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How engaging can your online event be? (chat)

Our meetings, workshops and events, our world, are increasingly moving online – now more than ever! So as leaders and facilitators we must be prepared to move with them. Virtual sessions can have advantages over face-to-face, but disadvantages too – not least, shorter attention spans and greater potential for distractions. How can we keep people engaged and focused when meeting online?

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How engaging can your online event be? (chat)

  1. 1. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 1 How engaging can your online session be? – 10 Jun 2020
  2. 2. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 2 How engaging can your online session be? – 10 Jun 2020 Opening introductions: • Michael Ranft: hello everyone • Nicola Morris: Hi everyone • Catherine: hello everyone, Catherine from Kenya • Dawn Williams, break-out manager: Hello everyone, lovely to see you this morning • Martin Gilbraith, lead facilitator: Hi everyone, welcome! • Rianne C ten Veen: hello all, greetings from Groningen (NL) • Jo McCausland: Hi all - look forward to learning from you. • Tanya Murphy: hello everyone, from Geneva • Carisse Hewer: Hello everyone from SE London! • Wendy Denman: Morning all, happy to be here! • Carisse Hewer: Afraid I’ve double-booked myself but didn’t want to miss this, apologies if I need to duck out at some points, will switch my video off so you know I’m not there… • Amanda Eleftheriades: Hi folks, looking forward to this session - joining from Scotland • Hannah Clayton: Hello! Joining from London. looking forward • 御隠居 @東京: Hello from tokyo, japan • Janet Whitelaw-Jones: Hi everyone - kids baking cakes in the back ground so I think you are better without my video!! Joining from the South West of England. : ) • Eric Tseng: WoW.. 400+ enroll.. • Nataliya Zaytseva: Hello from Moscow, Russia) • Connie Carag-Vergara: Hi from Manila, Philippines • Cameron Fraser: Kids baking cakes is a fine thing • Eric Tseng: This is Eric Tseng.. joining from Taiwan • Manahmana: Hello from the Basque Country , Spain! • Inclusive Iamages (Charlie): Hi all, greetings from West Dunbartonshire Bonnie Scotland • Claire Doole: Hello I am joining from Geneva - not so exotic but relatively COVID free here • TAra Robinson: Greetings from Limerick, Ireland • Rachel Searle: and another from Scotland - Rachel! • Marcos Bidart de Novaes: Hi, Marcos from São Paulo Brazil • Kelly: Hello from sunny Valencia, Spain • mbeverid: Edinburgh calling :-) • Fangfang Chen: Hi Greetings from Singapore! • Rachel Searle: Hi Martin! • Michelle Deacon: I am here from western Canada. 5:00 AM - hence my video off. Thank you for hosting. • Diane Heritage: Hi everyone Diane here from exotic Yorkshire • Dasa: Hi, Dasa from Prague • Fiona Chandler: Greetings from Fiona in Rome • Kate ONeill: Hi from Kate, here in Manchester UK looking forward to the session • Dawn Williams, break-out manager: and Northumberland - nearly Scotland! • Lyn Wong: Hello from Singapore • June Yeo: Hi everyone! June from Singapore! • Jonny Gray: Hi from Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland • Andrea Naletto: Hello from Verona, Italy :-) • Marco Parenti: Marco from Italy hi everybody great contamination!!!! • Pier Andrea Pirani: Hi all, Pier Andrea here from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia • Uzma: Hello from Lancashire • Mercedes: Hi! • Claire Pearce: Hi everyone, dialing in from Hants! • Lucy O'Melia: Hello from Bristol :)
  3. 3. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 3 How engaging can your online session be? – 10 Jun 2020 • Alex Muddy Feet: Hi everyone, in Oxford! tech issues mean no microphone or video! but I can see and hear you all! • karen muir: Hello everyone from sunny Ayr in Scotland • Linda Jane Ring: Hello from a Scot in Denmark • Ângela: Hi from Ângela in Portugal • Marianne Sempler: Hello from Hamar, Norway • Anne-Sophie Desprez: Hi Anne-Sophie from Stockholm • Margarida Ambar: Hello from Rotterdam • Larry Schooler: Good morning from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. • Catalina Ramirez: Hi, Catalina from Colombia • Sonja: Hi from London! • Patricia Nunis: Hello from Malaysia..... • Louise: Louise from Belfast • Sonja Stojanovic Gajic: Hi, Sonja here from Belgrade, Serbia. I have just completed facilitation of a meeting a minute ago I am really looking forward to learning more from you. • Louise: Belfast • Cindy Daupras: Hi all!!! from France!!! • Rosemary Martin de Sousa: Hello from Caparica in Portugal • Hope McNish: Hope from Jamaica • Mikala Ritzau: Mikala from Gloucestershire • Pauline: Hello from Manchester!!! • Linda Chan: hello, Linda from Singapore • Giovanni Baracetti: Brighton (and Hove) here in the UK, hi! • Mercedes: Hi from Spain! Sunny valencia • Clare: Hello Clare from Toronto Canada • Karolina Gierszewska (Poland): Hello everyone ! Karolina from Poland :) • Mark Summers: Hi from Germany • Andrew Cain: Hi Giovanni - me too! • Dragana: Hi from Slovenia • Avinash - Hong Kong: Hello from Hong Kong • Yuika Uchiyama: Hi! Yuika from Japan • Jo McCausland: World domination Martin! • Aly (PH): Hello! Aly from the Philippines • Cormac O'Connell: Hi from Limerick, Ireland • Paul O'Raw: Hi, great to join in. Paul O'Raw, Killarney, Co Kerry, on the Wild Atlantic Way, South West Ireland • Hannah Anighoro: Hi everyone! This is Hannah from Nigeria • Padmini B: Hello from southern England. Glad to join everyone. • Ida Ayu Prasasti: halo everyone! Ida Ayu Prasasti from Indonesia • Ulla Wyckoff Tomlinson: Good morning from Jamaica • Jo Woodsford: Hi everyone - Jo from Wiltshire UK • Sarah Mumford: Hi from Otley! • Alison Crowther: Hello everyone from Statue-toppling Bristol • Cameron Fraser - Ottawa, Canada: Or the International Space station! • Annabel Park: Hi all from Sheffield • Andrew Cain: Megan is "designated survivor" :-))) • Laetitia Jan: Hi from Edinburgh! • Val Puffet-Michel: Hi from Connecticut USA • Ulla Wyckoff Tomlinson: hi Martin, great to see so many colleagues from all over the world • Giovanni Baracetti: Hey Andrew Cain, Happy Rainy Hump Day! • Ester Mae Cox, chat monitor: Hi Ulla! • Gianpietro Pucciariello: Hi All from London! • Kathryn Robertson: Good morning from Portugal! • Britt Jurgensen: Hi from Sweden • Joanna Rada: Hi Everyone! Joanna from Poland • Patricia Nunis: 172... largest group I have been in on Zoom..... • Patricia Nunis: 175 • Prafful Singi: I love the way you have renamed your role towards the end.. :) • Alice Blackwell: love the glasses orla!! • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): prafful, that renaming tip is really useful for all sorts of things - can be a handy way to ‘pre-group’ people if you want to put them into particular breakouts • Franklin Morais: Franklin Morais - Malaysia
