My wife says she loves me but is not in love with me


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First of all I want to say sorry for the pain that you’re feeling right now. I know when I was in your position…telling a friend my wife says she loves me but is not in love with me…it truly hurt, and was devastating. And when I say that it hurts it’s because I personally KNOW that it hurts, because I’ve been there before. The funny thing was...

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My wife says she loves me but is not in love with me

  1. 1. My Wife Says She Loves Me But Is Not In Love WithMe – 3 Things NOT to Do When That Happens!First of all I want to say sorry for the pain that you’re feeling rightnow. I know when I was in your position…telling a friend my wifesays she loves me but is not in love with me…it truly hurt, andwas devastating. And when I say that it hurts it’s because Ipersonally KNOW that it hurts, because I’ve been there before.The funny thing was that I wasn’t shocked to hear this, but it stillhurt. My marriage was suffering at the time already, and I had apretty good feeling that she wasn’t feeling too many happythoughts or feelings about me… but it still knocked the wind out ofme a bit.So what do you do when you hear something like this? What doyou do when you get basically socked in the stomach by the personthat you thought was closest to you in the world?Well, frankly not much. There’s not much that you can do actually.But many men will make the mistake and do a lot of things thatthey shouldn’t do which makes the situation worse. Since youdon’t want to make that mistake here are…3 Things I Shouldn’t Do When My Wife Says She Loves MeBut Is Not In Love With Me!First… Don’t panic!What? Yes you read that right, don’t go getting all panicky andscrew things up worse for yourself. First of all, who knows if sheeven meant it? People say things that they don’t mean all the timewhen they’re angry, or hurt, or sad.
  2. 2. I mean think about it, if she said “I hate you” would you reallybelieve her? Maybe, but probably not!What if she does mean it? Well then you have to take a step backand see it for what it is. She loves you – that’s still something.She’s not in love with you. Maybe it’s not great, but the thing ispeople fall in and out of love all of the time with each other.Are you always “In Love” with your wife? And what does thateven mean? If you really think about it, you probably will realizethat you’re truly not!I once was watching a show where they interviewed an oldercouple, and asked them the secret of their successfully longmarriage. And the interviewer asked how did you two never fallout of love after 50 years (it may have been more actually).The wife just laughed and responded with “Oh we did fall out oflove with each other, we just never happened to both do it at thesame time”. So it happens in the best and longest of marriages, butyou just have to consider the fact that you’re still “in love” withyour wife because you went searching for an article like the oneyou’re reading now.Second… Don’t get angry about this and start fighting. Veryoften when we get our feelings hurt (I know at least I do) we getangry, and want to hurt back. This may have happened already, butdon’t carry that on. If it hasn’t happened then don’t let it, becauseit WILL NOT do anything but make the matter worse. Trust me onthat.There’s no quicker way to make someone fall even more out oflove with you than to try to hurt them and be mean to them. It’s notgoing to solve anything, even though you probably very much feel
  3. 3. like retaliating in this way. It’s natural, it’s human, but fight it asmuch as you can. But that being said, pay very close attention…Third… Don’t Become a Blubbering Idiot and Start KissingHer Butt… A lot of men have gone their entire lives kissing thebutt of the women that they wanted positive attention from.It seems logical but that’s the last thing that you should do.Looking needy and like a big whiney sissy isn’t going to doanything but push her away more.You sort of have to man up here, and well...ignore her. Give hersome space.I know that you’re thinking “When my wife says she loves me butis not in love with me anymore, the last thing that I want to bedoing is playing games”. And you’re completely right, but it’sactually not a game, it’s just the best way to handle the situation.To be honest, your marriage may have simply lost a bit of theintrigue that it once had. The sense of uncertainty (a natural humanNEED) may not be there anymore. Sometimes you have to give aperson the chance to see what they’re missing.This doesn’t mean to be mean to her, give her a cold shoulder,nothing like that. Just don’t slobber all over her, and give herspace. I can’t guarantee it, but there’s a good chance that when shesees that you’re not begging on your knees for her to love you, thatshe’ll come back around very quickly.Now here’s the important part. Your marriage is in this position fora reason. It didn’t just happen to get to this point. But right now,going after traditional marriage counseling is likely not going towork, and frankly your wife probably wouldn’t respond well to itanyways.
  4. 4. But there is a way that you can begin to fix your marriage and notonly restoring it to the point that it was when you were happy, buttaking it to brand new levels of happiness. And you can do itwithout your wife’s participation.I quickly realized why this resource had an over 90% success rate,and worked so well. If you want to see exactly how I saved mymarriage then you need to click here immediately!