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5 Top Tips To Improve Ecommerce Checkout


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5 Top Tips To Improve Ecommerce Checkout: One Step Checkout Pro is a great tool to help!

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5 Top Tips To Improve Ecommerce Checkout

  1. 1. Ecommerce Practices Checkout Process
  2. 2. 5 Tips For Checkout Process One step checkout process Ask less, customers buy more Checkout as a guest Make it easy to change cart Follow up when abandoned
  3. 3. One step checkout Process 1 page checkout No scrolling No next steps
  4. 4. One Step Checkout Process
  5. 5. Customers are so busy
  6. 6. Ask less, ….they will buy more Billing address Payment method Shipping method
  7. 7. Checkout as a guest or register? Both!
  8. 8. Make it easier to change cart Checklist in checkout process: - Category/Brand - Quantity - Change the quantity easily? - “Continue shopping” button?
  9. 9. Follow up if they abandoned - Prepare an automatic system to send follow up emails - Integrate coupons into your emails too. - Evaluate the program through detail reporting
  10. 10. Bring customers best shopping experience when checkout
  11. 11. Resources 1. Check full 5 checkout tips: 2. Tool to optimize One Step Checkout process Start Free Trial