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Step by Step AI: Day 4 Business Cases


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Step by Step AI: Day 4 Business Cases

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Step by Step AI: Day 4 Business Cases

  1. 1. • Day 1: Definition, Concept • Day 2: Components • Day 3: Technologies • Day 4: Business Cases • Day 5: Transformation Step by Step AI Martin Polozadeh
  2. 2. Business Cases Can you think of a case where AI can improve the efficiency in your organization? Day 5
  3. 3. Business Cases Customer Helpdesk IT operation Healthcare Legal aid Personal offer
  4. 4. Customers are not fully satisfied with our opening hours. Also the solutions that they are offered differ depend on the person they come in contact with. Customer Helpdesk An AI virtual agent is able to help you deliver longer opening hours and a faster and uniform response to your customers. By using AI analyze tools you are able to analyze customer behavior and improve their experience.
  5. 5. Currently many of our incidents are discovered and reported by our customers. Our IT operation team need a tool that can help them to be more proactive and discover possible incidents before they occur. IT Operation AI trend analyze tools can help IT operation team to predict incidents. By using predefined actions it will be possible to take necessary action before an incident occurs. These tools will help IT operation to increase the service reliability level.
  6. 6. Our customers would like us to provide them with healthcare at a personal level. They would like us to be more proactive and help them follow up their health status remotely. Healthcare By using AI based solution, you are able to collect customer health data and have that submitted to an AI solution. The AI solution can analyze the data and create a report which can be send to the customer.
  7. 7. We handle a large number of clients every week. Studying and investigating each client’s case is time consuming and it prevents us from delivering a personal experience to our clients. We need to find a way to receive and analyze each client’s case more efficiently. Legal aid Using a virtual helpdesk, clients are able to submit a cases at any time during the day. AI text analytics tools are used to compare client’s cases to the legislations and historical data and the result is delivered to experts for further investigation.
  8. 8. Today our customers can’t relate to our offers. We don’t have access to our customer’s needs at a personal level and are unable to offer our customers a more personal experience. Personal Offer AI analyze tools can help you to analyze the customer’s behavior, search and select between available offers or create new offers based on the customer’s historical data. The offer will automatically be sent to the customers.
  9. 9. Questions Is anyone at your organization assigned to identify suitable AI use cases? ”Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” - Henry Ford (The founder of the Ford Motor Company)
  10. 10. Next AI Transformation
  11. 11. References • How Can AI Help in Personality Prediction? personality-prediction/2/33380 • Top 15 Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence: papers/top-15-use-cases-for-artificial-intelligence/ • Artificial Intelligence in Retail – 10 Present and Future Use Cases: