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Barranquilla's Carnivals


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Published in: Education
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Barranquilla's Carnivals

  2. 2. wHEN IS tHE OF BARRANquILLA’SCARNIvAL?The Carnival starts on the Saturday before AshWednesday with the Battle of the Flowers,which is the most important event of thecarnival.All of the carnival events are oftenbroadcasted live by regionaltelevision channels.
  3. 3. wHERE IS tHE CARNIvAL OFBARRANquILLA?It is a Spanish Carnival in Barranquilla,Colombia. It is the most important folklorecelebration, one of the biggest carnivals in theworld. The carnival has traditions that dateback to the 19th century.
  4. 4. HOw LONG IS tHE CARNIvAL OF BARRANquILLA ? The Carnival starts on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday with the Battle of the Flowers, which is considered one of the main activities.
  5. 5. HOw MANY PEOPLE GO tO tHECARNIvAL OF BARRANquILLA?More than 30 thousand people wereordered to make the carnival, whichenjoyed a total of more than one millionvisitors from around the world..
  6. 6. wHAt kIND OF MuSIC IS tHERE AttHE CARNIvAL OF BARRANquILLA?Music and Dancing The music contains amixture of cambia, porro, mapale, gaita,chandé, puya, fandango, and fantasticmerecumbés. These are examples ofmany styles ofColombian music.
  7. 7. wHO IS PERFORMING IN tHECARNIvAL OFBARRANquILLA?30 events were organized during theholidays, 16 and 14 in pre carnival.This year 9 new events were held indifferent parts of the city by theBarranquilla’s CarnivalFoundation.
  8. 8. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?Accounts are estimated to fastthe inverted sum of $ 22,500million or something close to$ 10 million
  9. 9. WHATS SPECIAL ABOUT IT?Costumes and Dances La Marimonda,which are hooded figures with long noses,floppy ears and bright trousers and vests,is the most popular costume because it isthe only costume thatoriginated in Barranquilla.The rest of the costumescome from European orAfrican origins.
  10. 10. 1)Here it is stated that everyone must enjoy themselves, dance and party wildly.2)The carnival queen is chosen atthe end of the previous year.
  11. 11. 3)Rehearsals for the carnival startseveral weeks before the Carnival
  12. 12. 4)Foams in the streets, water andcornmeal fell in torrents on the facesand clothing connoisseurs andpretended not to notice.5)It is a party that gathers up traditionbased on the creativity of theColombian people.