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Disruption - business opportunity or challenge?


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New technology, digitalization, millennials and megatrends will bring opportunities to the prepared business leader and potential for disruption in B2C markets.

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Disruption - business opportunity or challenge?

  1. 1. Disruption – Business Opportunity or Challenge? Discover new business opportunities and bring ideas to life.
  2. 2. The business model is the foundation for disruption
  3. 3. …and a good common reference frame for today’s event
  4. 4. The ultimate goal of any business model… …is delighted customers …and capture value for your company
  5. 5. The business model reflects management’s hypothesis about How to organize meeting those needs Making profit What customers want How they want it
  6. 6. A truly disruptive business book • Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur • Co-created by 470 practitioners… • …from 45 countries in 2010 • Practical cases • Lots of colors, illustrations and pictures • Easy to read in an evening
  7. 7. Different perspectives on BMC… ExternalInternal Value Financial
  8. 8. Cost vs. Revenue flows in BMC RevenueCost
  9. 9. Five disruptive elements of BMC
  10. 10. Elements of a Good Value Proposition Unique value creation Challenges or needs
  11. 11. Five disruptive elements of BMC
  12. 12. Understand and Prioritize your Customer Segments • Develop and maintain a full list of customer segments including sub-segments • Focus only on top-3 or top-5 segments • Look for best practice in CRM literature • Spend time LISTENING to your customers in order to UNDERSTAND their needs and problems
  13. 13. Five disruptive elements of BMC
  14. 14. Make Money while You are Sleeping! • Cash flow is king • Look for subscription models to stay in continuous contact with your customers • Multiple revenue streams are better than a single stream • Think in scale when designing revenue models
  15. 15. Five disruptive elements of BMC
  16. 16. Let Others Carry the Burden of Fixed Costs
  17. 17. Five disruptive elements of BMC
  18. 18. Use Partners to Reduce Risk and Scale Fast • Look for competence, flexibility and strategic fit • Exchange partners when they do not perform or they are no longer needed • Partners can operate faster because they are deeply specialized
  19. 19. Five Keys to a Strong Business Model • High switching costs that lock-in customers/rewards loyalty • Scalable business model • Revenues are recurring • Financial model is designed to earn before spending • Partner network exploited to reduce cost and risk
  20. 20. Today’s agenda 09:25 Disruptive Business Models from Silicon Valley (Martin Stenfeldt) 10:20 Networking Break 10:35 Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life (Sebastian Cadell, NosCo) 11:35 Discussion + Q&A 12:00 Light networking lunch
  21. 21. I keep forgetting that the nature of life is not STABILITY but FLUX Mr. Carson Downton Abbey
  22. 22. The World is changing…
  23. 23. Once upon a time …new business models The World is changing…
  24. 24. The World is changing…
  25. 25. The World is changing…
  26. 26. Megatrends that fuel disruption Sharing svc IoT Quantified Self3D PrintBig Data Gamification
  27. 27. Sharing Svc IoT Quantified Self3D PrintBig Data Gamification Megatrends that fuel disruption
  28. 28. • Those under the age of 35 • …will account for 75% of the workforce by 2025 according to Forbes • Millennials have way different behavioral patterns Millennials fuel disruption too
  29. 29. Millennials vs. Boomers in Healthcare Source: DevicePharm Willing to significantly change their behaviors in order to be healthier – all natural diets, P90X, etc. More stubborn in their ways and less reluctant to want to change – tendency to label many preventative measures as voodoo Do not see doctors as the foremost authority on healthcare – 84% will take a friend or family member’s advice over a doctors Perceive their doctors as having all of the healthcare answers they need Quick to trust advice from healthcare celebrities such as Dr. Oz and diagnose themselves on WebMD General distrust of healthcare information that does not come directly from their doctor
  30. 30. It is of no use to throw INNOVATION over the fence to the CUSTOMERS if they don’t see the NEED for it! Peder Holk Nielsen Novozymes
  31. 31. From Wearables…
  32. 32. To Earables…
  33. 33. It was very easy to be DIFFERENT, but very difficult to be BETTER Jony Ive Apple
  34. 34. Using Big Data to create own award- winning TV shows
  35. 35. • 5% of all British homes are sold via online estate agencies • eMoov have sold properties for 650 million £ since 2010
  36. 36. Gamification and Big Data
  37. 37. FinTech – Watch disruption happen in real time Valuation: 1 billion US$ Accepted 700k places
  38. 38. Danske Bank: Mobile Pay vs New Normal
  39. 39. No BUSINESS PLAN ever survived its first meeting with CUSTOMERS! Steve Blank Author and Serial Entrepreneur
  40. 40. If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched it too late! Reid Hoffman LinkedIn
  41. 41. Major car manufacturers select Silicon Valley too for their global R&D or Innovation Centers
  42. 42. Always deliver MORE than expected Larry Page Google
  43. 43. Disruption: Opportunity or challenge? Disruption Turnover Time
  44. 44. Disruption: Opportunity or challenge? • Taxi or digital transport sharing service? • Valuation: 40 billion US$ • Target Revenue 2015: 10 billion US$ • 51 countries / 230 cities • Goldman Sachs and Google among investors • Largest take-away group in GB • Revenue: 97 million GBP (2013) • 40 million orders/year • 10% commission • 13 countries/ 40.000 restaurants • Once a Danish startup • Launched in 2008 • 25 million guests • 34.000 cities in 190 countries • 500.000 overnight places surpassed only by Intercontinental (687.000 rooms – 4.700 hotels) • Valuation: 13 billion US$ • 600 castles! • Launched in 2008 (500 apps) • 85+ million downloads (2014) • 1,2 million apps (2014) • 30% commission • All apps are tested and reviewed
  45. 45. PWC’s 18th Annual Global CEO survey
  46. 46. B2B Disruption Does Not Happen Overnight Successful disruption: Opportunity to rewrite the rules Create new categories Drive tremendous growth B2C B2B Price point Often very low High Purchase decision Discretionary Process Purchase implications Straight forward Cumbersome* *People need training *Systems replacement *Process adaptions *Implementation planning
  47. 47. 3,2 billion US$
  48. 48. LUCK is what happens, when PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY Lucius Annaeus Seneca Ancient Greek Philosopher
  49. 49. Why does Google invest in the self-driving car?
  50. 50. Why did Facebook acquire Occulus Rift for 2 billion US$?
  51. 51. 2014 Digital Board Director Study
  52. 52. Digital Mindset – a Management Skill Cloud M2M Social Media IoT Mobile Big Data Streaming Business Models Operations Corporate Culture Functional areas affected: 1. Digital marketing and sales 2. Digital product and service development 3. Digitally enabled business models and eco systems 4. Digital corporate culture and mindset
  53. 53. New technology, digitalization, millennials and megatrends will bring OPPORTUNITIES to the PREPARED business leader and potential for DISRUPTION in B2C
  54. 54. Don’t fear the competition, but look out for the new business models!