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Tourism Content - Web sites & copy writing


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Freelance writer producing tourism web sites on Springnest (a proprietary content management system developed in South Africa), and offering writing and project management services. Based in Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa. More information at

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Tourism Content - Web sites & copy writing

  1. 1. Web site packages for your tourism business
  2. 2. Content is king Secrets of great sites: • Great content • Clear writing that’s easy to understand • Navigation that’s logical and intuitive
  3. 3. Martin Hatchuel: Writer & tourism consultant
  4. 4. Portfolio:
  5. 5. Portfolio:
  6. 6. Portfolio:
  7. 7. I write and produce tourism web sites using Springnest - an easy to use content management system Your site can be integrated with Nightsbridge for online bookings Nightsbridge feeds your rates and availability to online booking sites like Travelground,, Lekkeslaap, etc. Once appointed, I will • Write the content for your site • Help you to sign up with Springnest and Nightsbridge (you’ll pay them separately: both on a monthly basis) • Arrange your site navigation • Upload the text and your images to your new site • Attend to search engine optimisation and social media integration • See you through to launch!
  8. 8. Powerful websites crafted for tourism Working with your Springnest site
  9. 9. Manage your pages, content, and search engine optimisation on Springnest Admin
  10. 10. Help’s always available online. And you can click on this icon to start a conversation with a real person at Springnest during office hours - or to send them a message after hours.
  11. 11. Create and manage special offers
  12. 12. Add and manage images, videos, and pdf documents
  13. 13. Search engine optimisation (It’s far simpler than you think)
  14. 14. Track your web site’s performance
  15. 15. Contact me now: Martin Hatchuel 084 951 0574