KW Canada November Newsletter


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The latest issue of the Keller Williams Realty Canada newsletter is now available.

In it you will find updates on upcoming events, great stories of KW culture and success, as well as some of the latest statistics for our company, offices and agents.

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KW Canada November Newsletter

  1. 1. N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 0KELLER WILLIAMS CANADA Newsletter M O N T H LY U P DAT E O N T H E N E W S A N D E V E N T S AT K W C A N A DA Directors Corner A Breakfast to Inspire! From the Desk of John Furber, Canadian Director "Take the day off and stay home if you are having a bad day attitudinally" Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman Keller Williams International,  shared at the 6th Annual Inspirational Breakfast in Ottawa on Nov 12th. Mo was the feature speaker of the event that included Ryan Hreljac of the Ryans Well Foundation. Mo shared FAMILY REUNION her thoughts on "What Culture is". She2011 - Anaheim, CA asked us to "pay a fellow agents monthly fee anonymously if they are struggling" and suggested with a Read more about theexciting events at Family smile that we all give "seven hugs a day or we could Reunion 2011 in become weird". Anaheim, California Mo continues to travel North America to support and Keller Williams Realty. This is actually the third time she has been to Canada this year. Known affectionately as "The Velvet Hammer" Mo inspired the crowd to focus on our WI4C2TS and continue to think bigger as we build our businesses. Canada loves and appreciates you Mo! John Furber Canadian Director
  2. 2. YTD Top Producers Top Producing Associates by YTD GCI Associate Market Centre Associate Market Centre#1 Matthew Shulman Toronto North (ON) #11 Gary Tiwana Abbotsford (BC)#2 Marvin Alexander Newmarket/Aurora (ON) #12 Gordon Charles Springle Toronto-Beach/Riv (ON)#3 Jin Chen Ottawa Realty (ON) #13 Haris Yusufzai Ottawa Realty (ON)#4 Chris Scott Ottawa - VIP (ON) #14 Mary-Anne Gillespie Ottawa Realty (ON)#5 Craig Hedderson Whitby (ON) #15 Randy North Ottawa Solid Rock#6 Lester Carkner Ottawa Realty (ON) #16 Jason Bunker Kitchener (ON)#7 Doug Coulter Kitchener (ON) #17 James Benson Toronto-Beach/Riv (ON)#8 Roy Choi Port Coquitlam (BC) #18 Sue Davies Whitby (ON)#9 Joanne James Ottawa Realty (ON) #19 Zena Taller Ottawa Realty (ON)#10 Marianne Baird Ottawa Realty (ON) #20 Shanon Kelley Port Coquitlam (BC) Anderson *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Oct 2010 Top Producing Teams and Groups by YTD GCI Team Market Center Team Market Center#1 Bennett Real Estate Pro’s Ottawa Realty (ON) #11 Mullin/Lloyd Team Whitby/Oshawa (ON)#2 Paul Rushforth Team Ottawa Realty (ON) #12 Kaushansky & Brown Toronto-Beach/Riv. (ON)#3 Mike Clarke Group Toronto-Beach/Riv. (ON) #13 Dekker Team Team Ottawa - Solid Rock(ON)#4 Mulholland & Ross Grp. Toronto-North (ON) #14 Real Estate Guys Toronto-Don Mills (ON)#5 Pilon/Hamilton Team Ottawa Realty (ON) #15 Hooper Group Ottawa Realty (ON)#6 The Floyd Group Ottawa Realty (ON) #16 Peroff Team Newmarket/Aurora (ON)#7 The Sachko Team Whitby/Oshawa (ON) #17 The Jimenez Team Mississauga (ON)#8 Jim Reitzel & Associates Kitchener (ON) #18 The Bortoluzzi Team Toronto-Don Mills (ON)#9 Lepp Team Whitby/Oshawa (ON) #19 Ottawa Realty (ON)#10 Mitchell Team Newmarket/Aurora (ON) #20 Josh Bath Team Port Coquitlam (BC) *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Oct. 2010