  4. 4. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 4 How engaging can your online session be? – 10 Jun 2020 • Chris Whitehead: Chris in dunblane Scotland. Hello • Simon Rees: Hi all, I’m Simon in Dublin • Catherine: Catherine - Kenya • Suzanne Trew - Scotland: Suzanne in Edinburgh, Scotland • Hello and greetings from Geneva, Switzerland ! Great to see you again MARTIN :) • Milton Kamwendo: My name is Milton Kamwendo - I am in Zimbabwe. • Emily Barnes: Hello from Cheshire, UK • Patricia Price: Good Morning from Pat Price, Glen Ellyn, IL USA • Lidia Rusvita: Hello, I am Lidia from Jakarta, Indonesia • Safiya Ibn Garba: Hi everyone. Safiya from Jordan • John Gelder: Hi all. John from Ottawa Canada • Caroline Martin: Hi from Dublin • Jenny P: Hi Jenny in London • Wendy Denman: Hello from Leeds, West Yorkshire • Laura Sly: Hi. Laura from Southend Essex UK • Fran O’Hara: Fran - Cardiff Wales • Alison Allan: Hi Ali Allan from Scotland • Baiba Liepa: Baiba, hi from Finland • Cameron Fraser - Ottawa, Canada: Ottawa, Canada • Alice Blackwell: Hi everyone, Stockport, UK • Carolyn Chia: Carolyn from Singapore • Tom Gueneau: Tom from Chile • Jo McCausland: Jo from Sheffield, UK here. • Fabiane Vasconcellos: Hi Fabiane from Brazil • Claire Mellier-Wilson: Hello. Claire Mellier- Wilson from Stroud, UK. • Rozanne Chorlton: Rozanne from rural southwest Scotland • Lisa McGrath: Hello everyone, I'm Lisa McGrath from Scotland • Ilze Jekabsone: Hi from Portugal • Heidi Kolbe: Hello Heidi Kolbe from Tahoe California • Val Puffet-Michel: Connecticut, USA • Christian Gomez: Hello from the Philippines • Maryna: Hello. Maryna from Ukraine • Peter K: Hi! Peter from London (via USA). • Matthew Gilsenan: Matt here in Basel Switzerland • Susanne Dunne: Hello from Susanne in Scotland • Britt Jurgensen: Hi! Britt from Liverpool (UK), currently in Sweden • sheilaparry: Hi everyone from leafy Surrey. I am having bookcase envy at the moment. • Marjeta Novak: Marjeta from Ljubljana / Slovenia • Colette Reilly: Hey everyone! I’m in very wet and wonderful Paisley in Scotland • Ronnie Run: Hi! Ronnie from Bangkok, Thailand • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: Hello From Newfoundland and Labrador Canada • Louise Marix Evans: Hi from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and hello Britt in Sweden, who is a great online facilitator by the way! • TAra Robinson: Lovely people :) • Catherine: yes, met interesting people • Britt Jurgensen: Hi Louise, great you are here! • Sam Martin: very clever - Hi from Sam, UK. lovely people :-) • Rianne C ten Veen (NL): lovely & new ppl • Gianpietro Pucciariello: We become already a team! • Janet Whitelaw-Jones: Lovely to meet people! • Tanya Murphy: I have a question: why do you not say in advance how long the breakout will be? • Hope McNish: Yes met great people. • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): That's lovely Gianopietro
  5. 5. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 5 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ 1. What kind of online sessions do we have experience of? [Objective level] • Sarah Mumford: I deliver Applied Creativity Labs for IVE - helping young people develop new creative solutions to solve real world problems - can work with anyone anywhere in world online - for free on the whole - and you can do the lab yourself with young people via our instructions on here! creativity/ • Marco Parenti: Catherine, Louise, Milton really appreciated them • Simon Rees: Family chats • Catherine: Recorded videos • kate: young adults • Prafful Singi: Online Meditation session • Sophie Crozet: Facilitation of training sessions! • HP: Workshop • Alison Crowther: Coffee mornings with breakout rooms • Michael Ranft: we use open Zoom/slack • Kazu from tokyo, Japan: Online word cafe and OST • Prafful Singi: Values workshops • Sabine Kampmeier: Webinar, Meeting, Workshop, Training, Talk, Yoga • Marjeta Novak: Grieving circles • Silja Kotte: online teaching at university • Dayu Dwirani: virtual training • Rachel Searle: family fun sessions • Sophie Crozet: Pretty hard • martine compagnon Paris: open space session • Joanne Chan: Coaching Skills Workshop • Mercedes: Mainly business meeting • Lyn Wong: House party with family • Ramin @ Nexus Consulting: Webinars. Conference. Team Meeting. Different ones. • Catalina Ramirez: Dance classes • Louise Marix Evans: Lovely to meet you too Marco, Catherine and Milton. • Janet Whitelaw-Jones: Family chat/quiz/meetings • Alice Blackwell: Reiki session, • Inderjit Sandhu: Small fitness class • Chris Whitehead: Pub • Safiya Ibn Garba: I run trainings and workshops for staff and facilitators. Usually on technical content. • Annie: I did a clowning workshop online • Dawn Reeves: storytelling in the public sector • kate: online conversations • Lucy O'Melia: Facilitating teams to help them do some interim strategic planning • Prafful Singi: Healing session • Peter Kappus: - Work planning, socialising, retrospectives, demos • Alice Blackwell: family chats • Larry Schooler: birthday parties • Sarah Mumford: Webinars, online training, Pilates class, drama, meditation • Louise: Family quiz • Lisa McGrath: fitness • Mikala Ritzau: Pilates • Fiona Chandler: Work • Robert Cole: Engagement with civil society • Archana Pingle: FAcilitations, Webinars, SPiritual Gatherings • Britt Jurgensen: choir • Ilze Jekabsone: trainings, happy hours, facilitated groups, • Tanya Murphy: work meetings, film screenings, • Michelle Deacon: Training, coaching dryland fitness • DKMM: online coaching • Lyn Wong: Dance classes • Dasa: webinars, big meetings, concert, party • Andrea(s) Naletto: Large webinar with 100+ people • Kate ONeill: Family quizzes • Marta Niccolai: so far ,a few academic lectures • Joanne Chan: Business meeting • Mark Summers: training, workshops, virtual drinks
  6. 6. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 6 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Suzanne Trew - Scotland: Team meetings, training, • Linda Jane Ring: Editing an online course • Silja Kotte: kindergarden zoom calls • Alice Blackwell: meetings • Nicola Morris: Book club, cooking demonstrations, then the boring stuff work • Emily: Offering unmounted training for young members in The Pony Club • Mercedes: Yoga • Jo McCausland: Meetings, lessons learnt sessions, training sessions • Hannah Clayton: work meetings with member companies • Annie: Also I meet with my choir • Patricia Nunis: small group meetings, famlly get together and virtual training • Michael Schreier - Germany: Toastmasters • Marco Parenti: managerial, sales skills training • karen muir: facebook live gym sesion • Margarida Ambar: webinars on agricuktural and rural development issues • Florin Neculcea: online training • Connie Carag-Vergara: I have had HS mini reunions and online seminars. • Simon Rees: Online Kum Nye yoga • Michelle Deacon: Meditation • Laura Sly: meditation retreat, leadership training, coaching • Ulla Wyckoff Tomlinson: sharing ice breakers online • Catalina Ramirez: Friend hanging • John Gelder: Working with MS Teams for morning scrum meetings • Lucy O'Melia: Birthday parties • Uzma: Family chats, tea and chat, embroidery, workouts, business, • Hope McNish: Kiwanis meeting • Colette Reilly: Scavenger hunt • Carla Campbell: Business meeting, team meeting, friends and family • Pier Andrea Pirani: Team meetings, trainings, webinars - and of course family gatherings ;-) • Wendy Denman: cocktail making masterclass! • Ilze Jekabsone: training • Louise Marix Evans: Online yoga class, and boxing. Some climate change workshops, community energy. • Sonja Stojanovic Gajic: Strategic planning • Val Puffet-Michel: Lean coffee, workshops, team meetings • Ângela: Business meetings and only a few personal ones. • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: One on one meeting, training, social, strategic planning • Prafful Singi: Group Meditation • Suzanne Trew - Scotland: online lego serious play • Chris Whitehead: Coaching • Britt Jurgensen: action learning • Jo Woodsford: Webinars, quizzes, online tutoring • Ryan: Interactive Workshops • Marcos Bidart de Novaes: Open talks • santiago: Logical framework workshops • Padmini B: Trustee meetings, online training, social • Hope McNish: seminar • Helen Aldridge: Pilates, exercise, quiz, webinars • Marjeta Novak: Shamanic journeys • Michael Ranft: coaching • Hannah Clayton: team meetings • Claire Doole: moderating panel discussions, speechwriting, storytelling, presenting • Sonja: Saturday night drinks! • Simon Rees: Selling - sales meetings • Jenny P: training, strategy conversations, coaching • mbeverid: webinars, MS teams meetings • Colette Reilly: Quiz • Annie: yoga • Prafful Singi: Zumba • Laetitia Jan: Participation practitioners networking • Suzanne Trew - Scotland: online quilting • Louise: Schooling • Annie: meditation • Joanne Chan: Dinner
  7. 7. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 7 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Linda Chan: fitness, friends gathering • Michael Schreier - Germany: Improv games • Hannah Clayton: virtual coffees/ drinks/ team building • IA: Polona Frumen: online negotiations • Alison Crowther: Teachings • TAra Robinson: Work Meetings, Training Sessions, Table Quizzes, Drinks, Feldenkrais :) • Christian Gomez: Board meeting of our NGO, online lunch date • Suzanne Trew - Scotland: flower making classes • Patricia Price: Currently have online meetings and small group studies, view panel discussions. • Rod Butcher: workshops galore • Michael Ranft: mindfulness • Marianne Sempler: Workshops, Fasilitation courses, "Og online With energy - For beginners and meetingleaders" • Alice Blackwell: quiz niht • Archana Pingle: meditation • Emma: bible studies • Linda Jane Ring: Teaching Plain English skills • Andrea(s) Naletto: Training of traners • Cameron Fraser - Ottawa, Canada: Brainstorming Risks to be assessed in a subsequent face to face meeting • Hannah Clayton: book club • Sahil: lean coffee • Rianne C ten Veen (NL): virtual students intercultural exchange • Chris Whitehead: Client meetings • Wendy Denman: improv workshop • Gianpietro Pucciariello: My birthday party!! Quiz night, Open Space Technology • Sam Martin: fitness, workshops, meeting, quizes • Diane Heritage: staying connected to friends and family • Lurdilene: workshop presentation • Pier Andrea Pirani: wow chat moves really fast! • Nihal Helmy, ICSC: Online session on Culture and politics • Ângela: school, gimnastics, Personal training • Sophie Treinen: webinar • Alison Allan: Glow teams for teachers • Emma: prayer meetings • Ulla Wyckoff Tomlinson: training to organize world cafe • Marjeta Novak: birthday parties • Michelle Deacon: Supporting schooling of children • Maialen Manahmana: facilitation • Mark Summers: my life is in zoom • Alice Blackwell: murder mystery with friends!! • Simon Rees: Weekly management meetings • Wouter: house parties, business meetings, coaching • Michelle Sarabillo: Open Space Technology • Prafful Singi: Rajyoga course • Chris Whitehead: Facilitation Training • Connie Carag-Vergara: Facilitating seminars. • Datta Rokade: coachingn • Cormac O'Connell: Professional Development sessions for staff working in further education & training • Suzanne Trew - Scotland: pilates 121 • Simon Rees: Therapy • Karen K: religious studies, home workouts, team meetings, cooking class, family games! • Maryna, Ukraine: playing with kids • Wendy Denman: writing workshop • Annie: So is mine! • Alice Blackwell: Poker night • Amanda Eleftheriades: Team meetings, workshops, community catch-ups • Sahil: murder mystery! wow • Linda Jane Ring: Reading to my granddaughters • Kazu from tokyo, Japan: party • Dasa: board games • Jo McCausland: Quizes • June: training, buddhism, webinars, graphic recording, process facilitation • Connie Carag-Vergara: happy hour • Lidia Rusvita: networking • Kate ONeill: work meetings …… • Karolina Gierszewska (Poland): WOW! SUCH DIVERSITY!!!
  8. 8. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 8 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Rozanne Chorlton: training, discussions, meetings, family catch-ups, social drinks • Louise Marix Evans: Committee on Climate Change sitting online for the first time. • Jo Woodsford: Volunteer catch ups • Matthew Gilsenan: I offer online coaching an trining for small groups- and Unitarian Universalist religious service • Patricia Price: Interactive games. • Kathryn Robertson: Regular team meetings, one-to-one meetings, EMCDDA webinars, Director's weekly social meet, catch-up with friends, school meets... • Colette Reilly: oooo murder mystery!!! I want to hear about that! • Hellen, Paris region: Individual + small group coaching & supervision, workshops • Rozanne Chorlton: cooking lunch • Jo McCausland: Wine club • Lucy O'Melia: Sunday lunch • Inclusive Iamages (Charlie): Participatory photography workshops • Wendy Denman: Petworking! • Ângela: Tennis lessions! • Maram: Megan - how can you judge the cooking if you can taste it ?? • Amanda Eleftheriades: Community group we work with are hosting a Zoom Soup-a- thon today • Carla Campbell: Not personal experience but my cousin did a cocktail masterclass • Colette Reilly: lol what the heck is petworking?! • Michael Ranft: We run onboarding for DBS checks • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): A colouring session with some young nieces and nephews (using a projected zentangle plus annotate tools) • Sarah Mumford: Scrabble with my mum • Karolina Gierszewska (Poland): My son has basketball lessons via zoom :D • Safiya Ibn Garba: I also want to know what petworking is :) • Suzanne Trew - Scotland: online pictionary • Rianne C ten Veen (NL): I’ve been teaching online hygiene classes to pupils, wearing my Red Cross hat • TAra Robinson: Cool • Ulla Wyckoff Tomlinson: weekly Meditation • Jo McCausland: Alice! Lovely to see you! • Milton Kamwendo: Facilitating a training session on performance management for remote working management team. • Marcos Bidart de Novaes: Having dinner with friends • Alison Allan: Hi Susanne Dunne • Colette Reilly: love that! • Sam Martin: am so starting petworking at my workplace • Sonja Stojanovic Gajic: Are we allowed to take photos and share impressions on LinkedIn or Twitter?
  9. 9. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 9 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ 2. When have you felt particularly engaged, or disengaged? What was going on? [Reflective level] • Wendy Denman: Petworking was very popular! :) • Louise Marix Evans: sorry I got lost in the breakout (escape) room!! • Louise Marix Evans: I like the way you all have clear facilitator roles. • Simon Rees: Great to see Ida’s dog... • Gianpietro Pucciariello: AMAZING CONVERSATION! • Anne-Sophie Desprez: Excellent! Thanks a million to Gianpetro for great tips!! • Robert Cole: we covered 3 time zones from 7 am to 7 pm • Helen Aldridge: Prefer a visual thumbs up on zoom as quicker • Alison Allan: • Mercedes: Unfortunately I have to leave. Great conversation, • Carolyn Chia: Engaging session - lots of interaction, quizzes, storytelling involved • Fran O’Hara: I have a story • Michelle Deacon: Using Google Jamboard in a facilitated training workshop felt the closest to being in a room collaborating with others. • Milton Kamwendo: Engaging facilitator…variety and good planning… • Sarah Mumford: Bad sessions: slow, monotonous, boring 2.5 hrs long, one person delivering for 2 hours Good sessions: option to interact, variety including polls & breakout sessions; good questions for breakout rooms; maybe invite breakout room to choose a host to keep group on task; • Patricia Nunis, Malaysia: From Bkout room 22, we figured that we are disengaged when the presenter talks and talks for long periods. We are engaged when there are break out rooms and chances to exchange views with other participants • Andrea(s) Naletto: Engagement strategy: frequent interaction via chat, poll, emojis, breakout rooms -- Dis-engagement: long monologues, bad slides/visuals. • Archana Pingle: Engaging: peppy Music during our construction activities • Hannah Clayton: disengaged - over complicated discussion questions; bad time management • Christian Gomez: Difficult to remain engaged when people in the call are challenged with regard to their data and electricity concerns while the chat/video call is ongoing • Patricia Nunis, Malaysia: for a new chat platform • Heidi Kolbe: • Archana Pingle: Engaging: small breaks during the long sessions • Hannah Clayton: engaged - smiley, open, welcoming facilitators; time to think and contribute • Michael Schreier - Germany: is also nice… enables free moving between rooms and helps engaging participants • Annie: What are miro boards??? • Peter Kappus: Could you add a link to that one please? • Avinash - Hong Kong: or Mural is like Miro • Lidia Rusvita: Engaged with collaborative writing in google sheet • Archana Pingle: Disengaged: Not familiar with the online tools • Lurdilene: I am sorry, I will have to go. Emergency phone call • Simon Rees: Miro boards • Michael Ranft: adapting the session with focus on relationships and common endeavour • Ashiq Khan: IdeaFlip is another digital whiteboard like MiroBoards
  10. 10. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 10 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Mark Summers: Mural is something similar to Miro as well • Avinash - Hong Kong: • Marjeta Novak: Using an object (from home setting), to symbolise a value/answer to a question (can also (1) pick object first, (2) hear question after, (3) listen to object's answer to questions • Peter Kappus: Is this the Flinger you were talking about? • Marjeta Novak: Use silence. Embodied practices (of presence, focusing …) • Patricia Nunis, Malaysia: • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): mural and miro are quite similar • TAra Robinson: Having a laugh is so important :) • Wendy Denman: Brilliant Fran, love to add humour to break the ice • Peter Kappus: +1 for holding space. • Janet Whitelaw-Jones: Love that Fran! • Sonja Stojanovic Gajic: I can share. • Katie Cooper: I had a whole day session- very dry and not engaging • June: I’ve been in a 6hr boring session! • Marjeta Novak: Make a drawing (of problem) - on paper. Two other people in breakout room give suggestions to solving the problem (without knowing anything about the problem - except for drawing) • Alice Blackwell: breaks are important!! • Mark Summers: 10 min break every hour • Chris Whitehead: • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): yes Mark, breaks are really crucial • TAra Robinson: June- 6 hours wow. I thought a 4 hour one I was in was bad. • Daviz V: Engaging: integrate the body experience creating mometns to individual sensing and self connection during the online session • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: Could the follow up to this session include a list of all the apps and sites that add visual/engagement support? The chat is so rich with ideas! • Marianne Sempler: I realised that lots of People complained