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Scope of Glass Projects All Parts Combined.pdf

  1. 1. THE SCOPE OF GLASS PROJECTS Componentization and Supply Chain Mechanics of Ark Design MDIA Glass Design Series V1 Corresponding Load Arrays V2 Strat the Mat V3 Agile Design Part I and Part II Part I Benchmarking Part II Impact Factor
  2. 2. Glass Design Series… The Scope of Glass Projects LOAD ARRAYS STRAT THE MAT AGILE DESIGN 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 2 Glass Design Series V1 Corresponding Load Arrays V2 Strat the Mat V3 Agile Design New Scope Definition
  3. 3. System Tables Small Form>>>Glass Table Maps Component>>>Supply Chain Forward >>>Market Forward Component Interior Margin Matrix Small Form (Table) Interior Margin New Facts Decision Market Ready? Component Specified System Table Media All Other Y N Y N Y N We will begin to plot an agile delivery from our waterfall tasking The generation of IP, New System Facts and Market Strategy are already timed Lifecycle changes in our project are agile once tasked and engineered events are compiled New Facts related to the table are already mapped IMF IMC IMS Sum of IM = Low level carriage burden Review for New Facts Prep. For Market Ready Events: part of the distributive cycle Are the outcome of Tasks IP 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 3
  4. 4. Engineers interact with managers and analysts involved in the Justification, Financial, Planning and Implementation process of new systems. They need to assess the environmental, economic, regulatory and other requirements of a manufacturing or construction process. Next to gather and analyze the process or a portion of it in order help plan the implementation. And then find the optimum approach to the implementation. Paraphrasing Engineering BOK Engineers use economic analysis to design a process and to prepare a justification among complex design alternatives, using an assessment of the initial capital costs, annual operation, maintenance, and repair costs, periodic upgrade and determination of the remaining economic value at the end of the valuation period. The iterative value of the Revenue cycle and the scope associated with the project operation help to deliver a justification to accept or reject a proposal. If a process is cost reductive or if it is utility necessary, an appropriate justification is used. The quantification of the risk may make the outcome less likely in comparison to other viable alternatives. Paraphrasing Engineering BOK New Facts on T&M 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 4 Compare .4669
  5. 5. Associative Facts ■ Unless the associative facts improve the structural content of the engineering model they are sometimes set aside. ■ The Method of Testing the whole model is a vast improvement over any binary method, see Appendix III ■ In a flat format all math is relational ■ The model redacts all rash prospects and dispels all dis-associative facts in the proof ■ Whatever is not contiguous to the Plan cannot engage its proof ■ The fingerprint and footpath conditions of the componentization give way to solid state relational threads within the t1 and t2 timeframes ■ Wave and particle theory in electronics is not conducive to building, compilations or generational instances because it has no glass container, plait able properties or propensities for scale and design. This is a Morning Star Ark Based glass capability. Build Associative Model prior to All-Glass 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 5 MDIA Mark 2 Ark Media: Dimensional Interface
  6. 6. Data Field for All Glass ■ Associative Facts ■ Time and Motion Data ■ Statistical Outcome 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 6
  7. 7. Stratification for Component Stream Alpha =.0531 Re-inv IMC a Climb Climb The supply chain has the iterative impact on the asset creation and its subsequent market demand building the scenario through its key engineering oversight Re-inv a 2.195-2.19652=.00152 carriage burden 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 7 IMC See Slide 2 a 712.96145-711[std] =1.9615 -1.9539 = .0075 196.2+.19 Forward payback achieved in econometric gain Proof on App III See Slide 17
  8. 8. Stream Facts in Gate Mechanics y = -4,705,045,101.57x + 10,351,099,223.46 R² = 1.00 y = 0.6445x - 1.4179 R² = 1 -1E+09 0 1E+09 2E+09 3E+09 4E+09 5E+09 6E+09 Sum Average Poly Stream Matrix Facts derived from Anova: Two-Factor Without Replication, data field The data forms a circle as it cycles and naturally lends itself to trig functions, while in its native state Correspondence to Row 10 From this Data-field Table @ Anova 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 8 Instance=Burden Acquisition w/ Green Wall Pointing to a Plait or to a Plane
