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Care of media martin hatchuel 2012


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How to prepare media releases, images, presentations, and media packs for minimal damage to the poor hacks who receive them. Which might help when it comes to choosing to use them

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Care of media martin hatchuel 2012

  1. 1. Basic principlesIn the care and feeding of the mediaMartin 12
  2. 2. We suck at collaboration- Ron Mader
  3. 3. Menu Hors doeuvre The journalist’s dilemma Entrées Media releases ImagesPowerPoint presentations DessertsMedia CDs & memory sticks Bornuppa Tree!
  4. 4. Deadlines!Deadlines!Deadlines!
  5. 5. The staple diet of the greater spotted media mogulContactsStoriesImages & videos
  6. 6. Home Economics 101Cooking the perfect media release
  7. 7. Start with your headline “You’re not actually writing the headline. You’re finding out what your story is really about” - Tom Whitwell, assistant online editor, The
  8. 8. About headlinesGimme the whole storySucks if you try to be cleverSucks if you try to be funny (punny, too)Sucks if you over simplify or patronise“The difference between a good headline and a weak headline isn’t 5% or 10%,it’s 10x, 20x or more” - Tom Whitwell
  9. 9. Six words - max!
  10. 10. Learn from fiction5 essential elements of a storyCharacters (who)Setting (where)Plot: the action from start to finishConflict (what)Resolution (how)
  11. 11. Learn from fiction:7 basic plotlines
  12. 12. 1. The QuestCentral character: distant goal Harry Potter Raiders of the Lost Ark The Lord of the Rings
  13. 13. 2. Voyage and ReturnCentral character: learning new things Alice in Wonderland The Wizard of Oz ...Calvin and Hobbes?
  14. 14. 3. RebirthCentral character: imprisoned by forces within A Christmas Carol Beauty and the Beast
  15. 15. 4. ComedyAristotle: comedy shows people to be worse than they are When Harry Met Sally All’s Well That Ends Well The Mexican
  16. 16. 5. TragedyAristotle: tragedy shows people to be greater than they are Hamlet Macbeth Bad Education
  17. 17. 6. Overcoming the monsterEvil creatures/people/things The Silence of the Lambs Dracula Hansel and Gretel
  18. 18. 7. Rags to RichesFrom zero to hero: and often back again Aladdin and the Genie of the Magic Lamp Cinderella Great Expectations
  19. 19. Media releases:The five basic food groupsLogical orderVerifiable quotesVerifiable factsSpellink & GrammaLinks (real world & online)
  20. 20. Stories: the golden rule“Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.”- Every teacher who ever lived
  21. 21. By Me: great Twitteraturein 140 characters, 29 words,1 paragraphShe came to my room. She was pretty as asummer sunrise. We argued about thestate of the place. She left and I’m sad. Oohlook! She’s back!
  22. 22. Media releases:The dry ingredientsDate & embargoImage information (who’s who?)Word countWho ordered itWho wrote it
  23. 23. Date (no embargo here)Image informationStoryContactsWord CountWho ordered itWho wrote it
  24. 24. Media releases: servingsuggestionsE-mail.txt.pdf (*Burp*!)Microsoft Word (Comme ci, comme ça)Open Office (*Puke!*)
  25. 25. Media releases:Forbidden foodsNever, ever, ever embed imagesin .pdf or Word files.No! Not ever!
  26. 26. Images“Every picture tells a story”- Every photographer or artist who ever lived
  27. 27. Feeding images toPrint publications.jpg format300 dpi250 mm wide or high (give or take)
  28. 28. Feeding images toOnline publications.jpg format72 dpiStandard 1024 x 769 pixels or 800 x 600 pixelsUseful toy: Photo Gadget Picture
  29. 29. The staple diet of thePicture editorComposition – Unclutter! Zoom in!Exposure – Not too dark, not too lightLighting – Side lighting is nca! (Trash the flash)
  30. 30. Does your picture tell your story?Google: ‘Free online lessons digital photography’29,700,000 resultsUseful presentation: It’s not the size of your
  31. 31. Images: Forbidden foodsDate stampsInstagram effectsPhotoshop ‘roid junkies
  32. 32. PowerPoint Presentations:Dietary basicsBullet points, not paragraphs (Less is more)Remember the golden story rule!Spellink & GrammaPrint to .pdf
  33. 33. Media CDs & memory sticks:Dietary basicsMedia releasesBiographiesFeature articlesFacts sheets
  34. 34. Media CDs and memory sticks:Dietary basicsDocuments .pdf AND text or MS Word formatsImages .jpg, 300 dpi, 250 mm wide – or wider Text information about each image
  35. 35. Media CDs and memory sticks:Dietary basicsVideos AVIPresentations .pdf only!
  36. 36. Media CDs and memory sticks:Dietary basicsAchtung! Verboten!Password protectionImages embedded in .pdf or Word docs
  37. 37. A pantry full of learningBBC – Online learning, support & online courses Harvard Extension School Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware Mader’s Planeta Wiki (Ron certainly doesn’t suck at collaboration) Hatchuel:Managing Perceptions: The Care and Feeding of the
  38. 38. Baie dankie!Ndiyabulela kakhulu!Thank you so much!- Every poor hack who ever received a media release, image, or media pack
  39. 39. Martin Hatchuel Images Sushi La Tomatina All other images are in the public domain and were found on