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Qantas airways limited-


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Qantas airways limited-

  1. 1. Qantas Airways Limited
  2. 2. Background • Largest Airline in terms of fleet size, international flights & international destinations • Founded in 1920, it is the 3rd oldest Airlines in the world (Qantas, 2010). • It is world’s 11th largest Airlines in terms of revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPKs) • Qantas serves 182 destinations in 44 countries • Operates over 2000 flights each week • Its market capitalization is $2.4 billion • It has more than 300 Aircrafts & 33000 employees • It has 7 Airlines subsidiaries(Qantas Airways Limited, 2016)
  3. 3. Total Quality Management (TQM) • It is a management approach for an organization involving all the employees in continual improvement (The TQM Journal, 2008) • It is customer focused • It requires total employee involvement • It is process-centered • It requires strategic and systematic approach (Sadikoglu & Olcay, 2014) • It needs good communication system
  4. 4. Elements Of TQM • Customer Satisfaction • Management Commitment (Nofal, Omaim, & Zairi, 2014). • Employees Participation • Process Improvement • Better Communication • Training and Teamwork • Sustainable Improvement (Abdallah, 2013).
  5. 5. Problems In Qantas Airways • Industrial Disputes • Soaring petrol Prices • Competition From Middle East Carriers • High Operating Costs • Management Structure
  6. 6. Opportunities • Higher Profits • Reduced Operating Cost • Reduced Delay Time • Better Customer Satisfaction • Less Risk of Failure • Better Brand image
  7. 7. Decision Making Tools • Value Stream Mapping: Helps to see and understand the flow of material and information as a product or service makes its way through the value stream. Qantas can use this to utilize its resources in more efficient manner (Ikatrinasari & Haryanto, 2014). • Root Cause Analysis: It is a collective term which describes a wide range of approaches, tools, and techniques used to uncover causes of problems. Qantas should use this analysis to determine the causes for their problems (TOMIC & SPASOJEVIC, 2011). • Brainstorming: It is a group creativity technique by which efforts are made to reach a conclusion for a specific problem by getting a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by the members. Top management of Qantas need more brainstorming session for better solutions (Sekhar & Lidiya, 2012).
  8. 8. Strategies for Improving Employee Participation Qantas can improve Employee participation by using following strategies: • It can ask for employee feedback at regular intervals • It can improve the internal communication • It can provide more authority to its employees • It can provide training programs to its employees • It can offer incentives for participation to its employees
  9. 9. Strategies For Building Ownership
  10. 10. Strategies For Reducing Waste • Outsourcing: They can outsource heavy maintenance. Countries like Singapore do it just as well and it is a lot cheaper. • Lease Simplification: It's optimization of capital, maintenance, associated administration and crew first and foremost, then using the best fit aircraft to service the route. Lease affords more agility. • Tie International Network: Qantas can tie international network into maintenance base to avoid ferry flights.
  11. 11. Strategies For High Performance • Employees Participation: As it is said earlier that employee participation is needed for better performance. Employee participation becomes more important when we talk about a services industry. • Changing The Pricing Strategies: Most of the Airlines which are giving tough time to Qantas are offering lower prices. Qantas need to understand that attractive prices are need of the hour. • Target The New Generation: The Qantas simply does not resonate with the next generation. This is where Virgin are best equipped to swoop on the domestic market. They need to attract the new generation to boost their profits.
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