18 Tips from Content Marketing Innovators - Content Jam eBook


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The Content Marketing Innovator eBook promises to provoke your thinking and assumptions regarding the best way to communicate in a world of abundant content.

Experts in content strategy and creation, SEO, analytics, promotion, and marketing automation share their smartest tools and techniques. Including Gini Dietrich from Arment Dietrich & Spin Sucks blog, Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Studios, Ian Belknap from Write Club, and many more.

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18 Tips from Content Marketing Innovators - Content Jam eBook

  2. 2. IT’S TIME TO JAM Strategy Creative Promotion Measurement Content Jam is a conference for people who create or curate content for the web. Experts in content strategy and creation, SEO, analytics, promotion, and marketing automation share their tips in the Content Jam Innovator eBook.
  3. 3. Andy Crestodina Web Strategist and Co-founder of Orbit Media Studios @crestodina Science of attraction and action There  is  a  science  to  a-rac.ng  visitors   and  ge2ng  them  to  take  ac.on.  But  the   connec.on  that  happens  next  is  all  art.       Data  drives  marke.ng  decisions  about   rankings  and  traffic,  content  and   conversions.  But  as  soon  as  that  visitor   submits,  subscribes  or  comments,  they   change  from  a  number  to  a  person.       Treat  them  with  kindness  and  humility.   TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  4. 4. “There is a science to attracting visitors and getting them to take action – the connection that happens next is all art.” Andy Crestodina #ContentJam @crestodina
  5. 5. Gini Dietrich Founder/CEO Arment Dietrich Founder and Publisher Spin Sucks Blog @ginidietrich The truth about in-depth articles Google  recently  announced  a  new   feature  that  returns  in-­‐depth  ar.cles  in   search  results.  Do  a  broad  search  for  your   industry  -­‐  marke.ng,  public  rela.ons,   communica.ons,  social  media,   fundraising,  telecomm,  etc.  -­‐  and  see  if   any  in-­‐depth  ar.cles  come  up.  If  nothing   appears,  you  have  a  huge  opportunity  to   write  some  longer-­‐form  content  that  is   well  researched  and  op.mized  to  extend   your  brand.  If  ar.cles  do  appear,  it's  .me   to  roll  up  your  sleeves  and  get  going! TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  6. 6. “In-depth articles are the newest innovation in content marketing. Roll up your shirtsleeves and do the work. Google will reward you.” Gini Dietrich #ContentJam @ginidietrich
  7. 7. Brad Farris Principal, Anchor Advisors @blfarris Write the easy way It's  so  hard  to  write  well  -­‐-­‐  it  takes  a  ton   of  .me,  thought  and  effort  to  write  a   great  blog  post.  So  don't  do  that  -­‐-­‐  it's  too   hard.       Instead,  write  a  really  lousy  blog  post.     Your  blog  needs  your  ideas  and  your  voice   but  there  are  hundreds  of  competent   former  journalism  students  out  there  who   are  perfectly  good  editors.  Hire  one  of   them  to  turn  your  crappy  blog  post  into   something  that  someone  else  wants  to   read. TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  8. 8. “Good writing is hard. Bad writing is easy -- Do the easy job & hire out the hard one!” Brad Farris #ContentJam @blfarris
  9. 9. Mana Ionescu Founder Lightspan Digital @manamica What you need to do to write well Whether  wri.ng  120  characters,  an   Instagram  cap.on,  a  catchy  hashtag  or  a   blogpost,  wri.ng  requires  skill.  And  that   skill  comes  with  prac.ce.  You  can't  write   if  you  don't  read.  You  can't  write  if   you....avoid  wri.ng.  And  you  can't  write   well  if  you  don't  rewrite.     So  read  what  others  write,  write   fearlessly,  and  dare  to  seek  perfec.on  by   rewri.ng  and  rewri.ng.     TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  10. 10. “Read what others write, write fearlessly, and dare to seek perfection by rewriting and rewriting.” Mana Ionescu #ContentJam @manamica
  11. 11. Sean McGinnis Digital Marketing Director Sears Parts Direct @seanmcginnis The secret to valuable links Want  to  rank  well  in  search  results?  You   need  links.  Want  links?  Write  epic  shit!   Your  goal  should  be  to  create  the  best   web  page  on  the  internet  for  that  topic.   People  are  inclined  to  read,  share  and  link   to  the  highest  quality  informa.on.  Do   your  “content  marke.ng”  efforts  measure   up  to  that  loWy  standard? TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  12. 12. “People are inclined to read, share, and link to the highest quality information.” Sean McGinnis @seanmcginnis#ContentJam
