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  1. Revolutionize technology with a 360-degree tech solution tailor-made for development. 01
  2. MarsDevs is the one-stop development shop! And our experienced developers are ready to empower your next project with outstanding code quality and excellent UIs. It might be surprising but from ideation to development, deployment to management, we can chip-in anytime you want. We believe in innovation. So, let's lead by consistent effort and dedication to create efficient solutions faster. About us: 02
  3. Help businesses achieve tech independence so they can focus on what they do the best: building products and making lives easier with their smart solutions, at scale. Make product building easier for the businesses by empowering them with the world-class tech teams! Mission Vision 03
  4. OUR SERVICES MVP DEVELOPMENT A Minimal Viable Product built from scratch with perfection is all you need to get going. MarsDevs analyzes your product's vision, understands your market, and delivers the best MVP so you can include only the core functionalities and still perform at your best! CONSULTING Assess existing technology ecosystem, system architecture, scalability requirements, and data engineering & modeling needs by leveraging industry patterns, technology frameworks, business knowledge, and data benchmarks using subject-matter experts BUSINESS FOCUSED When Clients do not care much about the technical aspect of the product to focus on the business side of it, they prefer this model. Clients can have minimal involvement and timely deliveries. We take full ownership of the entire solution and work towards achieving agreed-upon timelines with the highest level of code quality. 04
  5. Creating Ideas And Innovations In Technology through 05 MVP Development Internet Of Things Web App Development UI - UX Mobile App Development Design Thinking Cloud Computing Maintenance and Support Progressive App Development Data Analytics
  6. 16 / 19 Medtrics deals with clinical education and management systems used by hospitals and colleges to manage the doctors' and students' schedules, calendars, curriculums, and other reports. MarsDevs helps the organization with automation and scalability. Test-Helper is a platform that helps students to appear for their exams and check results online. They help students understand what their weaknesses are and how to work on them. We help test-helper automate their resources using tech and scaling them faster. We have also helped them switch to automation that makes the process streamlined and easier for them to manage. Medtrics Test-Helper OUR PROJECTS 06
  7. Polestar helps you pre-book cars and book test drives for the launched ones. MarsDevs worked on the logic of the pricing stack of these vehicles, add-ons, and protection plans. We have also updated the design of the retailer and customer portal. Ebility creates a community for specially abled children by arranging seminars. Ebility outsources the development to MarsDevs completely to focus on business expansion and customer acquisition. Polestar Eblity 07
  8. TECH EXPERTISE 08 Python React Native Flutter Google Cloud Platform Amazon Web Services Nodejs React Vuejs Angular
  9. OUR PROCESS A short meet: Every collaboration is led by a brief meet and greet. To get going with our journey, we need an insight into your requirements while you explore possibilities with our expertise. Looking forward to our call next! Plan: As soon as we get the details of your requirements, we plan out systems that can help us get the best outcome for you! We have tech experts and project managers who would work on the roadmap and start planning, so you can always look forward to more than you expect. Execute: A great plan is nothing if the execution falters. So, we get our developers ready with their expertise while you focus on building and scaling better. Success: We believe in fast executions and faster feedback loops so we can keep updating and improving. The success rate helps us plan better and ensure consistency in performance through tech. 09
  10. WHAT DO OUR CLIENTS SAY? These guys are one of the best Django developers I have seen. They helped us to migrate from Core Django to Django Rest Framework and the frontend from AngularJS to VueJS. We have been using their resources for 2 years now. We could focus on business as MarsDevs are taking care of our tech. For TyreExpress, it's vital to process and response to incoming data on real-time basis as the data is consumed by the hardware present on the vehicles. MarsDevs has done the job with the perfection. I highly recommend using their resource augmentation model. We have used MarsDevs resources for developing our flagship product Ready Coach. It was built within given timeline and with utmost attention to details. They are always ready to help you out with your queries and flexible with the last minute changes. Santosh Cherian Dinesh Wakale Balaji Jayaraman CEO, Medtrics Co-Founder, TyreExpress Founder, CodeCygnus 10
  11. Thank you! +91 9158729122 Office SN 71/8/2, Jijai Nagar, Kothrud, Pune, India 11