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OGC GeoPackage Support in ArcGIS


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This presentation explains the support for the new OGC GeoPackage specification in ArcGIS as available since 10.2.1 and with a roadmap for future releases.

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OGC GeoPackage Support in ArcGIS

  1. 1. The Road to GeoPackage @martenhogeweg
  2. 2. ArcGIS is Open to Many Data Types Adding Support for OGC GeoPackages Enterprise Data (CSV) Social Media Services (WMS, WFS, KML) Sensor Networks (SOS) Imagery (WCS) Big Data (Hadoop) Maps (Context) GeoPackages (gpkg)
  3. 3. Implementing GeoPackage Support • ArcGIS 10.2.1 - • An early draft of the vector specification from Fall 2013 (Draft Version 0.8.2) Desktop ArcGIS 10.2.2 - • The final adopted vector specification (Version 1.0) Desktop and Server ArcGIS 10.3 - The final adopted vector and tiled raster specification (Version 1.0) - Desktop, Server, and Runtime
  4. 4. Managing GeoPackages in ArcGIS Desktop, "GEOPACKAGE") • Create in Python or use a tool • Use Just like File or Personal Geodatabases • Focused on simple vector feature classes and tables • Builds on SQLite and OGC Simple Feature support (ST_Geometry) • SQLite tools to create/edit/repair
  5. 5. Publishing GeoPackages as Web Services • Same as other geodatabases • OGC WMS, WFS, KML • Esri REST Services • Use in webmaps, mobile, desktop, …
  6. 6. Demo GeoPackages in ArcGIS
  7. 7. GeoPackage Useable in Multiple Implementation Patterns Open File Based Database Centric Server Centric Web Centric
  8. 8. @martenhogeweg