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  1. 1. PressRelease) SurfBouncer Personal VPNservice is now offering High Encryption servers for mission critical applications. These servers are offered at no additional charge to Personal VPN customers. This is the same state of the art, maximum encryption as used by governmentsand major corporations for top secret work. These are offered in addition to their standard servers located worldwide.vpn services
  2. 2. SurfBouncer has always offered 128 bit commercial grade SSL as usedby banks and credit card companies for secure web transactions Manycustomers, working overseas, requested the added protection of 256 bitAES encrypted servers SurfBouncer has responded and the servers areavailable in both TCP and UDP configurations
  3. 3. This new product is offered at no additional charge to their Personal VPNcustomers Those travelling to countries such as Bahrain, Belize, Brazil,China, Egypt, Guyana, Jordan, Kuwait, Mexico, Oman, Qatar, (KSA)Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates, including Dubai and AbuDhabi) and Yemen find that internet access is filtered and censoredSurfBouncers Personal VPN bypasses these filters, unblocks web sitesand allows them to do business as usual safely and securely
  4. 4. Also announced are new VPN servers in Northern California PersonalVPN customers located in Asia could see increased performance of theirSurfBouncer Personal VPN service due to new servers in NorthernCalifornia These servers are an addition to their standard mix of U
  5. 5. S vpn services servers
  6. 6. They also have servers located in the Central and Eastern United States The secure VPN service now offers IP addresses in the USA, Ireland,UK and Canada, with more countries coming in 2010
  7. 7. A personal benefit, while traveling, is being able to access web sitesback home that are not available overseas Social, video and other websites are blocked from being viewed outside of their country butSurfBouncers Personal VPN Service restores the travelers IP addressback to their home country, providing access to these sites
  8. 8. Also offered is a Static IP VPN service which assigns the same IPaddress every time Financial web sites often block access to individualaccounts when they see multiple logins from around the world
  9. 9. For a person who travels, trying to restore account access fromthousands of miles and many times zones away can be difficult and tiringBeing able to log in from the same address every time prevents thisproblem
  10. 10. With its many applications, the Personal VPN service may bepurchased in short to long terms, making it ideal for the casual traveler orfor the road warrior somekeyword Source: somekeyword
  11. 11. vpn services