Digital extreme makeover


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Presentation of how a company should go about making over their web presence.

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Digital extreme makeover

  1. 1. ExtremeMakeoverWhat most Bef bomb ore thisand goes off diescompanies everyoneshould do toimprove online
  2. 2. And we are...Martin Deinoff Fredrik Marcus Creuna Senior Vice Creative Director Not just another President agency :-)
  3. 3. Question:Is the qualityof most digitalsolutions asgood as theyshould be 2011 ? Don’t wo We fix it rry
  4. 4. Development Digital Technology Physical Products Interruption Marketing Rolling Stones 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Time
  5. 5. Development A few companies get’s it right Most companies don’t 1995 1999 2004 2011 Time
  6. 6. Answer: Nope...95% is not as goodas they should be ng e not talki es And wer e compani es about th
  7. 7. This is a......BIGwaste! A BIG wa ste
  9. 9. Makeover time –meet Harry thes Bad breat gged clo h Top notch Ra uesH ealth iss Bad com plex ion Before After
  10. 10. Some things to think of Graphics UsabilityLayout Validation Accessibility Conversion FunctionalityClarity Control Touch 404 pages :-) ContextTypography Nomenclature Navigation Interaction
  11. 11. UsabilityTypography You WILL get whatInteraction TouchConversion :-) Nomenclature Accessibility Graphics Control 404 pages Layout Validation Clarity FunctionalityNavigation Context you deserve Mediocre
  12. 12. Keepthe Do only great stuff. There is a zillion others doing what you do sofocus you have to do it better
  13. 13. Content isking, contextis presidentIt’s not only whatyou say - it’s how andwhen you say it.
  14. 14. ile is ve? ry hotMob isn’t it
  15. 15. The devil isin the details“The details are notthe details. Theymake the design.”- Charles Eames
  16. 16. Back to Harry Top notch
  17. 17. Back to Harry Top notch Still an ass
  18. 18. Time Tools MediaInforma tion OpinionsUsers
  19. 19. Do marketing theway people wantyou to market nueto them. If y ou contiy :-) a the old w• Don’t lie • Get permission• Show prices • Don’t interrupt• Be relevant • Include users
  20. 20. Be TransparentIt is better to be goodthan to say that youare good.
  21. 21. Be efficientBe careful with users time.If you always help users,even when you don’tunderstand how you willbenefit from it, you will.
  22. 22. Engage indialogueSocial is not a typeof media – it’s amindset.
  23. 23. Again, Harry Great personali ty Top notch
  24. 24. Again, Harry Great personali ty Top notch Stil l so wro ng
  25. 25. Everythingthat canbe digital Includin gy offering our
  26. 26. ConnectivityIf the things you do arenot part of the net,don’t expect yourcommunicationto be.
  27. 27. Platform over productPhysical products will lose power over time Virtual products will gain power over time
  28. 28. Sometimesbeing physicalcan be great…The software willincreasingly drivehardware, not theother way around.
  29. 29. Sometimesbeing physicalcan be great…
  30. 30. Finally Harry Perfect
  31. 31. Keep focusContext over contentDevil is in the detailsTransparencyEfficiencyDialogueConnectivityPlatform over productVirtual drives physical
  32. 32. Thank you!Question?Applause?Protests? @fm @martindeinoff Follow us, we are nice people 8-)