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Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory ,Irish Chambers of Commerce in Asia

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APIBF DIrectory

  1. 1. asia pacific iRELaNDPublished with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland www.dfa.ie business forum directory 2011 – 2012
  2. 2. introduction >> ConTEnTs meSSage InTRoDuCTIon the aSia pacific irelanD18 BuSineSS forum explaineD 4 gaa in aSia FoRuM REPoRT 13 from Dick Spring S patron, aSia pacific irelanD BuSineSS forum, key meSSageS from the lateSt anD non-executive vice-chairman, fexco apiBf forum event in hong kong 14 GRouPs AnD MEMBERs Beijing 18 Since being approached to get involved in the inaugural aSia pacific ireland buSineSS Shanghai 22 forum (apibf) in Singapore in 2007, I have been pleased to lend whatever modest support I could to what I feel hong kong 26 is a timely and imaginative initiative to bring together Irish malaySia 32 businesspeople based in Asia on the occasion of the annual32 Asian Gaelic Games. Singapore 36 Building on the successful APIBF in Singapore and subsequent events in Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, the japan 38 annual APIBF has evolved into the most important gathering South korea 44 of Irish buinesspeople based in Asia Pacific and the Gulf. Our unique event at Croke Park hosted by Christy Cooney and vietnam 48 the GAA makes excellent use of the APIBF as a platform to support Irish business and fits well with the GAA’s special role auStralia 50 in Irish society. I would hope that, like the event in Asia held thailanD 52 on the eve of the Asian Gaelic Games, it will become an annual fixture in the GAA calendar. IRIsh GovERnMEnT AGEnCy ConTACTs 55 I am also pleased to have been able to see at first hand the vital role that the APIBF members have played in helping the EMBAssIEs, ConsulATEs AnD embassies and state agencies in their efforts to expand Irish52 honoRARy Consuls 58 trade with the Asia Pacific and Gulf regions. I believe that the future offers great potential and I know inDia 60 that those involved in leading the APIBF – based in Asia and eu aSean BuSineSS council 61 Ireland – are ambitious about improving the links with the Irish business sector and the ‘take aways’ of the APIBF events. DuBai anD oman 62 Finally, one of the features of the APIBF has been the quiet, low key but effective way in which it has drawn together a the farmleigh fellowShip – ucc/ntu 63 broad range of people based across the dynamic Asian region. The event at Croke Park is once again very much a collective effort with co-founder Peter Ryan being joined by group chair Rob Agnew; Conor O’Mara and Padraig Walsh (Hong Kong); Micheál Collins and Paraic McGrath (Singapore); Kieran Brennan (Vietnam); Paul Scales (Thailand); and Martin Murray (Ireland).The APIBF Business Directory, an initiative of the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce, was published on behalf Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved inof the APIBF by Whitespace Publishing Group making the APIBF a reality in Asia and Ireland, and in puttingEdited by Martin Murray and Peter Ryan, supported by Matthew Connolly together this valuable directory which will be a resource for anyone interested in pursuing business in the Asia Pacific andWith the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland www.dfa.ie Gulf regions. Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 3
  3. 3. apibf apibf What is T he Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum ? (APIBF) is the first event of its type in the world focused on building connections between and with the GAA clubs and business groups based in the Asia Pacific and Gulf regions.the asia Pacific ireland The concept was introduced by Peter Ryan, who has been involved with the GAA in Asia since 1997 and was a founder member of the GAA’s Asian County Board. Business forum Ryan was also closely involved with the Irish business groups in Japan, Korea and Singapore. Ryan recognised the potential synergies between and prestige of the day-long event. His participation made the task of approaching others to attend and The Asia Pacific Ireland the growing GAA and business networks in the region and, at his instigation in 2007, the first APIBF was speak a lot more manageable for the organisers. Since that time, the APIBF has grown in substance Business Forum creates organised in Singapore on the eve of the annual Asian Gaelic Games. and has become a feature of the annual Asian Gaelic Games. It has been hosted successively in Penang, synergies between the The inaugural APIBF was only possible due to the Malaysia (2008), Bangkok, Thailand (2009) and Hong growing GAA and extraordinary effort of a range of people including members of the Irish Business Association of Singa- Kong, China (2010). The legendary Micheál Ó Muirc- heartaigh has been a regular feature at the APIBF business networks in pore (Colin MacDonald, all at McCraic, Moira Lynam, Micheál and Sherry Collins and Declan McFadden), and Asian Gaelic Games. Margaret Ward (RTE) and Clifford Coonan (The Irish Times) continue to be active the region the Hong Kong Ireland Business Forum (Rob Agnew), supporters Matthew Connolly in Tokyo, Angela Keane, Catherine On each occasion, in addition to the core APIBF Toolan and Margaret Ward in Beijing, Mick Shannon, team, the input of a small number of people has been Noel Lennon, Pat Gibbons (UCD), Barry O’ Brien instrumental to making the events a success – Jose- (RCSI), embassies in the region, Enterprise Ireland phine Evans and Brendan Lyons in 2008, Jerome Kelly, Linkedin Group: (Michael Garvey, KB Lim) and the Asian County Board Liam O’Keeffe and Paul Scales in 2009, Pádraig Walsh, The ApiBF is active on Linkedin with over 500 members of the GAA (Paraic McGrath). Conor and Susan O’Mara, Bill Condon, Paul Costigan who share information, knowledge and contacts on developments in Asia-ireland business. Membership is The early commitment by Dick Spring, FEXCO and and Rob Agnew in 2010. free and open to all. Sign up today. former Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs, to Among the outcomes of the 2010 APIBF event in travel to Singapore to attend enhanced the credibility Hong Kong was a commitment to reach out to the Irish4 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 5
