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Data Operations for CRM and Marketing - OpenRefine Demo - Webinar


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Data management is a core concern facing many companies today. Good data can have a tremendous positive impact on organizational efficiency, productivity, and revenue. Messy data, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. It can lead to financial losses and disorganization.

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Data Operations for CRM and Marketing - OpenRefine Demo - Webinar

  2. 2. Agenda ● Agenda ● Introduction ● The Business Impact of Good Data ● OpenRefine Demo ● Salesforce Data Example ● FinServices Example ● Resources Available
  3. 3. About the Speakers Martin is the founder and CEO of RefinePro, a Canadian company focused on data processing and normalization. He created RefinePro to make data accessible for small and medium-sized businesses or departments in larger corporations. Through his assignments, he’s helped organizations automate their processes, improve their inventory management, and perform web data monitoring. Passionate about open source, Martin is a core contributor to the OpenRefine project. Dan Radu Martin Magdinier Dan Radu is the Founder and President of Macro, a MarTech, CRM & Operations agency. With his unique experience in both marketing & technology, he leads the team helping many enterprise companies create magical customer experiences
  4. 4. Bad data leads to 25 to 30% of your database going out of date every year An average of 12% revenue loss (mostly due to wasted resources) 27.3% of sales rep time wasted (that 546 h per year!) 21% of businesses experienced reputational damage.
  5. 5. Selecting Right Level of Data Quality ● What is bad data ○ Missing data (gap) ○ Duplicate records ○ Out of date ○ Wrong granularity ● How do you use the data ○ Automation ○ Phone vs Direct Mailing ○ Segmentation ○ Reporting and BI
  6. 6. Automate data quality in your processes ● Validate data at capture ● Leverage feedback from your campaigns (ie. email bounces) ● Use 3rd party data validation and enrichment services ○ Phone and addresses ○ Social profile based on the email ● Perform regular audit
  7. 7. Project: Helped an American manufacturer import market intelligence and leads into Salesforce to identify new opportunities. Scope Salesforce object creation and import Entity Resolution, Deduplication Key Results Match Account and Contact information with CRM Data Train customer team to review outliers results Import over 32k records in via Salesforce’s API. Example: Salesforce CRM Enrichment
  8. 8. Project: Credentialed, and remove duplicate entries from 255,000 payee records manually keyed in for a financial services company Scope Deduplication, Fuzzy Matching Mixed automation and crowdsourcing to review results. Key Results Normalized address and professional license information Found an average of seven duplicate per providers Example: Contact Database Cleaning & Normalization
  9. 9. + Reconcile CSV ● Free and open source ● Runs on your local machine. Data stays on your hard drive ● Great for auditing and one time clean up
  10. 10. ● Input & Output Support for csv, xls JSON and XML ● Point & Click Cluster & Deduplication ● Filter & Sort ● Join, Merge & Reconcile ● Split to rows and columns ● Undo / Redo ● Transpose ● Custom Query Language ● Enrich data via APIs Features
  11. 11. RefinePro’s Expertise RefinePro provides access to the right data to automate process and create new product, services and insights. Deduplication and Reconciliation Data Migration & Integration ETL Orchestration, Monitoring & Maintenance System Design & Architecture Web Scraping and PDF Extraction Data Quality & Cleansing Download OpenRefine: Our Free Online Course:
  12. 12. Macro’s Expertise Macro is a team of experts in data operations, MarTech and CRM. Our data operations experts help companies make better data-driven decisions and bring together different data views of the customer. Partner Marketing Concierge Services Training Workshops Content Marketing and Design MarTech & CRM Consulting Data Operations and Management Execution Services Free Audit of CRM Data
  13. 13. Thank You