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Master Degree certificate in Pharmaceuthical Sciences


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Master Degree certificate in Pharmaceuthical Sciences

  1. 1. LISB OA lJilrvERst0A0t Dt LtsB0Â FACULDADE DE FARMÁCIA lJniveEídàdede Liçbc Certificate of Academic Qualifications ALFREDO FERREIRA MOITA, Head of Administrative Services of this Faculty, in accordance with the existing academic records, certifies that: Marta Batista da Rosa Repolho - Date of Birth (day/month/year): 28-O4-1973 - Place of Birth: Angra (Nossa Senhora da Conceicao) - National Citizen Identity Card Number: 10089540 - Parents Names: José da Rosa Repolho I Maria Julia Mourato Baptista da Rosa Repolho Passed the following Curicular Units within the study plan of the Master Degree in pharmaceutical Scienced) (Master Degree in Pharnaceutical Sciences), under the suitabilitynl o; the Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. ìCütf ieülAt: Pharmacotherapy I Pharmacotherapy ll Pharmaceutical Care Non Prescription Pharmacotherapy Monograph Pharmacoepidemiology and Farmacovigilance TYP--e -lt:.:,'':": i: r.: . :ì " : Curricular Year: 4 Extracurricular 16 Curricular Year: 5 Extracurricular Academic Accreditation Academic Accreditation Normal Extracurricular 16 16 19 19 16 Sixteen Values Sixteen Values Sixteen Values Nineteen Values Nineteen Values Sixteen Values Date 24-10-2012 24-10-2012 24-10-2012 24-10-2012 17-10-2013 24-10-2012 5 4 4 7,5 4 The present student has successfully completed the requirements for the Master Degree in Pharmaceutical sciences (Master Degree in Pharmaceutical sciences) in (day/month/year) 77-Io- 2013 with the overall final mark of 14x a) The course of Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences result of the adequacy of the degree in pharmaceutical Sciences, in accordance with Resolution No. 1096/2008, published in the Official Gazette (2nã series) No.72,April 11,200g. b) Adequacy Regime of Undergraduate Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Sciences, the MSc in pharmaceutical Sciences, is provided in the deliberations of the Coordinating Committee of the Scientific Council of 30 May and 7 November 2008. This transcript is valid only when it bears the signaturc of the HËad of Administrative ServÍces and the Faculty of pharmacy embossed seal. For any further information concerning this transcript please contact the Academic Services of the Faculty of pharmacy. *In the Portuguese grading system, students are given a numerical value ranging from 0 (lower) and 20 (highest). A passing mark must be not less than 10. Faculty of Pharmacy of the Unive of Lisbsn, 09-1,2-2073 Issuto By: MNUNES Venlrreo: e*" ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: 18.40 € ?-u Tne uelo oF ADÌ,tïNrsrRÁTrvE sERvrcEs -ltjrr- V','*'^-, 'l rr, (o o AcfF-Ì.03tQbnErHdq:rt-GT^g{Asltllb3ua-reÈ+€.i!zEwdqoD)-Fbn+. s-n290-CI1470-E-mãiüedo,fiilEns@,mdft