  4. 4. a collaboration betweenapibf www.gaa.ie www.apibf.com New Asian Realities for Irish Business Kindly supported by www.ulsterbank.ie www.enterprise-ireland.com www.pchintl.com‘ní neart go cur le chéile – no strengthwithout unity’ Cbusiness community to improve the awareness of Asia Details of the new APIBF structure will be formally Mand to forge connections with the Irish business groups announced at the fifth annual Asia Pacific Ireland Busi- Yworking in the region. ness Forum, which will be hosted by the Irish Chamber The GAA was hugely enthusiastic about the concept of Commerce, Korea in Seoul on Friday, 14 October. CMand the GAA President Christy Cooney was familiar The APIBF 2011 will be held on the eve of the 16thwith the APIBF work through his participation at the annual Asian Gaelic Games, which will take place in MY Time: 12.00-20.00 | Friday, 17 June 2011 | Croke Park, Dublin, IrelandAPIBF 2010 in Hong Kong. Suwon, South Korea on 15 and 16 October, hosted by CY The APIBF Conference at Croke Park on 17 June has the Seoul Gaels Gaelic Football Club.been organised on a voluntary basis by a group chaired The APIBF has been run to date entirely by CMYby Rob Agnew (Hong Kong) together with Conor O’ voluntary effort with the generous support of a range Keynote Address by The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Eamon Gilmore T.D KMara and Padraig Walsh (also Hong Kong), Micheál of sponsors, in particular PCH International andCollins and Paraic McGrath (Singapore), Kieran Bren- Enterprise Ireland. The Irish embassies in the region A unique high value event, providing delegates with key benefits:nan (Vietnam), Paul Scales (Thailand) and Martin have also been very helpful. Business & Finance providedMurray and Peter Ryan (Ireland). Ronan King (HKBF), valuable support for the event in 2009 and 2010. • The authority of real practical knowledge • Break - out sessions in key opportunityPeter Finnegan (IEA), Stephen Nolan (Green IFSC), Thanks especially are due to Liam Casey for his from industry speakers sectors including Technology, Financial ServicesGary Palmer (IFIA) and Dr Tom Hardiman (Chester ongoing interest and support. Particular thanks are due and Green Finance, Pharma & Life • Sharing of direct personal experiences ofBeatty Library) also provided advice and support. to the Irish business groups in Asia Pacific and the Gulf, Sciences, Education Services,Food & Tourism hard lessons learned at the coalface Following the event in Croke Park, the core APIBF along with the GAA clubs and Asian County Board, • Specialist briefing on opportunities with the Asianteam will co-ordinate with all stakeholders to finalise which have enthusiastically adopted and supported this • Key practical steps that distinguish between success and failure in Asia Development Bank;the details of a robust structure for the APIBF going initiative from the outset.forward, which will include the integration of a closer Buíochas also to all at Croke Park, especially Christy • How to win clients in Asian markets and to • Access to representatives from Irish businesslink with Irish-based business groups, including those Cooney (and his predecessor Nickey Brennan), Peter expand business with existing clients groups in Asiawhich are partners for the 17 June event. McKenna, Pat Daly, Alan Milton, Aine Gibney, Joan One tangible outcome of this exercise will be a Cooney, Dermot Power, Gene Duffy, Sheamus Howlinstructure to ensure that support is available for some and Joe McDonagh.of the APIBF spin-off events which have been added to Míle buíochas to Dick Spring for his support andthe business calendar in Asia – events this year have encouragement on this initiative since 2007. His en-included an event in Ho Chi Minh ahead of the South thusiastic participation has been a feature of all of theEast Asian Gaelic Games, and another in Shanghai events since that time.ahead of the All China Gaelic Games. Ní neart go cur le chéile – no strength without unity. in association with6 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory
  5. 5. Agenda Clár Croke Park Convention Centre from 12.00-20.00 on Friday, 17 June. 11.00-11.30 Tour of Croke Park Third Session 12.00-13.00 Registration and Pre - Event Networking 16.30 – 17.30 Expert led workshops in key opportunity sectors including Technology, Financial Services, Pharma & Life Sciences, Education Services, Food & Tourism Welcome and Official Opening of Conference Fourth Session 13.00 -13.10 Forum Context by Dr T.P. Hardiman, Chairman Chester Beatty In preparation for 14 October 2011 APIBF Forum in Korea 13.10- 13.20 Fáilte –Welcome Address by Mr. Christy Cooney, Uachtarán, GAA 17.35- 18.15 Opportunities Now for Irish Companies in Dynamic South Korea 13.20–13.30 Opening Remarks, by Mr Dick Spring APIBF Patron and Former Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Speakers H.E. Mr. Eamonn McKee, Ambassador of Ireland to Korea 13.30-14.00 Keynote Address by The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Mr. Eamon Gilmore T.D Mr. Tom Coyner, President, Soft Landing Korea Mr. Peter Underwood, Korea Expert 14.00-14.05 Forum Outline by Conference Chair, Ms. Margaret Ward RTE C Joining Q&A Panel Mr. Ian Talbot, Chief Executive, Chambers Ireland M Mr. Mark Fielding, Chief