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What Sales Wants from Marketing


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Marketing and sales have a common goal—generating revenue. So why does it sometimes feel like they just can’t get along?

When marketing and sales teams are aligned, more leads are created, a greater number of leads turn into opportunities and revenue goes up. Companies must find ways for marketing and sales to collaborate to reach these goals, but where do you start?

This informative 45 minute webinar covers:

• What sales wants from marketing
• Why sales and marketing alignment is essential for your organization's success
• Practical strategies to build sales and marketing alignment in your organization
• How marketing automation tools can help diminish the gap between sales and marketing

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What Sales Wants from Marketing

  1. 1. What Sales Wants from Marketing June 15th, 2010
  2. 2. GoToWebinar Controls • Click the button with the arrows to minimize your GoToWebinar controls • Type your questions for us into the box at the bottom and press Send
  3. 3. Agenda • What marketing and sales really think • The buying process and the internet • Unified model for demand generation • Measure what you want to improve • Marketing & sales infrastructure • Payback for getting aligned • Conclusions • Q&A
  4. 4. Mind the Gap – Understanding Perceptions What Sales Thinks What Marketing Thinks • Not enough leads • Sales is too slow on follow-up • Leads aren’t qualified • They don’t try hard enough to connect • Feast or famine with leads • Leads don’t understand what we sell • We have no idea what happens with • We have to re-enter data into CRM the leads • We keep getting the same old leads • Follow-up is hit or miss • All the quality leads come from sales anyways • We have no idea what worked and what didn’t • Why do all the leads have to come from marketing?
  5. 5. Has the Buying Process Changed? 1990 2000 2010 Need Post-Purchase Information Evaluation of Recognition Purchase Search Alternatives Evaluation and Awareness
  6. 6. Why Should You Care? 95% …of your website visitors don’t want to talk to sales, but… 70% of them will eventually buy from you (or your competitors) Source: @brianjcarroll
  7. 7. How much nurturing is enough? On average, how many touches (from both sales & marketing) does it take to convert a “suspect” to a “prospect”? 1-4 33% 5-8 44% 9-12 12% 13+ 12% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Source: Survey of 125 North American technology companies by The Bridge Group
  8. 8. But the CEO Just Wants More… REVENUE
  9. 9. Single View of the demand generation Attract Engage Capture Nurture Lead score Sales-cycle Revenue
  10. 10. Encouraging Sales & Marketing Alignment 1. Identify your ideal customer 2. Define a common language – Sales-ready lead 3. Identify and agree rules of engagement at interface points – Demo request / contact us – Webinar registrant – Return-to-marketing – Closed / lost – Who will nurture live opportunities? 4. Operate as a single team 5. Measure what you want to improve
  11. 11. Measure What You Want to Improve • Sales-ready leads count • Opportunity conversions – Absolute count – And percentage of sales-ready leads converted – Don’t forget leads from other sources • Referral • Inside sales • Sales prospecting • Closed business by lead source – Closed-loop marketing
  12. 12. Does your Infrastructure Support Alignment? Marketing Website CRM Automation Email Analytics
  13. 13. Integrate Sales and Marketing Technologies • Make sure your marketing technologies integrate with CRM systems so data is shared • Ensure that proper lead history is being passed on to sales
  14. 14. Integrate Sales and Marketing Technologies cont.
  15. 15. What is the ROI of Sales and Marketing Alignment? • A recent sales optimization survey found: – Sales and marketing alignment (SMA) is the easiest sales productivity initiative to implement with the highest impact on sales effectiveness (1) – SMA Leads to 20% higher quota achievement, 25% more proposals result in sales (1) • A recent study showed that companies that had success with SMA: – Grew 5.4% faster year-over-year than their competitors (2) – Churned 36% fewer of their customers to competitors each year (2) – Were 38% better at closing proposals than non-aligned businesses (2) Source 1: CSO Insights 2009 Sales Performance Optimization Survey Source 2: B-to-B Lead Generation: Marketing ROI & Performance Evaluation Study, 2008
  16. 16. Conclusions • The web has changed the way prospects navigate the buying process • Marketing and sales collectively own a single customer funnel • Collaborate at key interface points and measure progress • Have an effective sales and marketing infrastructure – Focus people on the relationships • Continuously review and refine – 360 degree view of customer acquisition
  17. 17. Questions? Follow our blog at Follow us on Twitter @Marqui_CMS Richard Sharp, VP Marketing 604.484.8543 Mike Cowan, VP Sales 604.484.8546