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Social media for DMOs 9 7-12 Martin Hatchuel

With shrinking budgets, 21st century destination marketing organisations can no longer afford 20th century marketing. Here I suggest how you can do it the social media (well, social web) way.

Watch a YouTube vid of me presenting this talk in Cape Town (after the last slide).

Social media for DMOs 9 7-12 Martin Hatchuel

  1. Hello.I’m your friend from the Cape
  2. Social media.Tourism’s new frontier.
  3. Bad name.It’s social.But it’s not media.
  4. Media:One-way messaging
  5. "Twitter is not a new media. Its the global conversation weve always thirsted for."Jack Dorsey, a founder of both Twitter & FourSquare
  6. So let’s call itThe social web
  7. “Selling tourism:Instead of doing things for other people,it’s now about doing things with them.And it’s about changing from ‘I went there’ to‘Hey! Someone invited me!’”Ron Mader, founder and editor,
  8. Social Web:It’s about peopleNot tools
  9. It’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened to the way we talk to each other.Like ever ever ever EVER!
  10. Shanghai Web Designers
  11. So what?
  12. 21st century tourismcan’t afford20th century media.That’s what.
  13. Tourism:Meeting people,Making friends
  14. Everyone’s using the web today.So start on line.Make friendsbefore they leave home.
  15. It’s a m-a-r-a-t-h-o-n.Not a sprint
  16. “Retention is for wimps.“We measure the percent of customers who have our name tattooed on one of their body parts.”Harley Davidson
  17. I have a dream
  18. InformationOfficeConversationOffice
  19. Use the social web toBuild relationshipsBe personalBe authenticBe transparent
  20. Amplify the love
  21. Build a communityConnectReciprocateFollowRetweetLink
  22. Content is king, but visuals are keyImagesVideo
  23. Let go.You can’t control the conversation.But you’ve employed adults:No need to treat them like children.
  24. The goal:“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”Simon Sinek
  25. All media is now social media.Yet the basic rules remain the
  26. Rule
  27. Rule
  28. Rule #3:Be
  29. Rule #4:Be
  30. Rule #5:Have
  31. Which iswhat tourism’sall about...
  32. Martin 0027(0)84 951 you: Blue crane: Dick Daniels Blue marble: NASA Reveille: NASA Balloon: Benh Lieu Song Harley Davidson & Little Spielberg: by me