Executive, ISME Format is expert presentations followed by interactive Q&A session Y 18.15 – 18.25 Summary Concludions by Rapporteur Mr. Martin Murray, APIBF CM First Session MY 18.30 APIBF Delegate Networking Reception 14.05-14.45 The Asian Century - Current Business Opportunities for Ireland CY Speakers Mr. Terry Woods, Procurement, Asian Development Bank Note : A charity draw will take place for child victims of recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan CMY Mr. Leo Goodstadt, China Expert and former Adviser to Governor Patten MC, Mr. Micheál O Muircheartaigh Mr. John McGrane, Head of Product and Service Sales,Ulster Bank K Toast by H.E. Mr. Chang Yeob Kim, Ambassador of Korea to Ireland Joining Q&A Panel Ms. Imelda Reynolds, President, Dublin Chamber of Commerce Remarks by Kevin O’Rourke SSC, Professor Emeritius, Kyunghee University, Korea. Mr. Colin Lawlor, Vice President Irish Exporters Association 14.45-15.05 Tea & Coffee Networking break 20.00 APIBF Concludes (until 14 October 2011, in Seoul, Korea) Second Session 15.05 -16.05 Critical lessons from Successful Irish Companies in Asia Speakers Mr. Liam Casey, President and Founder, PCH Mr. Sean O’Driscoll, Chief Executive, Glen Dimplex Mr. Tony Murphy,Chief Operating Officer, Daon Mr. Padraig McManus, Chief Executive, Electricity Supply Board Mr. Kevin Sherry, Head of International Sales and Partnering, Enterprise Ireland Joining Q&A Panel Mr. Danny McCoy, Director General, IBEC 16.05- 16.10 Accessing Irish Business Networks in Asia Mr. Conor o’ Mara, Chairman, Hong Kong Ireland Chamber of Commerce 16.10 – 16.30 Networking break/ relocate to workshopsDetails are indicative only and programme is subject to further change. Details are indicative only and programme is subject to further change.
  6. 6. Workshops Workshop: Financial Services Workshop: Education Services Workshop: Technology Workshop: Food Business Understanding the Opportunities Convenor Convener Convenor Rob Agnew, Managing Director, Matrix Services Paraic McGrath, Chairman AGB GAA/Farmleigh Director Conor O’ Mara, Managing Director & Head of Convenor Technology Specialist Sales Asia, Jefferies Catherine Toolan, Managing Director, Special Speakers Speakers International Projects ARAMARK Hank Morris, Senior Advisor to Triple A Partners and Mike Feerick, CEO Alison - www.alison.com – will an Asian financial services veteran from Korea present ALISON & talk about the 200,000 students Speakers Speakers Gary Palmer, CEO of Irish Funds Industry Association registered in the Asia/Mid-East area. Robert Leslie, Owner and CIO, Global Business Bord Bia representative (To be confirmed) David Swan, COO of RBS Aviation Capital Register Ltd; Mentor to Enterprise Ireland Companies Andrew Brennan, Smurfit School/Bord Bia Fellow Dr Michael Murphy, President U.C.C – will outline & Mike Hayes, Partner, KPMG Gerard Corcoran, Senior Solution Manager, (Korea) details of the University’s engagements in Asia, the 2010 launch of the www.dbc.intuition.com site as well Enterprise Business Unit, Huawei Technologies Also in attendance will be Joe Breslin, Manager of as the Farmleigh Fellowship. Kraken Yu, CEO Cornerstone Research International, This session will focus on a broad market overview Financial Services International Division at Enterprise Pat Daly, Director Games GAA – "Coach 10 - the Board Member Ireland Hong Kong Business Forum, of the Asian food environment and identification of Ireland C Commercial Connection" Dublin Chamber of Commerce some of the major trends and emerging Coach to the power of 10 is a project with strong M Brendan O’Regan, CEO Zenith Technologies opportunities in supplying food products to Asia. This session will focus on identifying opportunities potential synergies within the business world. Pat will We will also identify some of the challenges, issues for Irish businesses in the dynamic Asian financial talk on this and on the initiatives the GAA & AGB have Y and barriers to entry in Asia in the context of the services industries and presenting real world undertaken to grow awareness of our National sports & This session will focus on the critical success food industry. CM experiences of doing business in Asia. culture in Asia. factors that must be addressed for Irish tech companies to succeed in Asia, the issues that they A short case study on an Irish Company with an Philip Curtis, Head of Admissions Royal College of MY To illustrate the theme will present on a sector where may face in doing so and the wealth of interest in market opportunities in Asia but with Surgeons in Ireland - will talk about the International Ireland Inc. has made a success of Asia (aviation CY opportunities presented by Asia, the globe’s fastest limited resources to develop an appropriate entry side of the college including their schools in Dubai and financing), a ‘greenfield’ sector for the industry (green growing region and the world leader in the vast strategy will be used to develop some of the key Penang (site of the Asian GAA Games and APIBF in financing and renewable investing) and a sector CMY majority of technology sub-sectors. Our presenters outcomes of the workshop. 