3 Short Sale Seller Testimonials


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Marshall Carrasco Reno's #1 Short Sell Expert www.renohelp.org. Here are 3 Short Sale Seller Testimonials.

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3 Short Sale Seller Testimonials

  1. 1. 3 Short Sale Seller Testimonials Call : 775-525-1205 www.renohelp.org
  2. 2. What is a short sale?• A short sale is when a home is sold for less than the amount owed to the lender or lenders.• The majority of homes in Nevada currently listed or recently sold have been in the form of a short sale. Call : 775-525-1205 www.renohelp.org
  3. 3. Benefits of a short saleSelling your home for less than what is owed is not an easy decision.However, if you are in a position where you are extremely upside downin your mortgage or facing a foreclosure, a short sale may be an optionto consider. Call : 775-525-1205 www.renohelp.org
  4. 4. Benefits of a short sale often include• Less damage to your credit than a foreclosure. A short sale is not reported on your credit history. A foreclosure is reported and stays on your credit for up to 10 years.• A homeowner who successfully negotiates a short sale may be considered for a Fannie Mae backed mortgage after only 2 years.• A foreclosure makes the homeowner ineligible for a minimum of 5 years.• Lenders may consider the sale price as “paid in full” forgiving the deficiency.• You can move forward to a brighter financial future in considerably shorter time. Call : 775-525-1205 www.renohelp.org
  5. 5. Short Sale Seller Testimonial - Reno NV 89421Property Address1602 Silver thread driveReno NV 89521Name: Chandar AhujaDate: 4/5/2012Listing my primary residence and a rental property with Marshall Realty for ashort sale was one of the greatest decisions I ever made Marshall Carrasco andVeronica Cervantes were able to have me released from over $500,000 worthof deficiency. Marshall and his staff got many foreclosure dates postponedthat were set and negotiated a reasonable sale price with my lender.Veronica was able to guide me through the process with great patience,answered any questions that I had and removed a lot of stress off my back.If anyone is looking into doing a Short sale Marshall Reality is the place to go!Chandar Ahuja Call : 775-525-1205 www.renohelp.org
  6. 6. Short Sale Seller Testimonial 2 - Reno NV 89523Property Date: April 10,20123913 Streamside CourtReno NV 89519Like so many people these days my wife and I were caught in the real estatedownturn and found it necessary to short sale our house. We initiallycontracted with another real estate agent to help us through the process. Thefirst real estate agent went through the process to try to sell our house. Hemade a competitive offer to the bank and the bank said "No". The agent was ata loss to know what to do next so he recommended we cancel escrow afterwhich he walked away. That is when we found Marshall Carrasco. Marshalland his staff could not have been more professional and productive. Withinjust a few weeks we were back in business and our short sale is proceeding.Marshall has been tenacious in negotiating with the bank. He did not give uplike the first agent. We are now on the road to recovery from what we thoughtwas a financiai disaster. We are very grateful for his help.David Loar Call : 775-525-1205 www.renohelp.org
  7. 7. Short Sale Seller Testimonial 3 - Reno NV 89523To: Marshall Realty9740 S McCarran BlvdSuite 103 Reno NV 89523Property:3320 Kings RowReno NV 89523Marshall Carrasco was great to work with and very supporting, havingsomeone that was able to orient us was an enormous help and sign of relief.Marshall arid his staff where able to guide us through the process without anyhassles. Marshall Realty was able to release us of all liability arid we are verygrateful for all of their hard work.We are greatly appreciative and will recommend to anyone!Gonzalo RodriguezJovita Rodriguez Call : 775-525-1205 www.renohelp.org
  8. 8. Contact MARSHALL CARRASCO Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email 9740 S. McCarran Blvd #103, Reno, NV 89523 Call Us : 775-525-1205 www.renohelp.org