  13. 13. Keith Ecker Writer. Educator. Performer. @keithecker The secret to keep’em coming back If  we  were  to  think  of  websites  as   restaurants,  SEO  is  the  billboard,  and   content  is  the  food.  Your  audience  might   come  because  of  the  SEO,  but  they  come   back  because  of  the  content.  Moral  of   the  story?       Do  not  overlook  the  importance  of  being   interes.ng  and  of  use.     TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  14. 14. “You will get a lot more out of your content if you think of yourself as a storyteller first and a marketer second.” Keith Ecker @keithecker#ContentJam
  15. 15. Marti Konstant Founder  and     Growth  Hacker   Konstant  Change   @martikonstant The wisdom of relevance If  70%  of  the  sales  process  is  completed   before  a  customer  contacts  you  (Sirius   Decisions  2012),  get  straight  to  the  heart   of  what  your  customer  wants  or  needs.     What  you  want  to  say  and  what  your   customer  is  interested  in  are  oWen   different.     Listen,  give’em  relevant  informa.on,  talk   about  what  is  on  their  mind,  and  help   them  solve  their  problems.   TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  16. 16. “What you want to say and what people are interested in are often different.” Marti Konstant @martikonstant#ContentJam
  17. 17. Steve Susina Director of Demand Generation for Crain Communications / Business Insurance @ssusina Content before marketing automation Before  ge:ng  started  with  marke<ng   automa<on,  it  is  important  to  have  a     great  content  strategy  already  in  place.       Automa<on  will  help  you  deliver  your   content  faster  and  more  efficiently  to  the   right  people.  That's  awesome  if  you  have   great  content.       If  your  content  sucks,  marke<ng   automa<on  will  also  expose  it  to  more   people,  more  quickly.   TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  18. 18. “Marketing automation is an ideal platform to deliver the right content to right audience at right time in purchase cycle.” Steve Susina @ssusina#ContentJam
  19. 19. Luvvie Ajayi Writer and Digital Strategist Awesomely Luvvie @iLuvvit Social smarts for branding Branding  is  the  en.re  idea  and  image  that   people  have  of  something  or  another   person.  It's  what  determines  what  people   expect  from  you  and  how  to  treat  you.       To  create  a  strong  one  online,  you  need  to   be  CONSCIOUS  of  your  voice,  CONSISTENT   with  your  content,  and  COHESIVE  across   all  social  networks. TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  20. 20. “For a strong online brand, be conscious of your voice, consistent with your content, and cohesive across all social networks.” Luvvie Ajayi @iLuvvit#ContentJam
  21. 21. Jill Salzman President The Founding Moms @foundingmom Practical content wins every time Get  prac.cal.  It  may  be  impressive  to   offer  theore.cal  insights  and  beau.ful   concepts,  but  what  are  we  supposed  to  do   with  that  long-­‐term?       Offer  ac.onable,  prac.cal  steps,  .ps  or   tricks  and  you'll  have  them  coming  back   for  more. TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  22. 22. “Best kind of content marketing? The practical kind.” Jill Salzman @foundingmom#ContentJam
  23. 23. Jill Pollack Owner StoryStudio Chicago @jill_pollack Cocktail party content marketing Content  Marke.ng  is  like  a  cocktail  party;   being  a  good  host  means  you  don't  stand   in  the  middle  of  the  room  ac.ng  like  a   know-­‐it-­‐all.       Instead,  start  a  discussion  by  involving   your  readers  in  the  conversa.on. TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  24. 24. “Start a discussion by involving your readers in the conversation.” Jill Pollack @jill_pollack#ContentJam
  25. 25. Deana Goldasich CEO Well Planned Web @goldasich Uncover relevant content A  single  customer  story  can  literally   transform  your  editorial  calendar   overnight.  Maximize  your  ROI  (Return  on   Interview)  by  thinking  waaaay  beyond   case  studies  and  tes.monials.       If  you’re  disciplined  in  your  interview,   facilita.on,  listening  and  documenta.on,   you’ll  uncover  a  boatload  of  ac.onable   content  items  that  are  über-­‐relevant  to   your  prospects TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  26. 26. “Content must map directly to a specific audience need, dilemma, or pain point.” Deana Goldasich @goldasich#ContentJam