  9. 9. Starting Map ■ Glass Future Tables from “Building with Glass” ■ We now have our build equation 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 9 T2 & T1 Fin T4 & T3 Different Engineering Groups make uniquely fitted decisions Based on Time Buckets on the 50-year Glass Path See Next: Re-User [RUF] Friendly Glass Systems Engineering New BR 9 Time Bucket designation was changed on this slide since T4 & T3 are start and the T1&T2 are build with Finishing and Branch corresponding to Remote M=Instance Rate 6-L 18-L Build Remote Array Dif. to 360 Dif. to Climb rate Load Reduction See Slide 14
  10. 10. Agile Strategy V2 Strat the Mat ■ How do we derive the Agile Strategy from the events timeline and the Matrix that corresponds to the Supply Chain? There is a blockchain theory of completion. V3 Agile Design 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 10 Glass Design Series V1 Corresponding Load Arrays V2 Strat the Mat V3 Agile Design ■ Who made this Scrummy Plan anyhow? Tracking overall progress and informing everyone of Milestones and Forward Completion Coming Next… Flag and Post x% ■ Full Branch Capability changes the design from Contiguous to Continuous BR
  11. 11. Events Compiled ■ Events compiled earlier stack up very well to new time and motion facts compared to the forward 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 11 NT= Number Theory 7968 Tan Line is 466/2 or 233 Slide 12
  12. 12. Benchmarking Requirements 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 12 Slide 6 Unadjusted rate Rates Adjusted Forward W See App I Clock Thruput Shows units of 757+ Full Ark Rate Acquired a Benchmarking statistics must carry the whole string and not be superficially calculated. Dimensions are literally assigned by the Drawing of Schema operating in the Assigned Process, but the system finds its position from its Econometric position. Slide 7 Partial View
  13. 13. Part II Impact Factor ■ Supply Chain Configuration ■ Agile Matrix ■ Impact Statement 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 13 The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Knock, commonly referred to as Knock Shrine, is a Roman Catholic pilgrimage site and national shrine in the village of Knock, County Mayo, Ireland, where locals claimed to have seen an apparition in 1879 of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint John the Evangelist, angels, and Jesus Christ (the Lamb of God).Wikipedia See facts Slide 7 See facts Slide 12 See facts Slide 17 Benchmarks tested and found good fit to model x x = x Benchmarks @ 10 to 12 sigma It is a Doctrine of the Church that God dwells in unsearchable Light and has supplied Ark Science in the past PROOF
  14. 14. Working Tables: Stratification W 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 14 a Incl. z+ PART II
  15. 15. Bifurcated Market Yield 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 15 W .6811*2=1.362-1 The Large number of potential componentized and stratified glass ends causes us to use mu sic as the means to discover likely agile delivery means for a unified and qualified delivery Up until now the bifurcation process has produced 2 to 3- 0’s (Theta branching) Here we have 4- 0’s ■ Six-Layer glass begins Mu Sic Thread Encrypt *Serialized see end
  16. 16. Process Models 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 16 Thread Path “000” “00” “00” “0000” Single-form Multiform Limited Write Form
  17. 17. Solid State Engineering Capability Encrypt 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 17 “00-00” “00-00”
  18. 18. 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 18
  19. 19. 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 19 Lens Ratio change
  20. 20. IF ■ The Impact Factor in relational aspects of this project is .77 ■ And so, using this factor we will determine the likely supply chain consequence to the scope ■ If for some reason the Strabo cannot tune the agile strategy to our stated terms, it will be announced upon discovery 11/30/2022 20 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall
  21. 21. IF Statement ■ There is a great deal more analysis during the moving average path of each time-bucket, but we can estimate the scope change 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 21 34.8 years Agile Strategy is 70% of Scope
  22. 22. 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 22 Strabo Method will use Mu Sic to blend arrangements of the componentizations into a tightly tuned agile strategy
  23. 23. 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 23 ‘Also Acceptable’ ‘Also Acceptable’ ‘Also Acceptable’ There are advantages in knowing both answers
  24. 24. 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 24 Appendix I Compiled Events