2008). where Ireland in developing its approach and span companies operating in hardware, software, IT K reputation (asset management and funds servicing). Brian O’Reilly, South East Asia Education Consultant – services and Internet across Japan, China, HK, Key outcomes from the workshop will be presented will give a brief overview of education in the region and India and other parts of Asia. The format will be a at the conclusion of the session in Croke Park. A Each of the speakers will present for 10 minutes in particular will discuss his experiences in Vietnam over 10 minute presentation by each speaker, followed brief summary of the workshop will be uploaded to which will leave plenty of time for an interactive the past ten years. by 20 minutes of Q&A. www.apibf.com on Monday, 20 June. discussion and questions from the delegates. Ciara Hickey, Farmleigh Fellow – will brief participants Key points from the workshop will be presented at on the benefits from engaging with the programme and Key outcomes from the workshop will be presented the concluding session and a brief report on the the Networking opportunities it has offered. at the conclusion of the session in Croke Park. A workshop, prepared by the Convenor, will be brief summary of the workshop will be uploaded to uploaded to www.apibf.com on Monday, 20 June. www.apibf.com on Monday, 20 June. The format will be an 8 minute presentation by each speaker, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. Key points from the workshop will be presented at the conclusion of the session in Croke Park. A brief report on the workshop, prepared by the Convener, will be uploaded to www.apibf.com on Monday, 20 June.Details are indicative only and programme is subject to further change. Details are indicative only and programme is subject to further change.
  7. 7. gaa Five yeArs oF Workshop: Pharma / Life Sciences Convenor Peter Finnegan, Life Sciences Ireland, Irish Workshop: Tourism Convenor Paul Hayden, CEO, Dublin Tourism AsiAn–GAA support T Exporters Association Speakers he Asian Gulf Board (then the Asian County Speakers Simon Gregory, Director of Markets, Tourism Ireland Board) of the GAA convened for the first time Dr Prabhu Kulkarnh, Since 2003, Prabhu has his Siobhan Burns, Director, Adams and Butler in April 2006 in Shenzhen, China. There were own Renewable Energy business with fully owned seven people present in Peter Watson’s apartment subsidiary companies in India and UK. Mauro Biondi, Director, Emerald Cultural Institute including Paraic McGrath and Peter Ryan, who are still involved with the AGB. Prabhu is India Director of the Irish Exporters Association/ Asia Pacific Trade Forum and the Director Since that initial meeting the AGB has grown This session will focus on critical factors in targeting of the Institute of International trade of Ireland. the high value Asian tourism sectors. The speakers to a fully registered organisation within the GAA will discuss practical and cultural lessons learned in structure. There are nine executive members with 27 Tom Mulqueen, VP Nutrition Pfizer driving a successful client base from the region. clubs and just short of 800 players fully registered. There will be a strongly interactive Q & A session to Clubs are based in the Gulf and Arabian region, share insights. North and South East Asia and India. The number This session will focus on the practicalities of is made up of over 40pc ladies, with a total of 14 na- trading in the Asia-Pacific Region in the Life Key outcomes from the workshop will be presented tionalities represented including Chinese, Japanese, >> the AGb hAs A number oF youth Sciences, with the opportunity to engage directly at the concluding session. A brief summary on the with experienced professionals who have worked in Indian, Irish, English, Welsh, Scottish, American, Ca- initiAtives onGoinG with over 250 kids workshop, prepared by the Convenor, will be the region. There will be an interactive Q & A uploaded to www.apibf.com on Monday, 20 June nadian, Australian, French, Vietnamese, Malaysian, plAyinG GAelic FootbAll in sinGApore, session to enable the sharing of industry-specific New Zealand and Thai. honG konG, hAnoi, dubAi And kuAlu and cultural insights. The Asian Gulf Board is responsible for the or- lumpur, And hopes to increAse this ganisation of the annual Asian Gaelic Games with the over the next Few yeArs Key outcomes from the workshop will be presented 15th version recently taking place in Hong Kong. A at the concluding session. A brief summary of the number of other tournaments are run in the region workshop, prepared by the Convenor, will be annually including the All China, South East Asian, Angela Keane have made immense contributions to uploaded to www.apibf.com on Monday, 20 June North Asian and the Gulf Games. The AGB has been the development of the games in the region. supported by the Irish business groups, St Patrick’s For more information visit www.asiancountyboard. social groups, agencies and embassies in the region. com or join the Asian County Board group on LinkedIn The AGB now has four key partnerships with ESBI, and make sure to check out all of our club logos on the Guinness, Kerry Group and PCH International. club wall at the GAA Museum in Croke Park. These relationships help the AGB to support games development in different countries, as well as the current boArd members, includinG supporting the regional events each year, and the their clubs, Are As Follows: partners’ contribution is widely appreciated and ac- knowledged. The AGB is also guided by the officers Chairman: Paraic McGrath – Singapore Gaelic Lions serving on the overseas committee of the GAA under Secretary: Emily Ward – Japan GAA the chairmanship of Joe McDonagh. This committee Treasurer: Noel Lennon – Shanghai oversees the board’s activities and guides it in its Ladies officer: Blathnaid McNamara – ongoing affairs. Singapore Gaelic Lions The AGB is very grateful to the founding officers South East Asia officer: Pat Gorham – of the Asian County Board and all of those club Orang Eire Kuala Lumpur officers who have given and continue to give wholly North East Asia officer: Kevin Tobin – Seoul Gaels voluntarily their time and expertise. People like Gulf officer: Paddy Darcy – Dubai Celts Michael Shannon, Peter Goff, Helen Fridell and Ireland liaison: Peter Ryan – Teach Mealog Sraid Singe Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 13Details are indicative only and programme is subject to further change.
