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Investment Banking Went Right for Martin Lustgarten
Recently Martin has been making huge fortunes from investment banking ...
over the United States.
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Investment Banking Went Right for Martin Lustgarten


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This article discusses the field of investment banking and how it has been relevant in the career of Martin Lustgarten, a very well-known international investment banker.

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Investment Banking Went Right for Martin Lustgarten

  1. 1. Investment Banking Went Right for Martin Lustgarten Recently Martin has been making huge fortunes from investment banking a strategy that has worked very first. Martin has been conducting sales ad imports from many countries like Singapore, France and Venezuela. Venezuela has had financial issues with the dollar being few and the government and banks have been having a serious problem handling the situation. Martin came in to approach Venezuelan banks and gave them an offer to that he will sell them dollars but at a bit top price as compared to the common rates in the money. From this strategy of bank investments came the fortune. The government and other parties have not been very positive with Martin’s investment strategy which is technically right; because he pursues opportunities he sees in the foreign exchange market and banks just like any investor betting with the foreign exchange. With his company he buys and imports products from many countries in Europe and sells them at relatively high prices dependent on the value of the dollar in host countries banks. Martin has more than 59 accounts under his company that he opens in a variety of the countries he goes to for business. Born in Florida in 1959 Lustgarten can say investment banking is his thing as he has handled business with large banks at Florida and United States. He loves doing sales, and his company particularly offers import services to goods allowed by the market. He is still living in Ponte Verde Beach and is the chief executive officer of Lustgarten. In a period of 10 years, he has made great accomplishments with investment banking including investment in real estate development. His passion is in investment banking, and he never goes wrong when investing with the banks. Apparently Martin has had business deals with large private corporations like Shell Capital. Martin largely works on importing but before making any sales, he checks the state of the dollars in the country he is buying goods from. When the dollar is weak, he buys more goods hence avoiding many costs. His strategy has worked, or his businesses and he has managed to buy companies in Paris and other countries. His influence is widely known all
  2. 2. over the United States.