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Digital Day Conference Synopsis : Toronto

Digital Day Conference
Toronto, Canada November 7, 2011
A synopsis of the Digital Day event

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Digital Day Conference Synopsis : Toronto

  1. 1. Digital Day ConferenceA synopsis of the DigitAl DAy eventtoronto, CAnADA november 7, 2011
  2. 2. Paul Godfrey kicked offdiGital day with this:“a year aGo, we declared Post MediadiGital first. those that adaPt succeed.those that don’t chanGe will disaPPear.”
  3. 3. how Much lonGer willconferences be orGanizedinto diGital and traditionalseGMents?after sPendinG the day at the diGital dayconference in toronto this noveMber, itwas obvious that this wasn’t an event forthose resPonsible for MarketinG, Mediaand advertisinG in the diGital sPace - ittruly was for everyone. no lonGer can weafford to Push thinGs off to the diGitalteaM to fiGure out. technoloGy is soMe-thinG that touches every brand and cancoMPliMent every tyPe of caMPaiGn.
  4. 4. over the Past few years it aPPears thatsoMe brands are still waitinG for thediGital revolution. that what they want isa defininG MoMent that says, “now. now isthe tiMe to invest in social, Mobile, tablet,etc.” what this conference Pointed out isthat if a revolution is haPPeninG - incanada at least - it’s a quiet one. and it’shaPPeninG now.
  5. 5. one of the first sPeakers of the day, stevelevy froM iPsos reid, shared this: 30% ofcanadians have sMart Phones; the use oftablets doubled froM January 2011 tooctober 2011; and 91% of canadians usedsearch enGines to find a brand or aProduct online.the technoloGy is beinG used by averaGecanadians, not Just by early adoPters.
  6. 6. the last sPeaker of the day, sonia verMa,a rePorter froM the Globe and Mail,sPoke of a not-so-quiet revolutiontakinG Place across africa and theMiddle, technoloGy and social networkssuch as facebook and twitter wereiGnored by leaders as beinG trivial“datinG sites” and well, we know howthat worked out for hosni Mubarak.
  7. 7. this synoPsis will hiGhliGht soMe ofthe key learninGs froM Many of thesPeakers durinG the day.the takeaway for us was that there is ariGht strateGy for every brand, so Geton board. this is a test and learnenvironMent, not wait and see. so havea read. hoPefully this will start soMediscussions within your orGanization.
  8. 8. lauGh, sinG, Play -diGital content creationbaron Manett, senior vice-President,ariad custoM coMMunications, ModeratorMarc dinsdale, director and GeneralManaGer, roGers diGital Media, sPortswalter levitt, executive vice-President,MarketinG, coMedy centralchris taylor, ceo, last GanG entertainMent,lawyer, taylor MitsoPulos klein oballathis content is a suMMation of the first Panel Presentation
  9. 9. i think Most brands understand theiMPortance of creatinG their own con-tent. there’s no Point investinG in a bloG,or even settinG uP a twitter handle ifthere’s no (valuable) content there.the tricky Part is creatinG the content.or, More to the Point, creatinG Goodcontent that PeoPle care about andwant to read. this Panel looked at soMeof the challenGes and solutions thatthese brands have eMPloyed to build afollowinG and keeP theM interested.
  10. 10. they are seen as a tv channel and diGitalis one way of receivinG tv content. butwhere they want to be is seen as havinGunique diGital content. the reason is thateven as Media coMPany, they are coMPet-inG aGainst so Many others: traditionalMedia coMPanies, coMedians, live Per-forMers, etc.
  11. 11. so where can this unique and oriGinalcontent coMe froM?in soMe cases, it’s coMinG froM the fans.for both sPortsnet and coMedy central,they see their diGital ProPerties as aPlace for fans to coMMent, curate’s about buildinG a PlatforM that couldPotentially lead to additional contentand ProGraMMinG.