about Meetings With no energy. So I developed the 4 hours "Og online With energy". I started in Zoom webinar With all attendees without sound and video. Then gave everyone a voice, after a while also video. Then in the lunch we moved over to Zoom Meeting and just had fun in breakoutrooms and main session. Noone wanted to leave when it was over. Learning: Let participants og from passive to interactive. • Ashiq Khan: • Hellen, Paris region: Engage the whole body, for example with some embodiment exercises at start. • Jo McCausland: Using Planner function In Teams in lieu of post-it notes. All engaged in adding thoughts and I and co-facilitator grouped into same or similar simultaneously. Feedback from participants was that great seeing clearly what other people wrote in the moment. ...and as a facilitator, I didn't have to decipher handwriting! Spelling was a bit 'iffy' in places but we don't judge! :-D • Fran O’Hara: They call the chat ‘a meeting within a meeting’ so yes have to use well • Michelle Deacon: Balancing tools - sometimes feels like too many disparate tools are being used. • Nicola Morris: I agree - it can be hard to focus in 2 places and also it can be quite small. so personal • Mark Summers: smaller groups for workshops • Amanda Eleftheriades: Agree, as a facilitator I’ve found Chat quite distracting • Anne-Sophie Desprez: Cannot agree more! • Avinash - Hong Kong: agree chat can be a challenge • Louise Marix Evans: Peter's goflinger link is NOT what we used, as that seems to be a dating app! I'll hunt the link, as it's not coming up right now. • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: Thanks Ester Mae!
  11. 11. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 11 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ 3. What are some tips & tools that can make a difference? [Interpretive level] • Safiya Ibn Garba: Apologies, urgent work call. • Peter Kappus: Whoops! Not that one, then. :) Thanks for finding the right one... • Sarah Mumford: I have been doing movement medicine dance workshops x 2 hours each week with 36 others from around the world - all dance with a couple of short chats in between! • Chris Whitehead: • Hope McNish: Thank you for the opportunity. This is really engaging. I have a session this morning so unfortunately I have to go. I look forward to the video. • Mikala Ritzau: Katie give us the link! Physical movement makes such a difference • Rianne C ten Veen (NL): thx all - need to scoot off & do some facilitating of my own … virtual intercultural exchange. Bye all & have fun! • Christian Gomez: 1-minute healthy exercise video as break: 2sLG8 • Hellen, Paris region: Wendy Palmer is a great inspiration for embodiment exercises • Milton Kamwendo: Thanks Christian for that link! • Andrea(s) Naletto: Tools: online tools to take polls, quizzes and check for understanding like Kahoot, Mentimeter, which are more fun and effective that Zoom, but do require taking the participants out of Zoom • Wendy Denman: Totally agree Alison • Jo McCausland: Agree Alison - I co-facilitate virtually now rather than try doing it on my own. • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): We call that person a producer… https://www.ica- events/ (alison’s point about tech) • Wouter: agree as well! • Lucy O'Melia: Agreed Alison! • Michelle Deacon: Great comments Alison! • Dawn Williams, break-out manager: More about producer role to support facilitator • Jenny P: Google Jamboard is basic, but free and a useful tool for capturing though and conversations. • Sabine Kampmeier: maybe this brings us more compassionate leadership? • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): More about producer role to support facilitator • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): Yes, Jenny p we make huge use of Jamboard…tho’ basic, very good for exercises where the output isn’t crucial • Jenny P: Sorry should say thoughts - works like Google docs • Gianpietro Pucciariello: Breaks are SO Important! thanks @alice blackwell! • Andrea(s) Naletto: Zoom chat can be tricky, but there are tips & strategies to maximize it, like having a "Chat Storm" • Simon Rees: ** I have a comment but haven’t figured how to raise my hand • Emma: reactions bottom at the bottom • Katie Cooper: Movement activity for a large zoom "The antiquated telephone exchange" from the Games for Actors and non-actors AQZKKYC&pg=PA144&lpg=PA144&dq=%22a ntiquated+telephone+exchange%22&source =bl&ots=2MvI_N6O7y&sig=ACfU3U1bnTo1a dgg08H_af1lIlvzXCAc7Q&hl=en&sa=X&ved= 2ahUKEwiIj- yqlffpAhWGT8AKHb2FAXcQ6AEwFnoECAoQ AQ#v=onepage&q=%22antiquated%20telep hone%20exchange%22&f=false
  12. 12. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 12 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ 4. What’s one insight, tip or tool that you can take away and apply from this conversation? [Decisional level] • Sarah Mumford: Talking of zoom bombing - this is a really fun way to make co- participants laugh - invite a goat to join - for charity of course! sonzoom?fbclid=IwAR2F9xkpgNqLC5u7bnR5 qQFn0cXtHSm2ImBSWqns44nlQOSs3NX9n9 DHnZA • Katie Cooper: movement games are really useful! • Katie Cooper: other ones you can use are improv and mirroring • Alice Blackwell: yeah that's right Simon!! otherwise they can go on and on!! • Ângela: interactivty • Laetitia Jan: The 7 minute rule to keep people focussed • Helen Aldridge: haven't used breakout rooms before will def be looking at how to integrate it as v meaningful • Simon Rees: Variety is the tip that I am taking away. Planning to introduce variety. • Rachel Searle: want to learn how to do organise the break out room so efficiently • Hannah Clayton: go back to basics and don't overuse the different tech tools available • Andrew Cain: Have music playing as people arrive or after breakout rooms • Inclusive Iamages (Charlie): Have breaks • Lucy O'Melia: Always let someone do the tech for you...I was burnt by not doing this yesterday, yikes! • Alice Blackwell: the use of movement! • Katie Cooper: have someone to run the tech • Dasa: breaks • Peter Kappus: Breaks, Movement, & Laughter... • Ryan: Looking Forward to exploring idea flip • Suzanne Trew - Scotland: having clear roles for faciliators • Sam Martin: exploring how to make best use of the tech available to me to make sessions more creative - exploring other apps; use of breakout rooms; movement • Patricia Nunis, Malaysia: tip - hold the reigns of the group to allow for breaks as well as engagement … get a tech support to help out • Linda Jane Ring: Get out of your comfort zone and try more activity software - not always menti and jamboard. • karen muir: how to build movement into a zoom meeting - thanks for those who gave links • Sarah Mumford: I like the sound of the mirror board - sticky wall idea • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: Small chunks work well. • Kelly: regular, short breaks • Tanya Murphy: Separate out the tech • Jo Woodsford: Variety of interactive tools • Michelle Sarabillo: Games, movement and music :) • Michael Ranft: To structure session really clearly and give purpose, clarity and direction within • Cormac O'Connell: Short focused sessions and frequent breaks • Amanda Eleftheriades: Work with a co- facilitator • Alice Blackwell: breakout rooms • Wendy Denman: This is my first experience of break out rooms, which has been positive! • Nicola Morris: Someone mentioned work quest - could that be expanded on • Laura Sly: 5 mins from one speaker is enough! • June: the chat box might be the devil! hahaha • Linda Chan: not too many platforms. have someone to help with tech • Daviz V: BINGO power
