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Taxonomy Project


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Humans, after hundreds of years of constant effort, have successfully polluted all bodies of water on Earth. As a result, almost all previously known species of plant, animal, and other life have become extinct. Through natural selection, genetic engineering, and selective breeding programs, a portion of the Earth has been successfully repopulated.

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Taxonomy Project

  1. 1. Taxonomy project<br />Mariah Gutierrez<br />P.4<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Green haired Rats<br />Parasite Mosquito<br />Fuzzy hamsters<br />Tentacle aqua Humanoids<br />Sun basking shark<br />Chemosynthetic Goldfish<br />Poisonous Grass<br />Cockroach<br />Terrestrial Humanoid<br />10 legged flea<br />Aquatic humanoids<br />Aqua Wheat<br />Aqua Spider<br />
  4. 4. 10 legged fleas<br />Green haired rats<br />Aquatic Humanoids<br />Aqua wheat<br />Parasitic Mosquito <br />Sun basking Sharks<br />Tentacle Aqua Humanoids<br />Poison grass<br />Butter Roaches<br />Terrestrial Humanoids<br />Fuzzy Hamsters<br />