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Student led learning conferences


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Many schools are improving reporting practices, and student led learning conferences are one way of empowering the learner within a home school partnership.

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Student led learning conferences

  2. 2. LEARNING CONFERENCES – WHAT? • • • • Student -led Focussed on learning – accomplishments and goals Parent, teacher and student all have input Is useful for all students – P-6 and students with high level needs
  3. 3. LEARNING CONFERENCES – WHY? • Tangible demonstration of partnership between school and home, parent and teacher • Opportunity to further enhance strong, positive relationships • School supports family in educating the child • Personalised learning with personalised support • Learning is at the centre • Learning happens at school and out of school
  4. 4. LEARNING CONFERENCES - CLARITY • The young person and their learning is at the centre • It’s a more formal part of an extended conversation between family and teacher • There must be plenty of other opportunities for communication between parent and teacher • The conference, in effect, is the young person’s learning support group
  5. 5. LEARNING CONFERENCES PREPARATION • • • • • • • • A welcoming environment Personalised agenda/template/key issues/notes Time for preparation in class with the children Work samples/portfolios available Reflection by the young person, teacher (written) Praise for the learner from teacher, parent Questions from each person at the conference Clarity about future
  7. 7. LEARNING CONFERENCES – PREPARATION WITH THE CHILDREN • Preparation with children in days/weeks preceding the learning conference • Showcase learning • Achievements/learning reflection • Learning goals • Support needed at school and at home • Dreams and aspirations • Agenda/running sheet • Work samples/portfolio accessible
  8. 8. LEARNING CONFERENCES - BENEFITS • School and home ‘on the same page’ • The young person knows that parent and teacher are working together to support them • School connectedness is enhanced • It’s a component of personalising the learning • Focus is on ‘learning’ rather than ‘schooling’
  9. 9. LEARNING CONFERENCES - BENEFITS • Strengthens a parents engagement in their child’s learning • Assists the development of growing independence and responsibility in learning • Relationship between teacher and young person is enhanced – all learning is relational • Teacher understands more of the learner’s ‘story’
  10. 10. LEARNING CONFERENCES CONSIDERATIONS • Supported with information for the parents and families, and in class, especially as children grow older • Time – consider length of time available for the conference • The conference is a component of extended conversation during the child’s time at school
  11. 11. LEARNING CONFERENCES – MY EXPERIENCE • Clarity around support parent and teacher share • Stronger, more positive relationships – on many levels • Helped me get a better understanding of each young person’s context – empathy • Some young people need more ‘support’ than others
  12. 12. LEARNING CONFERENCES – MY EXPERIENCE • More engagement in learning, particularly with boys • Parents were often enormously impressed, and proud of their child’s achievements • Calmer classroom • Felt more like a partner in the young person’s learning journey • Young person grew in confidence and understanding of themselves as a learner
  13. 13. Even though it’s called a parent-teacher conference, the meeting is all about the student. Why should the central person be excluded? Students do better in school when they feel in charge and accountable for the quality of their work… Student –led conferences generally require more preparation, especially by students. Essentially, the responsibility for doing quality work is transferred from the teacher to the student. Instead of being talked about, students discuss and defend a portfolio of work that demonstrates their progress Anne Henderson, Beyond the Bake Sale