NEXT SLIDE
  • Perhaps just as important, the affluent are also vastly more influential than other customers. People look to them for their experience and guidance, and the brands that make their recommendation lists benefit disproportionately.Our investigation of this led us to fielding a major research study with Kantar media, on the relative influence of the affluent. What we found was that the affluent tend to be what we call “pollinators” – uberinfluencers. People who not only play some influencing role, they actually dominate influencing.Of this affluent pollinator population,204% more likely to feel “social and well connected”*156% more likely to recommend brands by name*63% more likely to “often” tell people about brands*Comscore indices validate these findings. The data show that $100K+ affluents are…300% more likely to advise others on travel♀82% more likely for electronics♀52% more likely for fashion♀[Provide the specific category examples depicted on the slide.]NEXT SLIDE
  • Martini created mShare which is our social solution for building a brand's Advocacy channel.  Advocates share and have a massive influence within their social networks.  Advocates are highly satisfied customers that recommend products and services that they love!  With mShare, Martini gives the brand the option to create that Advocate channel at no cost.  We simply place a piece of code on the ad – that hovers when moussed over so it never interferes with the creative.  When you mouse over the icon, the user can share their recommendations/story/offers with one click to their social network, via FB, Twitter, Google+ or email.   Forrester Research says for every one social share, it reaches at least 150 other friends.  Imagine the power of sharing using mShare?This is effective viral marketing for any brand who's marketing efforts are to either DR or branding.
  • It won’t surprise you that we’ve shaped Martini Media to be the best at delivering this Martini Crowd!No audience platform delivers the affluent customer better.Each month, Martini Media gives brands the opportunity to connect with 54 million people that are anything but ordinary.91% shop online.And Martini Media offers the strongest delivery against the affluent segments. $150K+. $100K+. $75K+. What’s more, these are “brand oriented, lifestyle customers”.Here’s the proof.NEXT SLIDE
  • Martini Media customers buy more of practically everything than the average online person.XXX% more cars.XXX% more branded groceriesXXX% more brand name clothingXXX% more credit card usageXXX% more vacationsXXX% more tech gadgetsBut the best way to make digital hardest for brand marketing is about MORE than just finding the most affluent consumers.We also need to find people who care about your category. [Sip]NEXT SLIDE
  • We need to pinpoint YOUR heavy category buyers. Our investigation says that there are three pre-requisites.Income is critical. You need the money to spend.Category interest is also vital. The more you use a category, the more you buy.And the third element is passion. Brands need to find the people that will care deeply about them. Fortunately, your best prospects leave lots of evidence about their passions all over the web. One of the clearest ways we have of spotting it is to analyze the sites they visit. The more niche your site choices in a vertical, the more passion you have. It’s the difference between someone who visits Yahoo Autos or Benz Insider. OMG!, or Stylite.You find the passion sites in the long tail of the web.Now, when you’re in the long tail, you have to be very vigilant about brand safety. But if you make the effort, the data show that it pays enormous dividends.NEXT SLIDE
  • Naturally, Martini Media is that vigilant.It’s an invitation only network. About 1000 sites. Not hundreds of thousands. Each site keyed to specific category passions and demonstrated buying behavior.Sites like…[Call out examples]This chart gives you an insight into our eight core channels. But with Martini Media, finding your best prospects can go much deeper. We can layer heavy buyers, passion, and…NEXT SLIDE
