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Peyton whales


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Peyton whales

  1. 1. WhalesPeyton Lissau
  2. 2. I chose to do whales because they are surprisinglyclose to humans. Whales have the largest brainson earth, brains just as complex as our own. Theyhave culture, they have language, and they singsongs. Almost everything about whales is amystery, though. These amazing creatures arehidden from our view moving in a slow-motionballet under the waters.
  3. 3. Whale TalkWhales communicate with a variety of lowpitched sounds and are highly social as well ascaring parents. These gentle giants of the oceansare also extremely intelligent, it has beenestimated that the average Beluga whale has anIQ of 155.
  4. 4. A Whale’s Life
  5. 5. Whales have sleek, streamlinedbodies that move easily throughthe water. They are the onlymammals, other thanmanatees, that live their entirelives in the water.
  6. 6. Whales carry theiryoung on...
  7. 7. Their back
  8. 8. Average Life TimeThe average whale lives to be around 100-150years old. Of course only if it is lucky enough tolive that long. Whales go through huge battles forfood or for females during mating season so theycan get wounded easily which sometimes leads toa shorter life.
  9. 9. A Whales Food WebA whale eats krill and krill eatphytoplankton
  10. 10. Krill
  11. 11. Phytoplankton
  12. 12. A whales baleen plates is the most importantrole in its filter-feeding process. To eat, a baleenwhale opens its mouth widely and scoops in itsprey. It then partly shuts its mouth and pressesits tongue against its upper jaw, forcing thewater to pass out sideways through the baleen.
  13. 13. Like All Mammals•Whales breathe air into lungs,•Whales have hair (But they have a lot lessthan land mammals, and have almost none asadults),•Whales are warm-blooded (they maintain ahigh body temperature),
  14. 14. The Blow Hole
  15. 15. A whales blowhole is the hole atthe top of its head through whichthe animal breathes air. As whalesreach the water surface to breathe,they will forcefully blow air throughthe blowhole.
  16. 16. Whales can be found inhabiting all of the world’s major oceansfrom the Arctic and Antarctic oceans to the tropical waters atand around the center of the equator.
  17. 17. Whales are endangered from over fishing andpollution. Whaling fleets killed about 1 millionsperm whales and hundreds of thousands ofalmost every type of baleen whale. Many peopleare exhausting popular oil-producing baleen speciessuch as bowhead, gray, humpback and rightwhales.
  18. 18. Baleen Whale
  19. 19. As you can see, whales are full of interestingfacts and yet have so much undiscovered aboutthem. They have an IQ of 155 and have acomplex body including the blow hole and verydifferent teeth that no other creature has.Whales are beyond amazing animals.
  20. 20.