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Billboard Advertising


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Here we shall talk about basic rules to be kept in mind while designing a billboard.

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Billboard Advertising

  1. 1. Basics of Billboard Advertising For Communication UpdatesLike Us on Us on
  2. 2. Billboard • Billboard also known as hoarding is a large outdoor advertising structure typically found in high traffic areas and busy roads. • Billboards typically shows large witty slogans and distinctive visuals. • Billboards are generally placed on highways, expressways where they command high density consumer exposure. • Poster is also a form of billboard advertising, viewed principally by residents and commuter traffic, with some pedestrian exposure. For Communication UpdatesLike Us on Us on
  3. 3. Billboard Keep It Clear and Precise • Billboard are meant to be read while we are on the move, so lesser the words used, better is for the reader to read the entire message. • Six seconds are considered to be industry standard for reading a Billboard. • So a great communication is a perfect combination of length of message and its ease of reading. • Avoid Paragraphs and Long texts, if it gets compulsory then avoid a billboard. For Communication UpdatesLike Us on Us on
  4. 4. Billboard Be Noticeable, but not a Distraction • Billboard are targeted at bikers, pedestrians, drivers and cyclists majorly consuming few seconds of them. • So the job of the advertiser is to get noticed on a busy road , but it should never be a reason for causing any accidents. • So the balance between Being Noticed and still not distractive enough is a very critical point for advertiser. For Communication UpdatesLike Us on Us on
  5. 5. Billboard Don’t expect a Direct Response • Billboard are meant for branding purpose which is a one way communication, so don’t expect a direct response from the customers. • So the detailed contact in terms of phone numbers and other online portals is not a great idea and it won’t be effective.. • Billboards are ideal for Brand building and campaign supporting, not suitable for interactive communication. • For Interactive Advertising, one should prefer print ad, TV Commercial, Radio, Website and Direct Mail. For Communication UpdatesLike Us on Us on
  6. 6. Billboard Be Smart but Not Too Clever • Smart Billboards grab attention , leave a lasting impression and boring billboards are ignored. • Don’t get too hard on the audience. Don’t force your audience to think too much to understand your message.. • Billboards should be smart and not a complex puzzle. • Keep it Simple and Subtle Clever For Communication UpdatesLike Us on Us on
  7. 7. Billboard Number Matters • Billboards purchased in bulk offer a good bargaining discount and are very much effective as compared to just a single billboard. • Billboards are more effective when used more in number as they support each other for a major branding purpose.. • Higher the number of Billboards, higher is the number of eyeballs grabbed. So depending on the marketing objective and expected target audience, the number of billboards can be chosen. For Communication UpdatesLike Us on Us on
  8. 8. Billboard Be Creative • Be creative in your ideas. • There are so many options available in billboards like in 3D, animations or any interactive billboard. • Take this as an opportunity to do something eye catching and memorable. • It can create good PR for free, if it is catchy enough to catch attention of media. For Communication UpdatesLike Us on Us on
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