  8. 8. report reportEnthusiasm& optimism atthE annual forum The opportunity that exists for Irish businesses in Asia was palpable at the latest T Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum in Hong Kong The besT way To Tap inTo The irish business neTwork in asia is To aTTend The annual asia pacific ireland business forum (apibf). lasT year The evenT was held in hong kong in conjuncTion wiTh The asian gaelic games. With an audience of 150 delegates, the event was made up of formal presentations, panel discussions and focused industry sector workshops. The mood of the APIBF last year was overwhelmingly of optimism, but not blind optimism or foolish hope with no grounding in reality.14 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 15
  9. 9. report report One speaker noted that, on average, global GDPgrowth through to 2016 will be at 4pc per annum,and two-thirds of this growth will occur in emergingand developing countries. The opportunity for Ireland is to provide the sup-port required to improve the productivity gains inemerging Asian economies. Further cause for optimism, if actioned sensibly, isthe prospect that Ireland can be a harbour for Asianoutbound investment to Europe. Irish businesses inthe asset leasing, financial services and technologysectors could soon find themselves the objects ofinterest from Asian investors. The mission of any annual conference is to havedelegates leaving it with a spring in their step look-ing forward to the future. The APIBF is the annual conference of IrelandInc in Asia, and the enthusiasm of the participants –from the podium to the delegates to the workshops– was infectious. Asia is experiencing an extraordinary periodof transformation, and the current circumstances ‘irish businesses in the asset leasing,in Ireland, if anything, gave urgency to the Asia strat-egy of the Irish Government. financial services and technology sectors In an energetic address this year, John Bruton,chairman of the International Financial Services could soon find themselves the objectsCentre, stressed that the international leading posi-tion of Ireland in fund administration was of interestin all countries with developing financial services of interest from asian investors’sectors, and could be used as a lever to increaseIreland’s profile and leading edge and as a magnet to theory, particularly during Matthew Connolly of Eire plan based on self-help principles to foster growth, pharma, and education, though opportunitiesdraw investment flows to Ireland. Systems’ presentation. He highlighted the role of the collaboration and business in those sectors. also exist in clean and green tech, and applying Opportunity in Asia was a recurring theme during APIBF as a grassroots project for self-empowerment So what does it all mean? What can we distil from intellectual capital in consultancy services.the day’s proceedings. It sprang most prominently of Irish businesses that will become a touchstone for the day’s proceedings? The core messages seem to l There is a tried and tested network of Irishfrom the podium during the panel discussion where businesses globally looking to Asia. be: business support groups that can make marketambassadors from the Irish diplomatic missions in The tendency to self-deprecating modesty in the entry to Asia more readily understandable, andIndia, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines Irish character is often a positive; but in business, to l Asia will be the epicentre of future business that is increasingly active, self-determining,spoke about the business opportunities available in recognise and shine a light on success is a necessary opportunity in the world. and co-ordinated.the emerging economies of Asia. and noble act. l Engagement with Asia is no longer merely a de- l The next challenge will be for Ireland to posi- Of all the sessions during the event, this panel The Business & Finance Asia-Pacific Ireland sire, but a practical necessity, and that message tion itself to attract outbound investment fromprovoked the most discussion about untapped po- Business Awards 2010 fulfilled this role by honour- has been listened to by the Irish Government. Asia to Europe – with key sectors to benefit intential for Irish business and opportunities. It was a ing luminaries who have already seen the light that l There are Irish success stories throughout Asia Ireland being asset financing, financial servicesreflection of the diversity and range of opportunities shines so brightly in Asia. Those honoured – Tom that light the path that others must follow. That and technology.across Asia. Perhaps a point to follow up in future Hardiman, Glanbia and Catherine Toolan – repre- path leads not only to Tokyo, Shanghai, Hongevents will be to explore in more depth, and give sent the best of Irish business in every way. Kong and Singapore, but also to the emerging We can all look forward to next year when theremore time to, the opportunities that are available in The afternoon sessions involved focus groups on economies of Asia. will be so much more to report on and plan for asthe emerging economies. financial services, technology, food and education, l The key sectors for Ireland in Asia will contin- Asia represents the best bet for development and Practical insights accompanied the lofty heights of and arising out of those sessions, there is an action ue to be financial services, technology, food and growth for Irish businesses.16 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 17