  13. 13. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 13 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Alison Allan: lots of very helpful links and great to know chat pane available after this session • Michelle Deacon: Incorporate movement and creativity. Don't overuse tools. • Alice Blackwell: careful use of tools • Louise Marix Evans: Take away: the idea of doing something physical at home, to share through the session; like movement; treasure hunt, some preparation like drawing. • Chris Whitehead: Change names to identify roles and assign roles to participants if facilitating alone • Maryna, Ukraine: Involving body + spirit • John Gelder: Dont try to do it all yourself • Tanya Murphy: use of tools like jamboard • Ângela: Shorter sessions • Prafful Singi: What is BINGO power? • Kazu from tokyo, Japan: Use some objects to share, something that you treasure • Wouter: mute video and audio as facilitator and working with a producer • Alvin (singapore): have a good balance of visuals, air time and involve participants in discussions • Joanne Chan: Use of Google drive to update information • Annie: Take time to explore the digital space - acknowledge that we are in each others’ homes • Nicola Morris: movement • Lyn Wong: movement • Heidi Kolbe: I appreciated Alison's comments about how we will all be different after Corona - and how we are learning now • Maram: small groups and it could be good to have the same people in the break groups • Diane Heritage: Ensure a range of voices are heard • Hellen, Paris region: Work with facilitation team • Catalina Ramirez: Facilitator team with different roles • Mikala Ritzau: Consider using the body to recharge. simplicity is the key • Alice Blackwell: inviting different types of engagement • Linda Jane Ring: Have a fun icebreaker that everyone can do • Cameron Fraser - Ottawa, Canada: Multiple screen so you can see people and the recording of the work • Jo McCausland: Make sure everyone knows how to use the tools before sessions start. • DKMM: good connecting up at start • Sam Martin: balance the tech based on the participants so as not to overwhelm • sheilaparry: Something to do before the meeting - prep question so people come with something to contribute immediataly • Carolyn Chia: Bite size content, use simple visuals, with lots of interaction across diverse groups, have 2 tech twins and 1 co- facilitator minimally • Kelly: Knowing the tools you’ll be using very well • Kathryn Robertson: Variety, breakouts, movement, energy, no monologues • Catherine: Flinger, having warm ups and laughter • Avinash - Hong Kong: send a link to watch a video or listen to a song • Emma: breaks • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): really emphasise the depth and value of producer role producer-role-in-virtual-events/ • Karen K: time for mental and physical breaks • Archana Pingle: play peppy music , give small breaks for long sessions • Paul O'Raw: A few things; delegate tasks, share the work, keep it moving, keep people engaged • Gianpietro Pucciariello: Definitely use Multi Sensory approaches to facilitate workshops and have always co-facilitators! :) • Sahil: this chat is gold! will anyone be distilling the tools from here. he asks cheekily. • Ilze Jekabsone: Preparation, and planning is a key • Kazu from tokyo, Japan: Post card images • Helen Aldridge: like that you guys have a explaination of your role next to your name
  14. 14. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 14 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Marcos Bidart de Novaes: Allow work groups to share • Anne-Sophie Desprez: Have additional people covering various roles working behind stage to support the facilitator • Connie Carag-Vergara: I have training sessions that have a maximum number of 30 pax cause I am commissioned by their companies. • Archana Pingle: have a cofacilitator • Alice Blackwell: changing screen names to include role • Kate ONeill: think to remember the breaks is really important, your meeting my only be for XX amount of time but in this age of technology you don’t know if people are literally jumping from one meeting to another And movement I will definitely add this to my agenda • Christian Gomez: facilitator-learner ratio • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: How do we save the chat on our own? Thanks • Datta Rokade: different links shared for facilitiation was helpful • Linda Jane Ring: have "white screen" thinking time in short bursts, to let everyone catch up • Archana Pingle: Get the check in , and in between polls and feelings pulse from participants frequently • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): I like the idea of white screen, I do like time to think on my own during an online session • Marcos Bidart de Novaes: Have a very detailed agenda, with objectives, methods, tools and links • Ester Mae Cox, chat monitor: To save chat on your own, use the 3 dots to the right side in the chat entry area - it will be opposite the Too: line….saved as a text message then on your computer • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: Thank you! • Ulla Wyckoff Tomlinson: Caribbean facilitators sharing ideas for icebreakers • Milton Kamwendo: How would one incorporate feel and smell in an online session? • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): TIP: to enlarge chat press CTRL + • Sarah Mumford: I have used this model to garner Local Cultural Education Partnerships across Yorks & The Humber. It works so well - enables everyone to contribute from the place they feel best placed to contribute from - some prefer to talk about feelings, others facts and others like making the connections. It’s a great way to ‘manage’ conversations in meetings too without others knowing you are doing it! ;) • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): Milton - we just had a session where wine making was discussed and people were asked to bring some grapes to taste during the session • Alan Heckman, roving mic (mute monitor): @Milton, this morning I was in a meeting in which everyone was requested to bring two grapes.... then we did an exercise of learning about wine by describing the taste of the grapes we had. • Sarah Mumford: ORID approach also underpins IVE’s Applied Creativity Labs that I invented last year - only just realised how it has shaped them having had the ORID training with ICA a few years ago! • Sam Martin: can you tell us about how you set up the breakout rooms and whether you know if that functionality is available with other platforms? • Lucy O'Melia: I have to dash - thank you for an excellent session, wonderful to be part of a group from all across the world. All the best! • Sophie Treinen: so you were 8 people for this meeting to be well facilitated • Kazu from tokyo, Japan: I have to go to next meeting. Thank you very much for such an exciting session. • Avinash - Hong Kong: Send a snack or food topeople