  12. 12. chris taylor froM last GanG recordsPointed to that last k-os release as aGreat exaMPle of this. the tracks werereleased online and they let the fansreMix it.this led to a contest for the best reMix,and froM there, another albuM of thebest reMixed tracks was released. it’sequal Parts crowd sourcinG and fancuration/content creation.
  13. 13. the takeaway here isthat you have to Put theaudience first.the tactics and channels will bubbleuP based on how your tarGet wants toconsuMe your content not the way youwant to Push your content out.
  14. 14. steve levy, PresidentiPsos reid - eastthe canadian diGital MarketinG Pulsethis content is a suMMation of the first Panel Presentation
  15. 15. there is a shift in sentiMentin the canadian MarketinGindustry when it coMes toMedia sPend. eMail, onlineand social is on the risewhile traditional sPendinGis GoinG 2011 there were 1 different coMPonents 7of diGital Media that iPsos reid collecteddata on. this ranGed froM seo, seM,twitter and online video to daily dealsand facebook.
  16. 16. eMail and seMcateGory 1 eMail and seMeMailthis is the Most Mature coMPonent of thediGital Mix. it’s used very often by 70% ofMarketers and 65% of aGencies.9 in 10 canadian consuMers have receiveda ProMotional eMail and 5 in 10 have re-sPonded.
  17. 17. twitter andsocial networkinGcateGory 2 socialtwitterin 2011, 44% of Marketers and 39% ofaGencies used twitter very often, butit’s been used Mainly as a custoMerservice how do canadian feel about twitter?in october 2011 94% were aware oftwitter and 11% were actively usinG it.
  18. 18. Mobile and tabletscateGory 3 Mobilewhen asked, 19% of Marketers and 31%of aGencies said that they use Mobile ortablets in caMPaiGns often.froM the Public’s PersPective, 25% noticeads while browsinG on a sMart Phoneand 16% are resPondinG - not nearlyas Much as eMail MarketinG, but it isGrowinG fast.
  19. 19. Pov of brands and aGencieswho does the industry think is doinGdiGital really well?kraft 1%coke 3%ford 1%starbucks 5%best buy1%
  20. 20. takeawaythere needs to be More strateGy indiGital. it’s not Just a tactic. we alsocan’t Just Put a Print caMPaiGn onlineand call it true diGital.the best Practices in diGital continueto be the best Practices in traditional -know your consuMers, understand howthey interact with the MediuM and GivetheM MeaninGful content.
  21. 21. shoPPer MarketinG PanelJoe strolz, vice-President, MicrosoftadvertisinG, Moderatorlisa bradner, chief client services &Growth officer, GeoMentuMerin Green, director of MarketinG,dealuxe.caanGela scardillo, vice-President,MarketinG and coMMunications,best buy canadathis content is a suMMation of the shoPPer MarketinG Panel
  22. 22. diGital shoPPerMarketinGwe’ve talked a lot about the diGitalPath to Purchase. the truth is, diGital isenGrained in the way that PeoPle shoP.there are different tactics that can beused Pre-shoP, durinG the shoPPinGexPerience and Post-shoP but at theend of the day, this is about brandssPeakinG to PeoPle.
  23. 23. lookinG at diGitalshoPPer MarketinGdurinG this Panel discussion, threetheMes eMerGed:1. Media consuMer fraGMentationcanadians have 25% More devises thanthey’ve ever had. 30% of tv tiMe is tiMethey share with other Media such asa tablet or Mobile Phone.
  24. 24. lookinG at diGitalshoPPer MarketinG2. social Plus local Plus Mobile30% shoPPers are usinG their Mobile Phonein the aisles while they Make a Purchasedecision. but they’re not GoinG to reviewsites as Much as they Go to true friendsand faMily.
  25. 25. lookinG at diGitalshoPPer MarketinG3. the econoMy has led to a quest for valueshoPPers are seekinG better value andas Part of this quest, are doinG Moreadvanced research than they ever havebefore.they are usinG different channels to aidin their decision MakinG. this results infewer visits to retailers. where a shoPPerwould have Previously visited five dealer-shiPs Prior to buyinG a car, they now onlyGo to one or two.
