What is Content Marketing?


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How would you explain what content marketing is, in under 10 minutes?

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What is Content Marketing?

  1. 1. WHAT ISCONTENTMARKETING?mcm2, Nantwich, Cheshire - www.mcm2.co.uk Confidential mcm2
  2. 2. Content marketing is a way you canconnect to the multitude of customersand prospects across the digital space.It allows you to generate long termbusiness opportunities through thecreation of high value, highly engaging andhighly involving content.So what is that? Confidential mcm2
  3. 3. Firstly – content marketing is made up oftwo words;ContentAndMarketingThe reason so much of it is poorly done isthat people have forgotten the marketingelement. Confidential mcm2
  4. 4. It is easy to say what it is not:1) It is not the production of page after page of material2) It is not the creation of self promoting podcasts and video material3) It is not blogging day in day out4) It is not tweeting your every movement5) It is not sharing your activity on facebook6) It is not a fad!7) Nor is it really new Confidential mcm2
  5. 5. It’s been around for some time. We just havenot really called it content marketing Confidential mcm2
  6. 6. It is producingmaterial thattalks to groups asdisparate asthese. Confidential mcm2
  7. 7. And as organisedas these. Confidential mcm2
  8. 8. It should be thebasis of your socialand seo strategy.The thing that linksyour activitytogether and thereason for peopleto sit up and takenotice of you. Confidential mcm2
  9. 9. Defn/ Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating anddistributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, andengage a clearly defined and understood target audience – withthe objective of driving profitable customer action.Content marketing is permission based marketing – it is fly fishingfor customers, teasing, drawing them in. Allowing them to come tous when and how they want to.It is long term, non confrontational and can deliver long termresults for your business.It talks to people when and where they want to be talked to. Confidential mcm2
  10. 10. Content marketing is not a part of social media, it is thereason to do social media. It is the foundation of socialmediaIt is the answer to the questions;“What on earth am I going to say on facebook?”“Why would anyone follow me?”“How can I get high on search engines?”“What is the point in pinterest?” Confidential mcm2
  11. 11. Strategy Implement Measure Review Adapt The process for developing a content marketing strategy is no different from creating any other marketing strategy. Work it out, implement it, measure, review and adapt. Confidential mcm2
  12. 12. Strategy Implement Measure Review Adapt Listening project Needs Needs Content StrategyAnalyse Competition Business Audience Review Channels Wants WantsBusiness objectives K.P.I’s Listen to what people are saying Review what your competition are doing Your strategy sits in the region of Review how we could reach our overlap of your business needs audience. and wants and those of your Look at our objectives and set up audience a series of Kpi’s Confidential mcm2
  13. 13. Strategy Implement Measure Review Adapt Listening projectAnalyse Competition Channels Review Channels ScheduleBusiness objectives Themes K.P.I’s Then you will be able to create a series of underlying themes, develop a schedule and then determine your initial channels, bearing in mind that all this can and will change Confidential mcm2
  14. 14. There are a Blogs Micro Blogs Social Printed Video Channels Materialwide rangeof availablechannels.The trick is tomatch thechannel to Audio Presentation Articles Papers E’booksthe businessto theaudience. Cultural Newsletters Images Reviews Websites memes Confidential mcm2
  15. 15. Strategy Implement Measure Review Adapt Create The real trick is to get going, to actually start developing content. Check Most people look back at their first attempts and cringe, but still it is only by doing it that they can Distribute start to develop their tactics Test Confidential mcm2
  16. 16. Strategy Implement Measure Review Adapt Versus K.P.i’s Alter Strategy Attributable Sales Channel development Social Metrics Tactical Themes Return on Investment Formal Performance Reviews Marketing without review or measurement is hard to justify.. There needs to be a constant Customer journey process of measurement and Analysis improvement if the long terminvestment is going to be positive Feedback Confidential mcm2
  17. 17. It is important to remember two key things to come up with a content strategy – 1) Everyone is connected to Everyone And 2) There are two words in Content Marketing Don’t trust people who don’t understand that. Confidential mcm2
  18. 18. If you want to find out more about howwe believe content marketing can help, and how it should be done, visit our blog on www.mcm2.co.uk/blog.We would really like to know what you think, so email us on martin@mcm2.co.uk We also have a quick test to see how good your content strategy is at - http://www.mcm2.co.uk/test Confidential mcm2
  19. 19. If you always do what youve alwaysdone you will always get what youve always got. Unless things change.The world of marketing has changed and we need to change with it. Confidential mcm2