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Software Code Maps


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CodeMaps presentation of project. Experiences and learnings from building tools for software visualization.

Published in: Technology
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Software Code Maps

  1. 1. Software Maps understanding source code Martin Klewitz
  2. 2. 1. question: Who has contributed to an open source project on Github? Not to small not to big. Martin Klewitz
  3. 3. maps in real life Martin Klewitz
  4. 4. goals for maps • learn fast • analyze architecture • mind anchor • bring information into context • get help from someone that knows your area Martin Klewitz
  5. 5. map Martin Klewitz
  6. 6. impact map Martin Klewitz
  7. 7. challenges • bringing a complicated graph into 2D • layouting and anchoring • notation (UML) • size of codebase • performance of rendering pipeline Martin Klewitz
  8. 8. demo Martin Klewitz
  9. 9. Questions ? Martin Klewitz
  10. 10. How could this work with software source code? UML Model repository data (folders, files, git history, users, … )
  11. 11. further links Martin Klewitz • • •