  26. 26. best buy’s Povfocus on location based MarketinG andbeinG truly enGaGinG in the diGital sPace,not Just servinG an ad.when a shoPPer enters a best buy, 80%have done their research and are readyto buy.
  27. 27. takeawaythere Must be a value exchanGe betweenthe brand, the consuMer and retailer.brands need to build GenuinecoMMunities online.service online is key.don’t Get buried by the diversity orcoMPlexity of technoloGy. instead,Meet your custoMer’s huMan needs.facilitatinG conversations is key in thePath to Purchase.
  28. 28. tabletsthis content is a suMMation of the tablet Presentation
  29. 29. what do we knowabout tablets andcanadians?11% of north aMericans and 6% ofcanadians have iPads. and there havebeen 1.5 Million tablets sold in canadabut what are they doinG with their tablets?not enGaGinG brands. the reason forthis is that the MaJority of brands havedeveloPed useless aPPs. they neitherentertain nor inforM.
  30. 30. who has created aGreat aPP?charMin’s sit or squat aPP allows usersto Mark the best and worst PublicwashrooMs in north aMerica.
  31. 31. tablet adoPtionthe tablet is still a luxury Good, not anecessity. but when the Price PointcoMes down is when we’ll start to seeMore adoPtion and More PeoPle coMinGto website via tablet.but what haPPenswhen they Get there?
  32. 32. tablet adoPtionwe see tablets beinG a Part of the retailecosysteM and environMent.and who has Produced the Most aPPs?disney, of course. they have createdMore than any other toP 100 brand withclose to 600 aPPs.
  33. 33. the social consuMerthis content is a suMMation of the social consuMer Presentation
  34. 34. your consuMer is social -is your brand?every industry and vertical is GoinG tobe rethouGht in a social way.Marketers Must:1. Market with a social curve2. enGaGinG across MultiPle screens3. create caMPaiGns with PurPose
  35. 35. shoPPinG is a socialexPerience, we all knowthat. it’s e-coMMerce thathas been Made in ananti-social we Must now re-thinkthis for the social shoPPerand look at how we cancreate social coMMerce.
  36. 36. s-coMMercethe social coMMerce Market is GrowinGto $30 billion in the next five years. thereare over 100 Million likes on facebookeach can brands and retailers takeadvantaGe of this?
  37. 37. s-coMMerceoffer exclusivity. brands are sellinGdirect to consuMers on facebook exaMPle of this is the burberryfacebook PoP-uP.
  38. 38. s-coMMerceallow your Product to be shared offline.heinz souP that you can buy, custoMizeand send.
  39. 39. s-coMMerceMake sellinG a Part of your socialPresence. httP:// 2-Gfta
  40. 40. s-coMMercecreate a Product with PurPose. it allowsMe to see which of My facebook friendsare GoinG to a show and where theyare sittinG.
  41. 41. infosocialize your Mobile aPP. audiovrooMPicks uP on the likes you have for bandsin facebook and finds other bands thatyou MiGht like.
  42. 42. so what?diGital inteGration in everythinG we dois key. these diGital touchPoints have tobe incorPorated into caMPaiGns not asa tactic, but as a strateGic Part of thewhole.diGital and social have PurPoses.Make theM:• Engaging• EntErtaining• inhErEntly Social• EaSy for SomEonE to buy• EaSy for SomE to find purpoSE
  43. 43. so what?diGital inteGration in everythinG we dois key. these diGital touchPoints have tobe incorPorated into caMPaiGns not asa tactic, but as a strateGic Part of thewhole.diGital and social have PurPoses.Make theM:• Engaging• EntErtaining• inhErEntly Social• EaSy for SomEonE to buy• EaSy for SomE to find purpoSE
  44. 44. flaccaventoJ@Mars-Philter.ca167 kinG street east, second floortoronto, ontario, M5a