  25. 25. From our Last paper… From our Events paper… 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 25 75.8 -87626 87682 56
  26. 26. Relational Functions of the Model Proof Interior margin Binary Path Standards, Weights and Measures Reinvestment Path growth Rise over the Run Equity Using the Economic Model Equity is stated at Fair Market Value 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 26 The Interior Margin is preserved using relational functions of the Model which we developed the Interior Margin Proofs in “Building with Glass.” Ark Path See Slide 2 Benchmark
  27. 27. Crystal Sea ■ Mary Star of the Sea is an Ark Design Magnification of Mary using the Crystal Sea composition of the Morning Star ■ Glass will operate in this mode and be an available Stream to everyone interiorly for achievement and competency ■ “My Soul Magnifies the Lord,” her famous Script ■ Very Grateful to Mary for keeping us on track with God 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 27 Engineering Economics Description The use of economic analysis is fundamental to the engineering design process and to changes in systems, processes, or operations nspe-body-of-knowledge.pdf
  28. 28. Design Series ■ This is the First Paper in our Design Series. Its facts are derived from the Learning Series on Glass in Ark Design, listing shown next. ■ What we learn in a Waterfall Pattern then we do in an Agile Method 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 28 Why did we use this number? =289.33 See Red circle on slide 7 Using a maximized Load rate, we resolved the difference between climb and thread metrics, as climb is related to production in secant engineering. Thread is associative with the Lens and is relying heavily on the utility side of the mechanic. The Utility is not necessary to the justification, only the engineering of the build mechanics. From Slide 7 Ark Wall Metric
  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. Thread is a topic of our Learning Series 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 30 See “Functional Glass” In Digital the spectrum is delimited but takes on dimensional context for forms control Addendum I Our Papers take the sovereignty of God in the Ark to embrace theological doctrines for study; we have no biologics in our discussion other than God’s Plan revealed at the Resurrection
  31. 31. Benchmarking Comments 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 31 Benchmarking 1. Proof the Interior margin facts Slide 3 2. Assemble new associative facts and perform statistical analysis Slide 6 3. Stratify the component stream and correlate alpha and reinvestment metrics, run statistical ANOVA on the stream table slide 7 4. Determine justification metrics by optimization and splitting out the thread (explained on slide 19) 5. Graph the statistical ANOVA of the Stream and determine the Build equation Slide 8 The climb rate is shown to be without a load correspondence which is important in using the build equation that forms the load (this is a compositional metric not a benchmark) 6. We begin benchmarking on slide 11, comparing Time and Motion new facts, we derive a 148 from the comparison to our Events compilation, and important marginal fact 7. On the next slide (12) we derive a 148 by multiplying our Ark Rate by 2 and we derive 148, adjusting our Alpha1 to derive our Alpha2. We benchmark these rates by adjustment to our Final Forward (clock remainder of 32) Make a note of thruput here used on Slide 17 8. We show the proof of our benchmarking work on Slide 13 where we multiply the three benchmark facts together and prove out the reinvestment payback. 9. Slide 17 reveals our most important econometric benchmark as we derive it by comparing the thruput derived to the clock thruput outcome. Surprisingly the Econometric standard of 711 now contains our interior margin of 509. 10. Our usual method of proofing our metrics before using them in the culmination of reports and engineering computations is complete. Now we can determine Part II the Impact Factor. Slide 19 shows the optimization strategy for determining the variance between thread and build, thread being a utility does not need justification, however secant engineering used to build is a justification requirement for testing within the production process. Example When the Equity Basis of a product is unknown, Fin. Eng. double the ROI, But our Omega is compiled and serialized W W Prebuild = 853 Build = 857 Product emulation preconfigured benchmarks With serialization * *Serialized ROI =4.1 IF = .77 Scope = 34.8 Agile Strategy will be Accomplished with Strabo Tuning
  32. 32. Our Next Paper in Design Series 11/30/2022 Brij Consulting, LLC Jean Marshall 32