  • …an unsurpassed set of predictive data that absolutely pinpoint YOUR best customers.Our proprietary audience platform delivers on all three of the building blocks of brand loyalty.We have more than 35 data partners that help identify income, lifestyles, life stages, demographics, and interests.To that we offer a layer of exclusive data that measure the passion of a customer for a topic or category. So that your efforts focus only on people that care about the brand.And the unique capabilities of our platform make possible pairing this Martini Crowd brand orientation to any of the specific targeting parameters you use in your plan.Remarkable accuracy, coupled with scale. But our platform is about more than targeting. We built it to provide remarkable insights – the sorts of issues that BRANDS care about.NEXT SLIDE
  • Martini Media offers a unique, proprietary measurement suite that delivers all of the basic measures, PLUS a broad set of brand measures you are probably hard pressed to get from other companies.We offer real audience insights into demographics, shopping and buying behaviors, category behaviors, and a broad array of real engagement metrics. Measures like:Socialization of your messageNumber of videos watched, and duration of watching.Time spent interacting with your creativeHeat mapping to pinpoint the areas on your units that are driving the activity.In all, we provide more than thirty different measures to give you insights beyond the click rate. New understanding of your audience.Now we’ve talked about the need to find the Martini Crowd heavy buyers, the right passion content, the advanced data and targeting necessary to pinpoint your people and garner powerful insights about them. Now it’s time to talk about message.NEXT SLIDE
  • These capabilities have turned more than a few brands into Martini lovers. All of these brands have run major campaigns with Martini Media. And continue to do so.It’s another sort of Martini Crowd, and one we are very proud of.[Highlight some brands.]And one of the key reasons why so many brands – including hundreds of “mainstream” versus luxury brands work with us – is that we give them a unique platform to deliver great branding experiences, even when the final objective of an ad is DR.NEXT SLIDE
  • Who here is familiar with the IAB’s Rising Stars creative initiative?Well, for those that aren’t, the IAB is seeing the same trends that all of us our – including the need for better brand experiences online. Their response has been to create new ad units – bigger, bolder, and more interactive units designed to get attention and then offer up multimedia experiences for brand immersion.While a few large sites got on board quickly, the vast majority of the networks have been slower. But Martini Media has worked with the IAB from day one to integrate these powerful units across out network of sites, and are the first network to be able to offer them at scale network wide. We’re out front on this because in order to “put stars in the eyes” of the martini Crowd, we know we have to reflect YOUR branding desires and branding standards and give brands more than just the usual ways to put banners in front of them.We’ve already run more than a dozen campaigns using these units, and as the IAB predicted, are seeing dramatic metrics across the board for them.The interaction rates really are astounding – and I really suggest that those of you who aren’t using them have a conversation to integrate them into your plans. They make a big difference.NEXT SLIDE
  • So if you only remember one thing form this presentation, it’s this. Start everything with a Martini.Because when you want to succeed in branding online, you never go wrong with the Martini Crowd.And consider starting with Martini Networks.1. The one focused on the higher income “Martini Crowd”2. The one that can probably deliver more of your heavy buyers3. The one with invitation only venues that attract passionate brand lovers.The one with unparalleled data to unlock passion, and real brand insights to drive understanding, optimization, and effectiveness.The one with remarkable creative optionsThe one trusted by many of the world’s great brandsOnly Martini Media delivers like this.Now, before I go and find Miss Money Penny, I’d like to offer you a special thank you for being a part of this mission.
  • Thank you. And cheers to our future partnerships!