  15. 15. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 15 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Lidia Rusvita: perhaps ask question to imagine the smell • Sabine Kampmeier: Body Scan is also a method for feeling • Avinash - Hong Kong: we have done that for workshops • Archana Pingle: Interesting way to demonstrating ORID and then sharing the model, thanks Martin • Catalina Ramirez: How to engage with people who’s not too familiar with technological tools • Catalina Ramirez: ? • Jo McCausland: I LOVE your markers Martin! :-) • Avinash - Hong Kong: using delivery companies • Helen Selka: Thank you very much. Have to go now. Very valuable session. • DKMM: thanks for the session! • Maialen Manahmana: Thanks for everything! I enjoyed a lot! • Sarah Mumford: It will also depend on the nature of the training as to which senses/objective questions you might ask…. • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): Lego consultants send packs of lego - bit expensive but a good idea • Uzma: I work with vulnerable women and we have sent out a herb planting pack which we will plant together. Active and involved. Also smells lovely and relaxing • Katie Cooper: We have a similar problem in the University to Louise- we are using BlueJeans • kate: Amazing idea Uzma • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): lovely idea Uzma • Paul O'Raw: Martin and team, thanks, that was very good modelling of an engaging on- line session, I have learned so much by observing the format and the team delegation of tasks. You kept it moving along. Team - take a bow! • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): MS teams was planning quite a big update in the Autumn • Nileen Verbeten, chat monitor: Adobe Connect • Patricia Nunis, Malaysia: google meets is similar to zoom.. not as flexible • Ryan: try blue jeans • Milton Kamwendo: Great ideas coming through…thank you! • Nicola Morris: go to works well as well. Avoid webex it's clunky • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): Also consider using web version of Zoom because it is familiar • Ryan: Bluejeans has breakout rooms • Annie: Blue Jeans has break out groups but they are not as reliable in my experience • Alice Blackwell: google hangout? • Connie Carag-Vergara: I heard that Google Meets is also good and Webex • Marianne Sempler: You can use breakoutrooms in Teams also. I have not used it yet, but I think you establish different channels • Anne-Sophie Desprez: Webex also allow breakout room if I am not mistaken • Thanks everyone! Informative, and glad to have met the fine people in the breakout rooms. Gotta go now! Thanks again Martin and team! :) • Margarida Ambar: BBBplatform also has breakouts and other funstions • Lidia Rusvita: google meet? • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): Yes can breakout in teams by creating additional meetings - works very well • Jenny P: Thanks for the tips everyone, there are a lot I will check out and see about incorporating into my future sessions. Def need to think about incorporating movement. • Christian Gomez: Fb Messenger Room • Nicola Morris: Thanks you • Milton Kamwendo: Have used Blue Jeans • Joanna Rada: On Teams you can create subgroups (1,2,3) upfront and then assign people to • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: Google meet has been unreliable for me. YMMV.
  16. 16. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 16 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Heidi Kolbe: Louise - You can contact Zoom directly to discuss the security with them - they could provide something for your IT dept • Caroline Martin: Are polls embedded in Zoom or is that a separate function? • Katie Cooper: Our University are now using BlueJeans for collecting research data as it has stronger security • Michael Schreier - Germany: has also breakout rooms - even participants can create new rooms. the service is for free now. Also great for barcamps, open spaces, un-conferences • Tanya Murphy: Q: how do you stop someone who is talking for too long? • Avinash - Hong Kong: One of the best engagent tools on the market is • Marta Niccolai: thank you very much. This was great. • Carolyn Chia: Thanks all, I need to run for another session. Have fun. • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): Ask your IT department to do the work to come up with an alternative? Actually zoom have ironed out a lot of the security snags, and there’s a huge stability advantage over other platforms • Britt Jurgensen: Thank you very much! • Sarah Mumford: And also important to consider people who might be reluctant to talk with strangers in chat rooms - any tips for that? • Milton Kamwendo: Would love to know how best to use the polls. • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: Tanya, my nephew told me as host I had the power to mute Grandma during our family zoom. • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): Tanya, it can be very difficult but ground rules can help • Florin Neculcea: Thank you very much for this session. • Marco Parenti: nobody knows Klaxoon? • Alison Crowther: Funny thing. I was taking my 5 year old to some childcare with a friend and he stopped in the doorway and said “but why can’t we just zoom?” • Patricia Nunis, Malaysia: for ppl who are not IT friendly.... hold an orientation session before the actual event • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): Re it comfort- for big events we offer orientation beforehand • Marco Parenti: I suggest to give a look to Klaxoon • Uzma: Amanda, check in with individuals beforehand and maybe spend a few minutes teaching the details • Avinash - Hong Kong: klaxon is also very good • Chris Whitehead: Amanda - set-up pre- meeing sessions to allow participants to get familiar with technology • Heidi Kolbe: An introductory Mural with user instructions to help people learn something about the technology • Christian Gomez: Non-tech comfortable people: Have mixture of younger and older persons, those who can use tech and those who are not • Peter Kappus: I’ve used klaxoon. I prefer Miro but Klaxoon is good, too. It’s the preferred option at one of my main clients, now. • Michelle Sarabillo: You may also check out QiqoChat platform • Anish Hindocha: Will the chat be sent to everyone please? • Wendy Denman: I'm going to training tomorrow to become a champion for Digital Skills for Older people @Amanda -there are good tips for reaching various groups • Dragana: Zoom have more featers than BluJeans (nonverbal feedback, pool…. I use both of them, but User experience is better in Zoom (for me)- • Sophie Treinen: Adobe connect at the beginning of lockdown was a nightmare because needs excellent connectivity