  10. 10. beijing beijing Meet the people behind Irish Network China who all share a common passion and have lived in China for several years Bo nding in Beijing T he Irish Network China (INC) is a not-for- responsible for managing the food service for athletes profit organisation whose aim is to promote and media at the 2008 Olympic Games. and encourage exchange and understanding Three years in China (she previously studied at of business, cultural and sporting ties between the Tsinghua University, Beijing in 1999) Toolan spends Irish and Chinese communities in Beijing. her spare time playing Gaelic football with Beijing’s The INC is driven by a shared passion – Ireland – successful ladies’ GAA team, travelling in Asia and and strives to help people of all nationalities feel at generally living life to the full. home in China. INC stalwart Angela Keane serves as ‘general Fiona Mc Cormack is currently the chairperson of factotum’ on the Irish Ball committee, lending a hand the INC and has been a committee member for five as and when required. Born in Co Kerry, her career years. She moved to Beijing in 2003 from her home has been in media advertising in London where she town of Dublin. She works as an international school worked for The Times, and in Singapore where she teacher at primary level and is an active member worked for Dow Jones. of Beijing GAA. She is glad to help anyone with any Keane moved to China five years ago, having set up queries about living, working or looking for schools her own coaching and facilitation business. Outside in Beijing. of work, she is an active member of the ladies’ Gaelic From Co Mayo, Mark Godfrey looks after the INC’s football team. More information can be found here website and media affairs. He has been in China for Colin Saunders is responsible for driving the www.irishnetworkchina.com or by five years, working as a business journalist and re- sponsorship efforts of the Irish Ball and has sat on emailing contact@irishnetworkchina.com searching a PhD on China’s presence in Central Asia. the committee of the INC for the past year. Also from the West of Ireland – Co Sligo – Cath- He moved to Beijing two years ago and in that time erine Toolan works with ARAMARK and is executive has worked in the PR and marketing industries, while director of the Olympic Catering Services Project, also helping to promote Irish art in China.18 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 19
  11. 11. beijing members beijing members o’Brien, daniel Edelman Executive Tel 134 0104 9360 Email daniel.obrien@hertford.oxon. org o’riordain, sean Irish Embassy Beijing Diplomat Tel 6532 2691 Email sean.oriordain@dfa.ie Parsons, PatriCk OPC CEO Email Pparsons.asia@gmail.com Phelan, Glenn Perfect World CEO Tel 134 3979 6359 Email glenn@perfectworldasia.com Quinlan, James tBarry, GerardCRH, CFO Glynn, John CRH China lonG, karl Irish Bar Entertainment Asia Puhua Clinic Beijing Manager/Doctor ‘The speakers at theTel 86 134 3670 5793Email gbarry@crh.com Executive Tel 134 3670 5790 MD Tel 139 1058 0687 Email jtquinlan@gmail.com monthly dinners have come from across all kinds Email jglynn@crh.com Email long.karl2@gmail.com saunders, ColinCoonan, Clifford SmartTransIrish Times Godfrey, mark mCalinden, karl ExecutiveCorrespondentTel 186 1019 3168 International News Inc Industries Reporter Institute of Environmental & Public Affairs Tel 136 0119 0783 Email colinpfjsaunders@gmail.com of business sectors andEmail clifford.coonan@gmail.com Tel 139 1013 7447 Email mark.philipgodfrey@gmail.com Tel 130 5102 6720 Email karl.mcalinden@ipe.org.cn stirlinG, dunCan have included the head of deutsche Bank China’dillon, Corrine SORE LtdDiscover Mandarin Gould, ronan mCCormaCk, fiona ExecutiveOwner Mondiale Assistance Educator Tel 134 0104 3300Email cdillon@discovermandarin.com China Sales Director Tel 139 1014 5409 Email duncan@sore.ie Tel 8535 5588 Email mccormack.fiona@gmail.comdixon, Colin Email ronan.gould@mondial- toolan, PadraiCTenbridge assistance.com.cn mCGrath, miCk Oxford Aviation Winters, enda Zhan, QiPartner Tel 135 2260 5314 BD Director Asia Irish Embassy Beijing CRH ChinaTel 010 8588 6702 Grimes, Gavin Email mickjmcgrath@gmail.com Tel 010 8048 6340 Tel 137 1853 0734 AnalystEmail colin.dixon@tenbridge.com WeLocalise Email Padraictoolan@yahoo.co.uk Email enda.winters@dfa.ie Tel 6505 1988 GM China moroney, ray Email qzhan@crhchina.comforBes, Graham Tel 134 6631 3043 Owner Williams, Chris WooCk, PatriCk rGold Eagle Industrial Co Email gavin.grimes@welocalize.com Tel 135 0116 6943 EuroChef China ETT InvestmentsGM Email ray@moroneyandassociates. GM GMTel 139 0120 4064 com Tel 138 1048 8569 Tel 186 0426 1893Email matrisxsecurity@vip.sina.com Email chriswilliams@eurochefchina. Email Patrick.woock@ettinvestments. com com20 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 21