  • How Brands Can Make a Killing in Digital

    1. 1. The name is Brand… James Brand How Brands Can Make a Killing Online 2/7/2012 2/7/2012 1 1 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    2. 2. Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceAssumed identities:007 008 009 0010Skip Brand Stefan Mayo Cynthia Serrano Kim NotarioCEO Sr Dir-West Coast VP-East Coast VP-Midwest Sales Sales Sales2/7/20122/7/2012 2 2 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    3. 3. The Perfect Cover• World’s only higher income lifestyle & business audience platform• Focused exclusively on the best: – Sites – Data – Technology – Creative options• Serving the most important brands in the world2/7/20122/7/2012 3 3 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    4. 4. Brand Dollars Pour into Digital, Looking for Brand Solutions2/7/20122/7/2012 4 4 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    5. 5. On a Mission to Answer the Big Question Four critical steps: 1. Identifying “brand people” 2. Focusing on brand building venues 3. Finding your best prospects 4. Delivering brand worthy messages and experiences2/7/20122/7/2012 5 5 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    6. 6. Affluence In America Today• Average US Household Income: $49.7K• $50K+ is above average nationally• On the coasts the figures tend to be higher• In many regions $75K+ is “affluent”• In almost all regions, a “$100K+” household (2 $50k earners) is affluent• We aren’t only talking about the 1%!2/7/20122/7/2012 6 6 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    7. 7. Brand Customers that matter: “The Martini Crowd” HHI > $100,000 25% 75% of online users of total purchases2/7/20122/7/2012 7 7 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    8. 8. Brand Drivers Online and Offline Spend 115% more online Spend 211% more offline2/7/20122/7/2012 8 8 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    9. 9. It Matters, No Matter What Your Brand 54% shopped Wal-Mart in the last 6 Months 51% more likely to66% more likely to have a Discover card own a Porsche 2/7/2012 2/7/2012 9 9 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    10. 10. Why We Call the Martini Crowd “Affluencers” • 204% more likely to feel “social and well connected”* • 156% more likely to recommend brands by name* • 63% more likely to “often” tell people about brands* • 300% more likely to advise others on travel♀ • 82% more likely for electronics♀ • 52% more likely for fashion♀ * ♀2/7/20122/7/2012 10 10 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    11. 11. We’re Bringing Brands to the ConversationWe developed mShare™ to givecustomers the power to share theads they love acrossFacebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn & email – creating asocial chain reaction of eyeballsseeing your ad. 2/7/2012 2/7/2012 11 11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    12. 12. Martini Media: All About the “Martini Crowd”• 90 Million global monthly consumers• 91% shop online• Strongest delivery against define earlier audiences• Content standards and sites specifically designed to appeal to brand oriented lifestyle consumers• The proof is in their buying patterns2/7/20122/7/2012 12 12 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    13. 13. Martini Media People Buy More of Practically Everything 71% more likely 58% more likely to have purchased a to have purchased new vehicle online in groceries online in the last 6 months the last 30 days 2.5X more likely 41% more likely to have spent $1,000 to have spent $500+ to $2,499 online for on women’s consumer electronics clothing/shoes 84% more likely 27% more likely to have booked a to have applied for a vacation package credit card online in online in the last 6 the last 6 months months2/7/20122/7/2012 13 13 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    14. 14. Separating the Brand Buyer from the Price Buyer The Essence of the Brand BuyerPASSIONCATEGORY INTERESTINCOME2/7/20122/7/2012 14 14 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    15. 15. Invitation Only Martini Media Venues• “Long tail” communities, not content farms• Chosen for their propensity to attract passionate buyers• Meticulously vetted for brand safety Travel Art & Style & Sports & Autos & News Food B2B & Culture Design Recreation Tech & Finance & Wine Leisure 2/7/2012 2/7/2012 15 15 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    16. 16. Beyond Environment: Hyper Precise Targeting 35+ data partnersfor income & interest Exclusive data for passion Precision platform for your parameters • Behavioral • Geographic • Contextual • In-market • Conquest • Retargeting • Demographic • Offline 2/7/2012 2/7/2012 16 16 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    17. 17. Unique Intel Platform for Superior Insights• Income• Net worth• Shopping behavior• Category usage• Engagement metrics• Heat maps• Sites visited+ 32 other dimensions 2/7/2012 2/7/2012 17 17 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    18. 18. Martini Lovers You May KnowDriving Meaningful ROI for Hundreds of the World’s Leading Brands… AUTOS FASHION FINANCE TRAVEL RETAIL TECH 2/7/2012 2/7/2012 18 18 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    19. 19. Putting Stars in the Eyes of the Martini Crowd• At the forefront of the IAB’s Rising Stars unit initiative – bigger, bolder, more interactive 2/7/2012 2/7/2012 19 19 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    20. 20. The Right Ingredients • Focused on the higher income “Martini Crowd” • More of your heavy buyers • Invitation only “passion” venues • Precision targeting/unparalleled data • Remarkable creative options • Trusted by many of the world’s great brands2/7/20122/7/2012 20 20 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    21. 21. Cheers www.martinimediainc.com2/7/20122/7/2012 21 21 Where Influence Meets Affluence™