A-Z of Content Marketing D is for Depth


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One key element that people often forget when developing a content marketing strategy is the Depth of that content.

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A-Z of Content Marketing D is for Depth

  1. 1. Confidential mcm2mcm2, Nantwich, Cheshire - www.mcm2.co.ukA – Z ofCONTENTMARKETINGD is forDepth
  2. 2. Confidential mcm2Most people when they start a content marketing approachsplurge out a load of content. They just start doing it, so thatthey actually are doing stuff. There is usually not a lot ofthought behind it.And there’s really nothing wrong with that. You really do needto start to make things work at all. Basically one single piece ofcontent that does not necessarily fit into a full detailed plan isstill better (usually) than no content.But there comes a time when you have to review what you aredoing, or ideally you can review it before you start, and onedimension that you need to review is your content depth.The depth of your content is absolutely crucial to its success.So, what do we mean by depth? Well one way to think about itis to think about the ocean.
  3. 3. Confidential mcm2EpipelagicMesopelagicBathypelagicAbyssopelagicHadalpelagicThe ocean is made up ofat least five layers, eachone with differentcharacteristics.
  4. 4. Confidential mcm2EpipelagicMesopelagicBathypelagicAbyssopelagicHadalpelagicWe have the surface level, the epipelagiclevel, which is generally teeming with life, it’s adog eat dog (or a fish eat fish) a highlycompetitive environment. There is floatingtrash, pollution and other life – birds, humans –dipping in and out. So there is one hell of a lotgoing on, and its congested and distractingThen we have the Mesopelagic - now here itsgetting darker, life is not as common (but thereis still lots and lots of it), in many cases whatthere is rises to the surface level at night to feedbefore sinking back down.While competition is fierce and the life is welladapted – there are less “distractions” –birds, boats, humans – less things to interferewith what is going on.
  5. 5. Confidential mcm2EpipelagicMesopelagicBathypelagicAbyssopelagicHadalpelagicNext its getting darker, and harder to survive – thepressure is higher, the light less strong (almost prettymuch pitch black).We start to have bioluminescence (glowing) lifeforms, as fish have to lure in other creatures to findfood. Sperm whales, interesting, are one of the fewcreatures which can dive to this depth and return to thesurface.Next into the Abyss and the Hadalpelagic - we aregetting really dark and deep, high pressure, a veryintense environment.And yet there is still life. Living at the depths in aconstant rain of organic matter, the remains of the deadfrom higher levels.Interestingly there are hot spots, geothermal ventswhich are teeming with life.
  6. 6. Confidential mcm2So, what does that have to do with content marketing?Well we think it’s a useful metaphor, a good way of assessingyour strategy. A great way to think about what you are doing.Your content must work on a number of levels, or layers, wehave;Surface layer – A highly competitive environment, lots of people,lots of distractions.Through the increasing darkness where we have to lure ourcustomers in to us.Abysmal Depths – here the environment is alien and different,highly specialised organisms, clustering around hot spots, itsmuch more specialised, much more intense.
  7. 7. Confidential mcm2Surface LevelDepthsIncreasing depthSo we need to make sure that ourcontent strategy reflects this.Surface content casts its net wide. Itslacking in depth, its easy toabsorb, but it is highly valuable –remember we want people to wantto get more, to get deeper.But we have to accept that a lot ofsurface content will end up scatteredto the winds. Surface content is easyto digest, and hopefully easy toproduce. You don’t want to spendtoo much budget on surfacecontent, you don’t want to give it allaway from free!
  8. 8. Confidential mcm2Surface LevelDepthsIncreasing depthAs we move down the layers we give outmore and more detail, more depth to ourcontent.We want to entice people who areinterested to delve into our content, toreally immerse themselves on our offersBut we need to know that once we getbelow the surface we have to be able todrag people to our content, we have tolure people to us, or at least provideroutes for people to access ourinformation.Deep content should not be stumbled on– people need to be a bit morecommitted to get to it.
  9. 9. Confidential mcm2Surface LevelDepthsIncreasing depthSurface level content is things like thispresentation. Podcasts, articles generalquestions and probably the way mostpeople use linked in. To be honest thisis where most of the content sits in thedigital space. Its where we need to castwide nets, we know that only a fewpeople will ever actually contact us asa result of our activity, but those thatdo we can jump on and ideally drag orencourage them to the lower levels.The depths is the really intensecontent, in many cases it’s the sortof detail people only get to afterface to face meetings, in mybusiness this is certainly true.But also it could be the way youwork with those really deepforums, which are filled withpeople who are really into, and onlyare into your business or sector.White papers on the real detail ofyour industry would fit in here.
  10. 10. Confidential mcm2Surface LevelDepthsTalks and presentations – wherepeople have to pay, or make aspecial effort to attendThose free talks that happen atshows and events, where theyare easy to attend and peopletend to wander in and outPeople who subscribe tonewsletters, or podcastsBlogs News Surface webcopyWebinarsForumsSpecialist“answers”Linked inTwitterFacebook PinterestYahooanswersConference callsReal booksMost e’booksCaseStudiesMarketAnalysisTechnicalJournalsIn depth CaseStudiesOne to onetutorials
  11. 11. Confidential mcm2We need to build systems in place that will encourage people todelve lower and lower into our content. Some people are freedivers who will work their own way to deeper content. Someneed a submersible, they need to be taken down and lookedafter, and some are bottom feeders, they may never see yoursurface content, they are too busy really getting into the detail ofyour business.
  12. 12. Confidential mcm2So, if you want to, have a look at ourwebsite, we have lots on informationon how to make the best of yourcontent marketing, have a look at ourwebsite – www.mcm2.co.ukIllustrations courtesy of Tom Joyce -http://tomjoyceillustration.blogspot.co.uk/