  12. 12. shanghai shanghai Shanghai T SurpriSeS he Ireland China Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai provides networking opportunities for Irish businesses and businesspeople, and has a strong relationship with the international Chambers of Commerce and Irish State bodies in Shanghai. Along with other Irish groups in Shanghai, the Ireland China Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai works together with the Irish Consulate to ensure the success of Ireland Week in Shanghai. The highlight of the 2010 Ireland Week was the St Patrick’s Day Parade on 13 March, which saw thousands of Irish, Chinese and international marchers and spectators take to the streets in what is a unique honour for the Irish community. The parade, sponsored by the Ireland EXPO Pavilion, was led by Dr Sha Hai Lin, The success of Ireland Week Shanghai’s Municipal People’s Government Deputy Secretary; Irish Government Minister each year in Shanghai is one of the Michael Finneran TD; and Haibao, the World Expo 2010 mascot. The Ireland China Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai also has a dedicated LinkedIn Group. priorities of the Ireland China Its objective is to provide information-sharing opportunities relating to the Irish business community in Shanghai. Membership is open to anyone who is Irish or anyone who has an Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai association with or interest in Irish business in Shanghai. For more information on the Ireland China Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai go to www.irishchamberchina.com.22 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 23
  13. 13. shanghai members shanghai members dowlInG, tony Ogilvy & Mather Greater China Chief Financial Officer Tel 86 10 85206618 (Beijing) Tel 86 10 24051887 (Shanghai) Email tony.dowling@ogilvy.com duBSKy, roBert Primark/Penneys Tel 86 21 5240 2603 Email rdubsky@primark.co.uk duFFy, GAry Excelsys Technologies Ltd. Managing Director Tel 353 21 4354716 Email garyduffy@excelsys.com hAllAhAn, GreG Pacific Strategies & Assessments Group Regional Business Development Director Tel 86 21 6149 8274 Email greg.hallahan@psagroup.com KeAne, GAvIn mulA, KAder ryAn, JAmeS China Retail and Sourcing Consultant Atheros ESL Express Group Inc. hoFFmAn, BevIn Email chinairishman@hotmail.com Email kader.mula@yahoo.com Email james@eslexpress.com Allied Pickfords Shanghai Customer Services and Marketing KellAGhAn, roBert murphy, ClIonA SCAnlon, CAtrIonA Manager China Email rkellaghan@gmail.com PepsiCo Noppen Co., Ltd. Tel 86 21 633320088 ext 118 Tel 86 21 23058051 Email catscan2004@gmail.com Email bevin.hoffman@alliedpickfords. Kennedy, BreIFFInI Email cliona.murphy@mac.com com.cn Bord Bia, Irish Food Board ShAw, tIm Asia Manager murphy, BrIAn Keeler LtdAllen, GrAeme Cole, John Tel 86 21 62798829 Borets Weatherford Regional Manager – China & AsiaFlying Fox Gastro Pub Southreach Ltd Email breiffini.kennedy@bordbia.ie Tel 86 21 5774 ext 344 PacificTel 86 21 50309807 Email john.cole@southreach.com Email brian.murphy@borets- Email shaw.tim@gmail.comEmail flyingfoxshanghai@gmail.com lennon, GerAld weatherford.com Condon, lIAm Kerry Group SwAn, dereK Linkedin Group:BeAtty, neAl Bayer Vital GmbH General Manager o’KeAne, AlAn PM Group ireland China ChamberControl Risks Tel 49 214 3051116 Tel 86 21 54265333 ext 5405 DORTEK Hygienic Door Systems Email derek.swam@pmg.ie; of Commerce, ShanghaiEmail neal.beatty@control-risks.com Email liam.condon@bayer.com the objective of the Ireland Email gerald.lennon@kerry.com Managing Director derek.swan@mwgroup.net China Chamber of Commerce, Tel 607 8616 233BehAn, Ken CrAnwell, roSS Shanghai linkedIn Group is to mCGIBney, GreGory Email alan.okeane@dortek.com wAldron, BrendAnInterliner Agencies Ltd Independent E-Learning Consultant provide information-sharing Airbus New Tigers ConsultancyTel 353 1 7060060 Email rosscranwell@gmail.com opportunities relating to the Email greg_lisaradley@hotmail.com roBInSon, FerGuS Email bwaldron@newtigers.comEmail kenbehan1@gmail.com Irish business community in Magna Mirrors Manufacturing douGherty, mIChAel S. Shanghai. membership is open moloney, dAn Consultant Zhou yI, dAvIdChen, ChArlIe Shanghai Community International to anyone who is Irish or Aker Solutions China Email fergus.robinson@gmail.com H&Y Law FirmFangChen Technologies Co. Ltd. School (SCIS) anyone who has an association President PartnerGeneral Manager Tel 86 21 6261 4338 with or interest in Irish Tel 86 21 5081 8811 ryAn, ultAn Tel 86 21 5879 6866Email Chhta79@hotmail.com Email mdougherty@scischina.org business in Shanghai. Email dan.moloney Email Ulten@yahoo.com Email davidzhou@handylawfirm.com @akersolutions.com24 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 25