  3. 3. Inspirational Breakfast 2010 Our 3 Keller Williams Market Centres in Ottawa hosted their 6th Annual Inspirational Breakfast on November 12, 2010. Each Inspirational Breakfast manages to get bigger and better than the last and this year’s sold-out event drew nearly 600 attendees from far and wide. As in year’s past Lorraine Lawson and the KW house band provided musical entertainment while the featured guest speakers included KW Vice- Chairman Mo Anderson and Ryan Hreljac, founder of the Ryan’s Well Foundation which helps to provide clean drinking water in the developing world. The event benefited 3 major charities, each selected by a local Keller Williams market centre: The Ottawa Rotary Home, Candle Lighters and Youth Services Bureau. Our sincerest congratulation are due to the members of our Ottawa offices for their passion and hard work that makes the Inspirational Breakfast the cultural highlight of every KW Canada calendar! Be sure to join the Keller Williams Canada community on Facebook Become a fan at
  4. 4. Training and Event Highlights Millionaire Real Estate Agent: Business Planning Clinic with Rick Geha Toronto - November 30 The MREA Business Planning Clinic is designed to help you and your team implement powerful systems to set up your business for significant success in the next year. You will learn how to focus your efforts on the key activities that will make a significant difference in your growth. The clinic focuses on the four key business models: Economic Model, Lead Generation Model, Budget Model and Organizational Model.Upcoming events • Toronto, ON - Nov 30: Business Planning with Rick Geha [More Info] • Toronto, ON - Dec 14-15: Recruit Select with Kay Evans [More Info] • Anaheim, CA - Feb 19-23: Family Reunion [More Info] For more details about these events please visit 2011 Canadian Cultural Ambassadors We are thrilled to announce that representing Keller Williams Canada at the 6th annual Cultural Summit at Family Reunion this year will be Juliette Smith (KW Elite Realty - Port Coquitlam, BC) and Jennifer Frey (KW Energy Real Esate, Whitby/ Oshawa, ON).   Our two 2011 Cultural Ambassadors are pillars of good service and culture in their local MCs and we Juliette Smith Jennifer Frey are honoured that they will be representing us at this event hosted by Mo Anderson and Kay Evans. 
  5. 5. KW Canada Statistics Top Producing KW Canada Market Centres by YTD GCI MC AGENTS WRITTEN CLOSED GCI # Volume # Volume #1 Ottawa Realty (ON) 297 3,776 1,211,743,799 3,363 844,809,804 25,742,229 #2 Toronto - Don Mills (ON) 164 1,043 332,584,395 1,037 331,027,977 6,982,693 #3 Whitby/Oshawa (ON) 118 1,094 290,959,369 1,091 290,316,369 6,597,745 #4 Toronto - Beach/Riv. (ON) 87 706 249,204,626 705 248,889,626 5,304,761 #5 Calgary (AB) 126 643 261,228,588 643 261,228,588 4,314,521 *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Oct. 2010 Top Producing KW Canada Market Centres by YTD Profit Share MC AGENTS WRITTEN CLOSED PROFIT SHARE # Volume # Volume #1 Ottawa Realty (ON) 297 3,776 1,211,743,799 3,363 844,809,804 389,664 #2 Toronto - Don Mills (ON) 164 1,043 332,584,395 1,037 331,027,977 173,259 #3 Whitby/Oshawa (ON) 118 1,094 290,959,369 1,091 290,316,369 113,995 #4 Toronto - Beach/Riv. (ON) 87 706 249,204,626 705 248,889,626 112,884 #5 Ottawa - VIP (ON) 76 550 171,560,865 550 171,560,865 83,142 *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Oct. 2010 How Canada Ranks in the KWRI System PROFIT PROFIT SHARE CLOSED VOLUME#10 Gulf States #12 Southwest #4 California North & Hawaii#11 N. California & Hawaii #13 Florida South #5 Texas N. & New Mexico#12 Canada #14 Canada #5 Canada#13 California - West/LA #15 California Central & South #7 Northwest *All numbers reflect year-to-date production as of Oct. 2010 Canadian Leadership Team John Furber Diane Mitchell Martin Farkas Bonnie Stager Director Area Director Operations Manager Regional MCA