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A new way of talking: tweetism, the Mossel Bay Story Telling Festival, and the Mossel Bay Travel Festival

Plus: How to prononunce Eyjafjallajökull - and why the social lessons from Ash Week are significant for Mossel Bay

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Share Mossel Bay

  1. 1. Share  Mossel  Bay    
  2. 2. Lifestyle    Why? Share Mossel Bay
  3. 3. Business    Why? Share Mossel Bay
  4. 4. Economy    Why? Share Mossel Bay
  5. 5. Beauty    Why? Share Mossel Bay
  6. 6. Awareness  a8racts    visitors    Why? Share Mossel Bay
  7. 7. Don’t panic!   The people you talk to are more important than the tools with which you talk to them
  8. 8. The  (social)  network  effect    We naturally gravitate to the social mediaplatforms where we can interact with thepeople we care about. If these people move onto a different platform, we usually follow them,because it’s social benefits we seek; media andcontent are just means to an end.   WEARESOCIAL.SG 
  9. 9. Eyjafjallajökull KLM  and  the  2010  ash  cloud    
  10. 10. Ay-­‐yah-­‐fyad-­‐layer-­‐kuh-­‐tel    
  11. 11. Ash  Week  by  numbers  15  to  21  April  100,000  flights  10  million  travellers  
  12. 12. Cost  to  Europe’s  economy:  US$  5  billion  Airline  capacity  Worldwide  -­‐30%      Europe  -­‐75%    Middle  East  -­‐20%    Africa  -­‐30%  
  13. 13. Oh.  It’s  all  of  us  
  14. 14. Digital  media    is  the    secret  weapon  in  the  fight  for  customer  loyalty      Our  lesson?  
  15. 15. 1.  Voluntweesm  2.  Storytelling  Fesval  3.  Travel  Fesval    The  plan  
  16. 16. Voluntweesm    Share  Mossel  Bay  on  line    One.    
  17. 17. (But  Twi8er’s  only  one  example)    (And  it’s  not  even  a  very  good  one)    
  18. 18. Mossel  Bay  Storytelling  Fesval  1.  365-­‐day  on-­‐line  collaboraon  2.  5-­‐day  real-­‐world  party    Two.    
  19. 19. Collect,  collate,  curate    Entertain,  educate,  discover  Sensise,  share,  culvate    Wiki:anon-lineencyclopaediacreatedbyacommunity
  20. 20. Mossel  Bay  Travel  Fesval  3-­‐days  on  line  &  in  the  real  world    Three    
  21. 21. Day  1:  talks  &  seminars    Day  2:  table-­‐top  exhibion    Day  3:  tours,  oungs,  visits,  open  houses    Voorkamer  museum:  a  museum  in  your  own  home  
  22. 22. 1.Voluntweetism 2.The Mossel Bay Storytelling Festival 3.The Mossel Bay Travel Festival Thepower of us all Share Mossel Bay
  23. 23. (The holy grail of marketing) Create  the  aura  
  24. 24. Mossel Bay Tourism Martin Hatchuel - April 2013 Eyjafjallajokull pic by Árni Friðriksson via