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Ultimate Guide: Ultrasound Equipment
Maintenance Tips
Ultrasound machines require regular car...
If you are looking for ultrasound equipment maintenance guide, the following tips will help t...
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The control panel of your new ultrasound machines for sale is directly linked t...
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Ultimate Guide: Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance Tips - Enterprise Ultrasound


Published on : Ultrasound equipment maintenance tips. As a provider of ultrasound machines, portable ultrasound machines and probes, we can offer refurbished, demo and even new systems and probes from manufacturers like GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Philips, Mindray, Sonoscape, Edan, Sonosite, Samsung and many more. We take an honest approach of understanding your application and yes, even your budget, so we can properly assess the right ultrasound equipment available for your medical practice.

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Ultimate Guide: Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance Tips - Enterprise Ultrasound

  1. 1. Ultimate Guide: Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance Tips Ultrasound machines require regular care and maintenance for them to function properly and in particular, provide accurate images. When you are looking for ultrasound machines for sale, whether you plan to buy new portable ultrasound machines or buy cart based ultrasound machines, it is vital that you learn how to use and maintain it properly. By doing so, you will increase the lifespan, utility, and functionality of your device and it will convert into a value- adding asset to your practice. When buying ultrasound devices, the options are plentiful. You may buy GE ultrasound machines or Philips ultrasound machines. Before finalizing your decision, have a close look at the service contracts. An extended service contract acts as an insurance policy. It will provide you with mental peace because it covers regular and critical maintenance check-ups: both are designed to detect faults and rectify them promptly. When sonographers and radiologists utilize ultrasound equipment, they rely on various parts such as the transducer or probe, control panel, and monitor. If the components of your ultrasound equipment are up to par with OEM standards, it will greatly facilitate patient care and aid in the growth of your services.
  2. 2. If you are looking for ultrasound equipment maintenance guide, the following tips will help to ensure that your ultrasound machine will function efficiently and trouble-free for years to come: Transducer Care It is the hand-held feature of your diagnostic ultrasound machines for sale. It comes into contact with the patient’s physicality. The shape is similar to a wand with a concave portion which is maneuvered over the body part being examined. Some transducers are long and thin with a slim end. These may be inserted into the rectum or vagina for examination. A transducer has piezoelectric crystals which emit ultrasound waves when the machine turns on. These waves move in sweeping patterns within the body and reflect off structures like tissue, internal structures and bone. These waves are transmitted back to the CPU and aid in generating images on the monitor. Real-time imaging assists sonographers to monitor the condition and growth of internal organs and fetuses. Considering the role they play, transducers must be handled with care. To maintain it properly, perform regular inspections of your transducer. Check for cracks on the housing, cable, connector, and nose. The presence of dents, cuts, and swelling of the lens materials means your machine may require urgent attention. When you are shipping your transducer, it must be done in a container or special case properly packaged with bubble-wrap or foam. It will prevent any damage from occurring to its parts. In most cases, a repair will suffice; otherwise you may be a candidate for an exchange. CPU The CPU of your GE new ultrasound machine processes ultrasound waves emitted by a transducer. The CPU will calculate the rate of the ultrasound waves emitted by the transducer and the speed at which they return. Depending on the time taken for these waves to return, the CPU will calculate the density of the internal surfaces. For instance, when the transducer is rolled across the abdomen of a pregnant woman, the amniotic fluid will not reflect ultrasound waves and thus, will appear back or hollow in the image. Harder surfaces such as bones appear white whereas soft tissues appear grey in color. The sonographer will keep changing the location of the transducer until a clear image appears of the fetus. The CPU will emit electric waves into the transducer and control frequency of the ultrasound waves. It also stores images which help the sonographer maintain a database for patients. Thus, the CPU is the brain of your ultrasound machine and thus needs proper attention to obtain the best results. The CPU must be maintained and checked regularly. If you can afford the software requires regular updates as per the manufacturer’s instructions, it may be beneficial to the imaging outcome. Configurations must also be optimal. If you are operating out of a big facility, you will likely have internal maintenance engineers to look at CPU maintenance. However, if a parts warranty is available for your engineers to get parts quickly, it may be advisable to look into costs associated.
  3. 3. Control Panel The control panel of your new ultrasound machines for sale is directly linked to the computer and aids in the imaging process. The sonographer controls the frequency of the ultrasound waves that are emitted, the length of each pulse and the width of ultrasound beams. These factors impact the clarity of the image and with the help of the control panel, the sonographer manipulates them. Regular maintenance of your ultrasound machine’s control panel entails checking for the crispness of images, checking keys on the keyboard, up keeping the trackball assembly and replacing the faulty parts. Failure to maintain your control panel will result in unresponsive user pointer interface and faulty imaging. Monitor The monitor of Philips ultrasound machines is similar to the screen of your personal computer or television. Scanned images are displayed on the screen, as well as anomalies and defects. The sonographer can freeze images for later study or zoom in. Doppler ultrasound machines are capable of detecting pitch variations such as heart beat and blood flow. Regular maintenance of your monitor keeps it in good working order. The technician will also check the power supply and configuration of peripherals to ensure it is up to OEM standards. Printers and Disk Storage Data obtained from ultrasound machines for sale is stored in centralized storage or cloud units. With a cloud storage facility, sonographers and physicians are able to view images and data from anywhere in the world. It is an advanced technique which enables patients with freedom to access medical care in remote places. Online medical technology provides medical flexibility to practitioners. Scanned images may be printed as per convenience. Disk storage and printers also require regular maintenance and upgrades for them to work optimally. If you want to buy new ultrasound systems, keep in mind the role they play in medical diagnosis and patient health. An ultrasound machine that is maintained on a regular basis will add value to your service and assist in providing high-quality patient care. Information Presented by :- Enterprise Ultrasound Lake Forest, California ,United States Call: (949) 400-7868