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Taylor lautner!!! katie g.


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Katie Gasaway
This is a report about Taylor Lautner and his life before fame and his highs and lows during his career.

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Taylor lautner!!! katie g.

  1. 1. TaylorLautnerLautnerBy: Katie G.
  2. 2. Taylor is a fantastic movie star!!! Nowlet’s learn a little more about him!
  3. 3. ChildhoodWas born on February 11th, 1992 in GrandRapids, Michigan.
  4. 4. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  5. 5. Taylor has one sister:Makena LautnerFamilyThat’s her!
  6. 6. Early LifeHe grew up in Hudsonville, Michigan.
  7. 7. Early HobbiesFirst tried Martial Arts.
  8. 8. Time for a fun fact!!!His real name is Taylor Daniel Lautner!
  9. 9. Career in the Making• After moving to LosAngeles, Taylorappeared in many smallroles.• A few of them are:Rugrats go Wild, TheBernie Mac Show, MyWife and Kids, andSummerland.
  10. 10. First Big MovieTaylor’s first really big movie as an actor was: TheAdventures of Sharkboy and LavagirlThat’s him!!
  11. 11. Time for a Fun Fact!!!His favorite movie isThe Notebook!!!
  12. 12. Career LowWhen he was in Cheaper bythe Dozen 2, it was votedone of the worst films in2000.
  13. 13. His BreakthroughIn 2008 Taylor Lautner finallymade his breakthrough whenhe got the part of Jacob Blackin The Twilight Saga.That’s him!!
  14. 14. Trailer of his Breakthrough•
  15. 15. The cast of Twilight!!
  16. 16. Time for a Fun FactHe hates taking his shoes offbecause he likes to keep histoes covered!!
  17. 17. In his free time he likes to play baseball.
  18. 18. I hope you enjoyedI hope you enjoyedlearning about thislearning about thisamazing actor!!amazing actor!!Well thanks for watching!!
  19. 19. Time for a quiz!!!Time for a quiz!!!
  20. 20. Question #1Question #1: What did he do as a: What did he do as ahobby???hobby???
  21. 21. AnswerAnswer: Martial Arts!!!: Martial Arts!!!
  22. 22. Question #2: What was his firstQuestion #2: What was his firstmovie??movie??
  23. 23. Answer: The Adventures of SharkboyAnswer: The Adventures of Sharkboyand Lava girl!!and Lava girl!!
  24. 24. Question #3: What does he do in hisQuestion #3: What does he do in hisfree time??free time??
  25. 25. Answer: Playing baseball!!Answer: Playing baseball!!
  26. 26. Sources!!• Google• Google Images• Wikipedia• fun facts!!
  27. 27. Good bye!!!