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9 reasons why website push notifications are better


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Website push notifications are clickable messages sent by a website to their subscribers’ browsers. They work similar to mobile app push notifications

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9 reasons why website push notifications are better

  1. 1. 9 Reasons Why Website Push Notifications are better than Email
  2. 2. Check Push Notifications Serve Better • Click-through Rate • Involvement Of Cross Platforms • Instant Delivery Of Information • Messages Are Composed Quickly • Subscription Made Easy • Avoiding Fake Subscriptions • Response Time • Customized User Notifications • Opt-in Rate
  3. 3. Click-through Rate Push notifications which are certainly eye-catchy draw the attention of the user immediately and the user tends to click on that link. What’s better than attracting a user to your website or app?
  4. 4. Involvement Of Cross Platforms Push notifications work on all the platforms efficiently and deliver the information to the users. There are no limitations imposed on the types of devices when it comes to the push notifications.
  5. 5. Instant Delivery Of Information If you want to tell something important to the customer? Well, push notifications come to your rescue in this case. You send him the notification and make sure that it delivers the information instantly.
  6. 6. Messages Are Composed Quickly Push notifications being just 2-3 lines of content take barely any time to compose, and they don’t even need to meet any design standards as the way they look is controlled by the browser itself. Doesn’t it seem better?
  7. 7. Subscription Made Easy Well the customer might not be interested to invest much of his time to subscribe. When it comes to email subscription, but with push notifications, the user can just click on the ‘ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS’ button and the process is done.
  8. 8. Avoiding Fake Subscriptions With the browser notifications, users cannot choose their contact information. And this guarantees that the users provide 100% accurate information.
  9. 9. Response Time Notifications have registered a 30-40% instant interaction on the part of the push subscribers while email interaction takes not less than 6.5 hours.
  10. 10. Customized User Notifications Push notifications facilitate personalization of the information. This even helps in improving the user engagement without annoying the user with continuous emails on irrelevant topics.
  11. 11. Opt-in Rate There is a large difference in the opt-in rates of push notifications and emails. “While emails have only a 5% opt-in rate on an average, push notifications have around 65% opt-in rate.”