  17. 17. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 17 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ Closing Reflection: • Louise Marix Evans: thank you all very much. • Claire Doole: Thank you that was great • Sarah Mumford: Thanks for all the useful links to other resources! • Andrea(s) Naletto: can you share the poll questions too+ • Ryan: Virtual Group photos are also a nice Output to send to participants after a Meeting :) • Michael Ranft: Bye everyone, thanks ICA team for hsoting • Carla Campbell: Thank you • Daviz V: thank you for the session¡¡¡¡ • Linda Jane Ring: We send an instruction to people when we approve their registration for an event • Ângela: Thank you! Hope to see you soon! • Dayu Dwirani: Thank you everyone • Datta Rokade: Thanks a lot. It was a wonderful session • Linda Chan: thank you for the insightful session • Lyn Wong: Thank you everyone • Carisse Hewer: Thanks hosts and all! • Catherine: Thank you very much. It was very enlightening for me who is working on online courses • Maram: thank you everyoneeee excellent session • Patricia Nunis, Malaysia: Thank you Martin and team and everyone in the group. • Sam Martin: thank you very much :-) • Michelle Sarabillo: Thank you everyone! • GEMBIAK: Thanks so much • Karolina Gierszewska (Poland): Thank you SOO much for this session! Great inspiration from all of you. Thank you ALL! • Kelly: thank you very much for that webinar!! • Padmini B: Thank you for a great session. • Pier Andrea Pirani: Great session, thanks everyone! • Maram: Martin was lovelyyyy to see you • Uzma: Thank you everyone, have a lovely day :) • Maryna, Ukraine: Thank you very much! • Giovanni Baracetti: Thank you, great session! • Peter Kappus: Many thanks! • Cormac O'Connell: Thanks guys • Michelle Deacon: Thank you. Great facilitation and production and chance to gather new ideas. • Rod Butcher: thx • Milton Kamwendo: Thanks…great event and most appreciated. • Thanks MARTIN & Team. very well Done. good to see You. RAMIN • Ulla Wyckoff Tomlinson: Thanks Martin and team!~ Great session with lots of takeaways! • Chris Whitehead: Thanks team for the session… • Christian Gomez: Thank you, Martin and team! • Jenny P: Thanks Martin and team. • Jo McCausland: Thanks all. Good to be amongst you. • Anish Hindocha: Thanks Martin and Team • Sonja Stojanovic Gajic: Thank you very much also for showing me that there is a great community interested in the topics of facilitation. • Amanda Eleftheriades: Thank you, been very interesting • Annie: Martin that was brilliant, thank you so much, and to all the brilliant ideas that came from the group • Mikala Ritzau: thank you so much Martin and the team :-) • sheilaparry: Thank you to Martin and the team • Pauline: Thank you for having us! • Kate ONeill: thank you really enjoyed the session
  18. 18. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 18 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Helen Aldridge: got to leave for my next zoom thank you • Martha Muzychka, St. John's NL: Thank you Martin and the awesome production team. An excellent takeaway for future planning. • Marcos Bidart de Novaes: Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!! • Cameron Fraser - Ottawa, Canada: A discussion I was in last night made the differentiation between platforms and tools, and the value in using one of each in a session. A tool I have found useful is called StormBoard. Much like Mural, but has been around longer. • Simon Rees: Thanks Martin & team! • Eric Tseng, Taiwan: Martine . Thank you very much • Lidia Rusvita: Thank you Martin and Team • Alison Crowther: Thanks Martin and all. I used to hate the idea of chat, but it is sooooo useful immediately after for all the links… • Eric Tseng, Taiwan: It is a great session. • Connie Carag-Vergara: Thank you • HP: Thank you everyone ! • Teck Kwang: Thank you • Paul O'Raw: Those distanced from technology - we postponed a Zoom with farmers as we got feedback it might not be taken up. We would like to re-arrange it for later, I would like to hear from others who may have some ideas. • Marco Parenti: thanks everybody unbelievable how diversity and multicultural povs can be strong • Padmini B: Advantage of online session - ability to attend something that I couldn't do in person due to cost/time/confidence reasons. • Tanya Murphy: Thanks Martin and everyone. • Sonja Stojanovic Gajic: Great work of whole team! Thanks a lot! • Alfredo Del Valle: Many thanks! • Kathryn Robertson: Thanks for the great session! • Margarida Ambar: How many people do you recommend to have in a breakout room in online sessions? Max? • Marco Parenti: thanks Martin again see you soon • Martin Gilbraith, lead facilitator: Margarida, I think it always depends - but for me, typically 3-4 • Christian Gomez: What is an optimal facilitator - attendee ratio on Zoom? • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): Margarida, we avoid having 2 people in case one falls off, so a minimum of 3 (which will mean that at least some will probably be 4) • Padmini B: Maybe we need a Reactions icon for host to raise hand to indicate speaker should wrap up their long comment. • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): Christian, we always run with 2, and beyond 30, we would start adding a 3rd….and after that it depends on what level of depth we want to go to with chat etc vs breakouts…depends on the teasks • Margarida Ambar: Ok. Thank you! • Michelle Deacon: Connectivity is a problem in rural Canada as well. • Christian Gomez: Thank you, Orla! • Avinash - Hong Kong: W could use a colour code system if we can show a visual cue to the speaker (via webcam) if time is up or close to the end like 'orange card' for 1 minute to go..? • Orla Cronin, security (bouncer): I need to go and run a training session on this, so I need to leave. Great to meet you all, hope perhaps to see some of you at our other free and paid for events - see the ICA:UK website for more details • Avinash - Hong Kong: Red card - get off! • Martin Gilbraith, lead facilitator to Martha Muzychka, St. • Martin Gilbraith, lead facilitator: Thanks Orla! • Alice Blackwell: good idea megan!! • Megan Evans, co-facilitator (designated survivor): I have a physical timer but online is better. • Catalina Ramirez: And in Colombia!
  19. 19. ICA:UK ToP Focused Conversation Online Series 19 How engaging can your online session be? ¬ • Christian Gomez: When we run trainings on Zoom, there is always one facilitator using a phone and one facilitator using laptop/desktop so we can address questions from both types of users • Mikala Ritzau: Must go ….thanks again everyone • Rosemary Martin de Sousa: Thanks everyone. Thanks Martin. Look forward to our session on Friday morning • Dawn Williams, break-out manager: Drop in sessions where technology can be sorted and mistakes can be made is what I offer when working with groups • Amanda Eleftheriades: That’s a great idea Rachel - thank you • Wendy Denman: great advise Rachel • Avinash - Hong Kong: Thanks all. Martin and team - wonderful sessins • Christian Gomez: Thanks everyone! • Cameron Fraser - Ottawa, Canada: Bye all...thank you • Margarida Ambar: Need to leave too. really appreciated! Thank you!