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Learn Spring Boot With Bisky - Intoduction

  1. Spring Boot for Beginners Introduction
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  3. What is Spring framework? It is an open source application framework. It is used to develop Java Applications. It was released in June 2003 by Rod Johnson I love this framework because it is mature enough when I am comparing with other java frameworks
  4. Why Spring framework? Improves Code Efficiency Reduce application development time Lot of Support Opensource Remove tedious configuration and focus on Business Logic It is considered as secure framework
  5. How it works It is layered Approach 1. View Layer 2. Business Logic Layer 3. Data access layer These layers works together. The view layer communicates with the business layer and the Business layer communicates with the Data layer
  6. How it started It started as Inversion of Control (IoC) container also known as Dependency injection The objects define their dependencies, that is the other objects they work with
  7. Spring Modules Spring Framework is divided into modules 1. Core - dependency injection, internationalisation, validation, AOP 2. Data Access - JDBC, JPA 3. Web - WebClient, Web Sockets, Servlet API, Reactive API (Spring Webflux) 4. Integration - Integration to Enterprise Java through Java Message service, Remote Method Invocation 5. Testing - Unit and Integration Testing through mock objects, Test Fixtures, Caching and Context Management
  8. What you are going to learn? ● Creating a Spring Boot project from scratch ( ● Creating Rest Services ● Data Persistence (Spring Data) ● Integration ● Spring Security (oauth2) ● Spring State Machine ● Creating Microservices (Spring Cloud) ● Deploy our project on AWS environment(Kubernetes) ● And many more
  9. What are we waiting for? Let's get started in the next video by creating our first Spring Boot Application
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