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Martin Baker Folio


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Martin Baker Folio

  1. 1. About Work Nothing But Blue Skies Gumbo Fever Fire FireVol. II Music oCha Contents MartinBaker
  2. 2. MartinBaker NothingButBlueSkies Small fanzine of which I was given full control. As the zine had no clear branding or trademark style when I took over, I had the task of building the zine from scratch from a design perspective. It was a fantastic experience as the content could vary from light hearted to divisive, forcing me to think about consequence and how to present information in relation to its importance or impact on the readers. After the first year, the zine was voted as one of the top 3 football publications in Australia, as voted for by fans. Client Delivered Awards TheCove Artdirection Pagelayoutanddesign Editing Sourcing material 2014 FFDU Print Publication oftheYear Top 3
  3. 3. MartinBaker NothingButBlueSkies
  4. 4. MartinBaker
  5. 5. MartinBaker NothingButBlueSkies
  6. 6. Promotional material design for a New Orleans jazz night at a local wine bar. The event aimed to faithfully reproduce the atmosphere of early New Orleans jazz clubs with live jazz bands, special cocktails and spatial alterations. Thereforeitwas essentialtocarrythisethosinto the design of the promotional material for the event. Client Delivered Blackout Bar Advertfor print and social services MartinBaker GumboFever
  7. 7. The design of motifs and type stick as closelyto the original aesthetic of early jazz posters as possible. Bold and contrasted typefaces capturethe raw energyofthe earlyjazz club room, whilstthe motifs and borders helpto give itorder and direct attention. MartinBaker GumboFever
  8. 8. Artwork and CD case design for a funk mixtape. The driving force behind the resulting designs is a translation of the aesthetic of funk into a graphic style. What was clear early on was the need to represent the eccentric and jovial nature of funk music. This meant the abandonment of clean lines and intricate detail in exchange for imagery that’s loud and unpolished. Client Delivered Self initiated Packaging Design MartinBaker FIRE
  9. 9. MartinBaker FIRE
  10. 10. MartinBaker FIRE
  11. 11. Branding, CD case artwork and poster artwork for the second volume of the FIRE funk mixtape series. Whilst the first FIRE compilation aimed to create a cross section of the funk genre, the second aims to build on this by also weaving a story through the arrangement of songs. Using the existing universe created by Parliament Funkadelic, the design not only compliments the music but also broadens the experience through the creation of lore. The CD case takes on the form of a bible, using hieroglyphs to depict narrative in a manner that departs from simple story telling, rather a mysterious monument to legend. Client Delivered Self initiated Posterdesign Packaging design MartinBaker FIREVol.II
  12. 12. Clockwise fromtop left : Frontcover Poster Back cover MartinBaker FIREVol.II
  13. 13. MartinBaker FIREVol.II
  14. 14. Interface design for a conceptual music library and player. The main goal for the design is an interface that is immersive, capturing the magic of music, whilst still empowering the user with a host of tools that are both simple and powerful. Takingcuesfromcontemporary web design, music artwork is displayed as much, and as large as possible, so as to add excitement which is lacking in many current offerings. Equally important to the design was to remove the clutter that one would find in current programs, giving room to breathe without sacrificing on usability. Client Delivered Self Initiated User Experience User Interface MartinBaker Music
  15. 15. MartinBaker Music
  16. 16. MartinBaker Music
  17. 17. Tea package design for a student project at TAFE. The project was to research tea packaging and apply the resulting knowledge to create a tea brand and packaging for 3 types of tea. From my research I was most impressed with Asian, and in particular, Japanese packaging. By the creation and careful design of layers of packaging, the act of opening is no longer banal, but rather an informative and expressive one. The brand aesthetic takes inspirationfromearlyJapanese wood block designs, meaning a clean and flat design. Each tea is represented by its own silhouette and colour, not only on the tea box itself but on the sleeve that wraps around the box, and the perforated outter casing. Every layer thus creates a unified experience that is much deeper than your standard tea package. Client Delivered TAFE Branding Packaging MartinBaker oCha
  18. 18. MartinBaker oCha 1. Perforated outtercasing 3. Innersleeve inside 4. Teabox2. Innersleeve outside 2 3 41
  19. 19. MartinBaker oCha
  20. 20. Mynameis MartinBaker. I'madesignerfromSydneyinterestedin exploringtheboundariesofdesign. Whetherits print,branding,webor interfacedesign,Iwanttotellyourstory inthe mostbeautifulwaypossible. Get intouch email the loop linkedin Hithere! MartinBaker About