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A presentation to get you started on Foursquare, Pinterest and Google+

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  • How many people have a gmail accountHow many people have a youtube accountHow many people use google at least once per dayHow many people have a google + account
  • Google+ aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. It’s a new way of sharing the right things with the right pepleWhat is it – “Facebook meets Twitter” – convenience of of twitter feed with the rich media beauty of FacebookBecause it offers more control in terms of who sees your content
  • Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.It took google 9 months to accomplish what took facebook 3 years categories that tend to be highly engaging, defining the self – part of their self-identityTop 5 users with the most followers – britney spears, snoop dogg, larry page, ashelytisdale, usher – all entertainment brands, but not to say that a top tier consumer brand couldn’t get this many followers – all about building the engagement - we saw a lot of the same when brands started getting onto Twitter, entertainment brands figured it out first –Andry Bird #29 with 2M followers, ESPN at #65 with 1.6 M- male skew , roughly 7:31. Facebook: 7 billion 2. Twitter: 182 million 3. Pinterest: 104 million 4. LinkedIn: 86 million 5. Tagged: 72 million 6. Google+: 61 million
  • Setting up your profile, adding people to your circles, and downloading the app Setting up your network, circlesDowloading the app (iPhone/android/RIM) follow content providers of interest, tv or music personalities, friends, tv shows, publications, etc- circles :
  • You can share your photos (google + app automatically syncs your photos from your photo to your goole + account, and you can chose to share them or not)explore topics from what your cicles are posting – and easily access different circlessee whats trending – hashtags are also prevalent (probably because there is overlap between twitter and google + accounts)
  • Great location based featureYou can explore what your friends are talking about, like on FB/Twitter, what’s hot (like what’s trending on FB) and what’s nearby (ex: concert, club that’s happening, find a great idea from an industry leader)
  • You can video conference call friends and family and create lasting momentsAlso has youtube integration, so you can easily share youtube videos from your playlist with your friendsAnd share it with you friends – compiling the list togetherReally helping making sharing very social = 36 seconds
  • BusinessTraffic to website with + 1 feature: If you have a business and you care about rankings, you need to be on here if you want to matter In store traffic with Location-based Leverage influence and WOM of brand evangelistsUsersGoogle produit suite integration location-based feature makes it easy to find contentThis will always be a product in development, with constant tweaks and improvements based on user needs
  • Content is king – create compelling ways for users to engage with your brandTo build awareness and engagementThe content has to be relevant to your fans and of value to themThere are more than 6 reasons why I love Usher’ssssssgoogle + strategy – singer, songwriter, music producer, actorThe posts are frequent, relevant to his target market, frequent (daily), and the content is recent (breaking news, recent photos, personal photos, etc) = value for fans
  • Fourpin+

    1. 1. Martine English Cory Stewart@Brand_Scientist @coryjstewart
    2. 2. If you have questions, SPEAKUP!
    3. 3. A location basedsocial networking appand website.Users "check in" at venues using a mobilewebsite,text messaging or a device-specific application byselecting from a list of venues the applicationlocates nearby.
    4. 4. How To Download?iPhone: App StoreBlackberry: App WorldAndroid: Google Play
    5. 5. Basic Features:EXPLORE!TopPicks, Trending, Food, Nightlife, Shops, etc.
    6. 6. Basic Features:LISTS!Create or follow yourfriend’s lists forrecommendations.
    7. 7. Basic Features:CHECK-IN!Check in to places thatare closest toyou, provide tips – andredeem specials!
    8. 8. CASE STUDY:
    9. 9. Where can you scoregoods around here? • Jimmy’s • Thompson Diner • Cool Hand Luc • 5th Elementt
    10. 10. How can you use it foryour business? • Loyalty • Awareness • Drive In-store traffic • Drive referral traffic
    11. 11. National Post
    12. 12. If you have questions, SPEAKUP!
    13. 13. A pinboard-style social photo sharing website thaallows users to create and manage theme-basedimage collections such as events, interests,hobbies, and more.
    14. 14. How To Sign Up? Request an invite at
    15. 15. Also available onmobileiPhone: App StoreBlackberry: App WorldAndroid: Google Play
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Basic Features:EXPLORE!Millions ofphotos, products, andideas communicatedthrough image.
    18. 18. Easy ways to add, upload, and createcollections within the platform
    19. 19. Gifts:Pinterest is slowly moving into e-comm,look forward to more integration.
    20. 20. CASE STUDY:
    21. 21. How can you use it foryour business? • Referral Traffic • Make Your Site Pin- Friendly • Use the Browser Add-on • Don’t Just Sell
    22. 22. Most Notable:
    23. 23. If you havequestions, SPEAK UP!
    24. 24. What is Google + ?
    25. 25. Who is on Google + ?Some consumers more engaged than others •#5 social media platform with 61 M users in 9 months • Male skew 7:3 • Top brands are in the entertainment industry • Users follow brands in high engagement product/services categories Top 5 Google + Users
    26. 26. How to Get Started • Set up your profile • Add people to your circles • Download the app (Apple, RIM and Android)
    27. 27. Basic Features: Circles
    28. 28. • Share photos, articles, videos• Explore topics, trends, circles
    29. 29. Basic Features: Explore Find new and exciting content that is relevant to you !
    30. 30. Basic Features: Hangouts
    31. 31. Why use it ?Business Users• Drive traffic to website • Sharing made easy• Drive in-store traffic • Finding relevant content• Brand engagement made easy
    32. 32. Google + for Business
    33. 33. Case Study : Creating a compelling brand story• Singer• Content is king ! • Relevant, recent, frequent
    34. 34. Torstar Social Guidelines •Comply with Corporate Policies •Be Prudent, accurate, transparent, respectful •Write what you know & add value •Respect confidentiality & protect our partners •Business channels – not for personal benefit •You are responsible – think before you hit send!