  27. 27. Jodi Navta VP Marketing and Communications Coyote @jodinavta Have context Stories  are  everywhere,  but  not  every   story  is  worth  telling.  Think  beyond  your   ver.cal  when  developing  content.  What’s   going  on  in  the  world,  in  the  economy,  in   your  city  that  people  may  have  an   emo.onal  connec.on  to?     Think  of  context  first,  form  content   around  that  context,  and  then  share.   You'll  find  new  audiences  and  also  engage   the  audience  you  want  to  in  a  more   meaningful  way. TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  28. 28. “Start a campfire in your organization, and suddenly everyone will have a compelling story to tell.” Jodi Navta @jodinavta#ContentJam
  29. 29. Kate Eyler-Werve Project Manager Mightybytes @innokate Don’t call it content For  the  love  of  li-le  green  apples,  stop  calling   all  that  gorgeous  work  you've  created   "content!"    Content  is  a  handy  umbrella  term   for  prac..oners  but  to  most  folks  it  sounds   off-­‐pu2ng,  like  calling  people  "human   resources."  Plus,  have  you  ever  heard  a   customer  declare  their  interest  in  consuming   content?  Of  course  not.  People  come  to  your   site  for  tutorials,  explana.ons,  ideas,  facts,   research,  videos,  pictures  and  expert  advice.   S.ck  with  concrete  descrip.ons  that  convey   the  value  of  your  work  instead  of  using   professional  jargon. TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  30. 30. “Don’t call it content – stick with concrete descriptions that convey the value of your work instead of using professional jargon.” Kate Eyler-Werve @innokate#ContentJam
  31. 31. Susan Silver President Argentum Strategy Group @argentumstrat How does content further growth? Be  strategic  about  how  you  use  content   marke.ng.         Ask  yourself  how  it  can  best  help  you   grow  your  company's  business.   TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  32. 32. “First ask yourself how content marketing can best help you grow your company’s business.” Susan Silver @argentumstrat#ContentJam
  33. 33. James Ellis Director of Digital Strategy Flirt Communications @saltlab Google Analytics mastery Once  you  understand  Segments,   Campaigns  and  Conversion  Goals,  you  are   a  Google  Analy.cs  master.  Segments   allow  you  to  filter  and  only  see/ understand  a  single  audience.       Conversions  lets  you  measure  what's   really  important  to  you.  Campaigns  lets   you  see  what  messages  and  channels   really  worked.       Everything  else  is  searching  for  the  right   bu-on. TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  34. 34. “Content Marketing is a fancy term for giving users what they wanted all along.” James Ellis @saltlab#ContentJam
  35. 35. Keidra Chaney Founder/Editor The Learned Fangirl @kdc Website trend spotting As  a  content  creator,  it’s  really  easy  to  get   caught  up  in  traffic  chasing:  logging  into   Google  Analy.cs,  looking  at  a  single   metric  –  say,  number  of  visits  –  in   isola.on  and  making  a  value  judgment   about  how  well  your  content  is   performing.  The  trends  of  your  content   performance  are  the  most  valuable  way   for  you  to  get  a  perspec.ve  on  how  well   your  site  is  performing  over  .me.  Se2ng   your  own  monthly  traffic  benchmarks   should  be  a  primary  goal. TIP Content  Jam  &  Konstant  Change  
  36. 36. “In Google Analytics,set monthly traffic benchmarks to get a perspective on how well your site is performing over time.” Keidra Chaney @kdc#ContentJam
  37. 37. Tim Frick Principal Mightybytes @timfrick Agile Content Development Validated  learning,  the  process  of   conduc<ng  user  tes<ng  at  every  stage  of   product  development,  is  an  agile   soKware  development  process  that   content  marketers  can  add  to   their  workflows.     Create.  Measure.  Learn.  Create  content   based  on  a  single,  specific  hypothesis.   Measure  the  validity  of  your  hypothesis   through  tes<ng  and  analy<cs.  Make  data-­‐ based  decisions  regarding  whether  to   abandon  hypothesis  (pivot)  or  stay  the   course  (persevere). TIP Orbit  Media  Studios  &  Konstant  Change  
  38. 38. “Analytics tools make it easy to create small chunks of content, test them and then either pivot to a new approach or persevere.” Tim Frick @timfrick#ContentJam
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