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Outsourcing by NettSett


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A talk about Outsourcing that we did at Oslo WordPress Meetup.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Outsourcing by NettSett

  1. 1. OUTSOURCINGWhat you need to know aboutNettSett
  2. 2. NettSettNETTSETTWe are
  3. 3. NettSettAnd we are Outsourcing
  4. 4. NettSettOUTSOURCEWhy you might want to
  5. 5. NettSettFinding highly skilled expertise hard
  6. 6. NettSettHowever, if you expand your horizonshighly skilled expertise is easy to find
  7. 7. NettSettHiring workers from other countriesis almost always cheaper
  8. 8. NettSettNon-norwegian freelancersusually work longer hours
  9. 9. NettSettOutsourcing gives you as a small business ownera great flexibility when it comes to workloadTimeWorkload/workers
  10. 10. NettSettOUTSOURCINGWhat to consider when
  11. 11. NettSettBe aware of cultural differences
  12. 12. NettSettThere is a high turnover rate when outsourcingThis is resource intensive
  13. 13. NettSettWhen you find Someone greatDo everything you can to Keep them
  14. 14. NettSettOUTSOURCINGUseful guidelines for
  15. 15. NettSettClearly define the scope and schedulefor your projectMake Wireframes, and a detailed Project descriptionDefine:What you wantHow you want itWhen you want itMake room for suggestions! After all your not the expert oneverything
  16. 16. NettSettTry to narrow your searchSave time sifting through applicants by being as specific aspossible when you describe the project and what you need doneIf your doing a complicated task, make sure the person you hirehas worked on similar projects before
  17. 17. NettSettDo Interviews, review Portfolios and do aTest runMany people talk the talk, only a few walk the walkYou can never be 100% sure, but do these three things and watchout for red flags!
  18. 18. NettSettGet it in writingYou don’t necessarily need a contract, but it’s a good idea tohave all the important agreements in writingWritten agreements solve the small disputes, but if somethinggoes totally wrong, chances are you will not get your moneyback or the project done. What are you going to do, sue them?It’s always a good thing to have a Plan B!
  19. 19. NettSettDon’t forget about support after the projectis completeWe always have a period of time after the launch where ourclients can report bugs and errorsWe do the same with our employees
  20. 20. NettSettRED FLAGSLook out for
  21. 21. NettSettRed FlagsSecrecy and unavailabilityUnwillingness to address problems and obstaclesUnable to work independentlyAttitude problems, badmouthing and anger management issues
  22. 22. NettSettSuccess consists of going from failureto failure without loss of enthusiasmWinston Churchill
  23. 23. NettSettYour people!
  24. 24. NettSettQuestions?