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Presto Meetup @ Facebook (3/22/2016)

In the talk we discuss the progress over the last year and what we'll be working on over the next few months.

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Presto Meetup @ Facebook (3/22/2016)

  1. 1. Presto Update (2016) Martin Traverso 3/22/2016
  2. 2. By The Numbers ▪12 months ▪43 releases (0.99 to 0.142) ▪104 contributors (150 total) ▪2355 commits (6946 total) ▪3411 files changed ▪319,734 insertions(+) 79,818 deletions(-)
  3. 3. Language Features ▪CREATE TABLE ▪Table Properties ▪ALTER TABLE, CREATE TABLE AS, DROP ▪INSERT/DELETE
  4. 4. Language Features ▪CUBE, ROLLUP, GROUPING SETS ▪Uncorrelated scalar subqueries ▪Non-equality predicates for inner joins
  5. 5. Language Features ▪New functions (e.g., bitwise operations) ▪TRY ▪VARCHAR(length) ▪Binary literals ▪Unicode support ▪CALL
  6. 6. Security ▪Authentication (Kerberos) ▪Authorization ▪Extensible
  7. 7. Performance ▪Physical awareness ▪Dictionary-aware execution ▪Structural types representation
  8. 8. Workload Management ▪Configurable admission queues ▪Memory management ▪Network topology-aware scheduling ▪Adaptive split concurrency ▪Draining
  9. 9. Hive ▪INSERT/DELETE ▪S3 integration improvements ▪New Parquet reader ▪HA metastore support
  10. 10. Miscellaneous ▪Integration testing suite ▪Blackhole connector ▪Redis connector ▪RPM package ▪Tableau web connector ▪Query plan/execution visualization
  11. 11. Next
  12. 12. Presto@Facebook ▪Warehouse ▪Batch ▪Interactive ▪Application analytics ▪A/B testing ▪User-facing products
  13. 13. Language ▪Data Types ▪DECIMAL, FLOAT, SMALLINT, INTEGER ▪CHAR(n), BINARY(n), VARBINARY(n) ▪Correlated subqueries ▪Non-equi outer join ▪Lambdas
  14. 14. Language ▪Prepared statements ▪GRANT/REVOKE ▪Materialized query tables ▪Simple query rewrites ▪EXPLAIN ANALYZE
  15. 15. Performance ▪Joins and aggregations ▪Structural types ▪Task parallelism ▪Colocated joins ▪Communication layer
  16. 16. Workload Management ▪Resource groups and queueing ▪Parallelism vs memory tradeoff
  17. 17. Hive ▪ORC writer ▪RCFile reader/writer ▪Kerberos support for HDFS/Metastore ▪Bucketed tables ▪Transaction support (INSERT OVERWRITE)
  18. 18. Optimizer ▪Cost-based search ▪Connectors can participate ▪Whole subquery pushdown
  19. 19. (c) 2007 Facebook, Inc. or its licensors.  "Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.. All rights reserved. 1.0