  14. 14. hong kong hong kong a the t heart of hong kong T he Irish Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong (ICC) is a networking group for Irish businesspeople living in Hong Kong, and those with an interest in Irish business. It provides its members with the chance to further Irish busi- ness interests in Hong Kong, and with an opportunity to meet Irish Government and business leaders that visit Hong Kong. Membership is made up of both individuals and corporations, and the chamber seeks to promote closer ties between Ireland and Hong Kong through regular events. The ICC also represents the Irish business community on a broader level through membership of the European Union Cham- ber of Commerce, and of the International Business Committee – the forum through which the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region meets with the international busi- ness community to discuss key issues and legislation. The chamber has around 125 members, the majority of whom are of Irish origin, with most of the remainder from Hong Kong, the UK and the US. Its events attract a broader constituency and are regularly attended by some of the leading Irish, European and Chinese businesspeople in Hong Kong. They typically focus on entrepre- neurship, investment, finance or economic issues and attract high profile speakers. The ICC runs social and sports-related events as well, such as the flagship annual Rugby Sevens event. The chamber also promotes events hosted by other organisa- tions – such as sister Irish chambers in Asia and fellow European chambers of commerce – with which it shares common aims and objectives. Over the past two years, the ICC has significantly expanded its activities and membership and increased its focus on better serv- ing its members and their interests. In the next two years, it hopes to substantially increase its membership, in particular by attracting younger members. More information can be found at www.irishchamber.hk Events run by the Irish Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong typically focus on entrepreneurship, investment, finance or economic issues26 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 27
  15. 15. hong kong members hong kong members Cheung, Wing yun de Cuirteis, sean (azelea) MEC, Regional Director AIA, Financial Planner Tel +852 9722 6863 Tel +852 2881 3333 delaney, ronan Clarke, neil Ove Arup & Partners Sounds Good Ltd Associate Director Managing Director Tel +852 2268 3257 Tel +852 9490 4427 Email ronan.delaney@arup. Email soundsgoodhk@ com hotmail.com doherty, MiChael Collins, MiCheal Eclipse Management Ltd Kraken Media Owner Director Tel +852 2544 7615 Tel +65 6333 4909 Email info@eclipse.com.hk Email micheal.collins@ kraken-media.com duMigan, david FranCis ColWell, Paul Henderson Land Towers Watson Development Co., Ltd Investment Consultant General Manager, Project Tel +852 6019 2513 Management Department Email paul.colwell@ Tel +852 2908 8750 towerswatson.com Email david.dumigan@hld.individual borrett, Paul Email giles@baf.msmail. commembers seaMus cuhk.edu.hk Condon, bill Tda Interiors Ltd Venture Management edMiston, PaulagneW, robert Managing Director byrne, gerard Group, Partner Delta Perceptions HongMatrix Services Ltd Tel + 852 2543 8889 Barclays Tel +852 3691 8533 Kong, DirectorManaging Director Email paul.borrett@ COO Email billcondon@vmg. Tel +852 2961 4284Tel +852 8100 8528 tdainteriors.com Email gerard.byrne@ com.hk Email paul@delta-Email robertagnew@ barcap.com perceptions.hkmatrixserviceslimited.com brady, orla Coughlan, ann Altus Page Kirkland Carroll, ian Bupa (Asia) Ltd elliCott, WalteragneW, derMot Director The Candle Company Ltd Managing Director MacDonald & CompanyDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu Tel +852 2891 9917 Director Tel +852 2517 5175 DirectorPartner Email orla.brady@ Tel +852 3589 6528 Email annc@bupa.com.hk Tel +852 2248 3000Tel +852 2852 1600 altusgroup.com.hk Email ian@candles.hk CroWe, WilliaM Foy, sean gleeson, Maureen godFrey, anne-Marie healy, suzannealexander, Peter bredin, alan Casey, liaM KPMG, Partner Source Solutions Asia Simmons & Simmons Bingham McCutchen LLP ClearTech EngineeredKPMG Willis Group PCH International Ltd Tel +852 2522 6022 Director Associate Partner Solutions, DirectorSenior Manager Finance Director, Asia CEO Email william.crowe@ Tel +852 2805 2249 Tel +852 2583 8236 Tel +852 3182 1705 Tel +353 4545 6890Tel +852 2140 2858 Tel +852 2827 0111 Tel +86 755 2598 8866 kpmg.com Email spowell@sourcesolu- Email maureen.gleeson@ Email anne-marie. Email shealy@cleartech.ieEmail peter.alexander@ Email alan.bredin@willis. Email liam@ tions.org simmons-simmons.com godfrey@bingham.comkpmg.com com pchchinasolutions.com d’arCy, shane JaCob, Mervyn Altus Page Kirkland FreeMan, rob glynn, stePhen haughey, daraCh PriceWaterhouseCoopersbehan, anthony brennand, giles Casey, diCk Global President Goldman Sachs Asia LLC Morgan Stanley Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu PartnerThe Communication Group The Chinese University Sustainable Sourcing Tel +852 2891 9917 Executive Director Managing Director International, Principal Tel +852 2289 2700Ltd, Managing Director of Hong Kong, Managing Director Email shane.darcy@ Tel +852 6907 6979 Email stephen.glynn@ Tel +852 2852 1600 Email mervyn.jacob@Tel +852 2895 5972 Professor Department Tel +852 2521 5299 altusgroup.com.hk Email Rob.Freeman@ morganstanley.com Email darhaughey@ hk.pwc.comEmail tcgroup@netvigator. of Management Email dcasey@ gs.com deloitte.com.hkcom Tel +852 2609 7898 sustsourcing.com28 Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum Directory 29